Blood and Love

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Chapter 3

"Shh pretty mama don't scream and we promise we won’t kill you", said the man with black hair and dark skin to the young girl they had caught.

"Yeah, sugar just play with us for a while we have these needs and you are fit to fill them," the youngest looking one held a knife, to the pretty blonde girls throat. He'll be my first one I sink my knife in. The third man is the biggest one of the three. He might be a little hard to take down but this makes it more fun for me now.

"Please....leave me alone!!!! Somebody HELP ME!!!"

"Stop your screaming you bitch" baby face yelled at her as he slap her across the face. Now it was my turn to show these boys who the true bitch is. I jump down from the, "Now look what the pussy cat brought home for dinner. Three rats to cut open to."

"Who the hell are you?"

"I am no one, just a hungry women looking for someone to play with."

"Mmm, is that right darling? Well honey I guess you and blonde can join us and-"

"I don't plan for blonde to join us. Get up and run girl let me deal with these pigs alone." The young girl tried to leave but the youngest one grabbed her and was about to stabber but before he could, I throw my knife at his arm making drop his weapon and giving the girl a chance to run. She took off like a bat out of hell. Now it was me and food. I looked at them all how am I going to kill them? I thought with a smile coming across my face.

"Alight just so you all know how this is going to end I'm going to tell how you are each going to die. First you, big guy, you’re going to die last because I save desert for last. Baby face since you have all these needs first I'm going to chop your dick off and shove it into friend here," I pointed to the man with black hair. “Mouth. How? Well I'm going to rip your throat open here with your friend’s knife and whilyou’re gaging for air I'm going to feed your hunger with his dick. For you big guy we are going to fight in till I hear the cops come then I'm going to put a bullet in your head."

"You bitch who do you think you are?'

"I don't know anymore but I know I need to kill to feel alive so come on"
The black haired man came at me first I rounded kicked him in the face. Making him stumble back. I grabbed my knife out of my boot and ran to the young boy but big guy step in front of me. I punched him deep inside his stomach making him lose his breath and making him fall to his knees for air. I like to see my pray run for their life. The young one ran away from but he didn’t get far. I threw my knife at his back. He screamed in pain, in fear but soon he will be chocking on his blood and his voice will no longer be heard again. I ran my knife into his lunges before cutting his dick off. I didn’t waste much time on his friend before I heard the cops. "Dang I wasted too much time on your friends and now the cops are coming I guess you’ll have the fast death of them all.” I pulled out my gun and shoot him in the head. His last words where “Please do-…”.
“Your welcome.” I grabbed my things and left the dead men. I left full from my meal.

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