Blood and Love

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Chapter 2

Its been five years since my first kill, and since then the numbers has gone up. The man I called my hero turned to be my new teacher. His name was Alarik, he was just 23 year old man who had a very different life then some. He was a student at the University to become a lawyer but after a few years he found a liking to taking justice in his own hands. That night he saved me he took the gun from my shacking hands and put it back in his jacket. "Nice job Doll, lets take you home and clean you up." He took me up in his arm and carried me out of the ally. After a few blocks of walking he sat me down in the back of his car and started to drive. It took me a second to ask, "where are we going?"
"We are going to my place like I said back in the ally. Unless you want to go to your place?"
"Is it safe?"
He looked at me baffled with my question, " I just saved you from being rapped and your asking me if its safe?" He laughed at him self, "You're going to be okay Doll. I wont touch you the way those pigs did. I promise." He looked backed at me with a smile on his face but in his eyes I could see the pity he felt for me.
That night after I cleaned up, Alarik told me about him self and why he did what he did. After awhile he looked at me and said, " You didn't blink an eye when it came to killing them. It looked like you actually liked it. "
"I did. I liked it because I was in control," I told him as I looked deep into my cup of tea.
"That's how I felt on my first kill. Usually when I save people I tell them they have to kill their attacker. They first take the gun but none could pull the trigger. Then I would kill their attacker for them to get the edge off things but not you. You took the gun and shoot them to death and liked it," he sounded fascinated with me.

After that night I learned how to fight, handle many types of weapons, how to hunt and kill my victim's. Alarik and I grew very found of each other. The people we saved called us hero's but the police called us criminals, but I paid no attention to them. They had no idea who I was so I would never get caught. Today marks three years since he and I last saw each other. Tonight is a goodnight to be on the hunt.
I sat on top of the building -I knew that this area was known the large number of rap, deaths, and other crimes. Tonight I was feeling hungry than usual . I was waiting for my pray to come to me. For them to trigger the beast inside me so I could feel their blood flow out of their body. It wasn't long before my pray came to me.

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