Blood and Love

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Chapter 4

I always feel empty, something about taking a life of person fills that empty space inside me. Lately I’ve been feeling that hole grow deeper and wider. I thirst for more blood to help me but the more I get it’s not enough.

“Fuck! What’s wrong with me”, I said to myself as I put my head against my shower wall. I let the hot water wash away the blood from my body. I used to feel joy for this now I’m hunting to feel complete. I use to go a week or two without needing to feed my unusual hobby. Now I can feel the beast inside me grow stronger, and my mind growing darker. As if the world is painted in blood, filled with scream, and smelled liked blood. I let some of the bloody water into my mouth. I shouldn’t enjoy the taste of a human. Something is truly wrong with me, but something about the blood taste like wine.

I finished up my shower and hit my laptop. I had two new e-mails.
The first one was from John:
Miss. Kingsberrier, please send in the charts and the profile of the program. Also the labs are in. Please open the file and give me a message back.
Thank you,
Sim, J.

My job keep me busy being a, “Hard working,” and “Power hunger” worker. I worked to still hit the top. I was happy with the moment I was making and the work. Keep me feeling still human, as if old me is still alive.
I look at the message marked, “Hunting too much.” My blood turned cold, and body turned into stone. Who might this be? I open the e-mail.

Hey Thirst, it’s a new name for you. I can smell the blood you spilled tonight. Made me want to join you but I could see you need no help nor wanted any. You looked amazing as you showered in their blood. Made me want to lick it off. Anyways be careful next time. You left your mark at the crime. I picked it up and left it at your door. See you around Thirst. Don’t let the beast win. See you very, very soon.
Your old friend A.

My heart skipped a beat as I saw A…. It was Alarik. After these past years he’s back.
I messaged him back.
Sub: Thirst
Thirst? Catchy I like but I wouldn’t like your tong one me. I would cut it off and drink your blood if you like. I would prefer to never hear you talk either. The beast is fine but it has been looking for his teacher. He needs your blood to fill complete. Why don’t we meet up and feed both are demons? I’m sure yours is just as hungry as mine.


I sent the message without a second look. A few minutes later he messaged back.

Sub: Beast?
Sounds to me you want my tong in more than one way. Why don’t I fix that one issues first before you cut my tong off. You just might like the way I use it.
You are losing it. 43 kills in one month…. I came back to fix my mistake.

Mistake…is that what I am to him.
Sub: Mistake

The mistake….
I’m not a mistake.
Come and play.

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