A Killer Fantasy

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Could everyday items coming to life be more sinister than we think? Did you ever play with toys as if they were alive? What would you do if they really did come to life? What would you do if you found out they'd been alive the whole time just waiting for an opportunity to strike? Welcome to a killer fantasy.

Horror / Thriller
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A Killer Fantasy: Part 1

Running to the door, he practically throws himself against it. He had always dreamed about what it’d be like if things came to life, but he could have never imagined this. As a young boy, Steven always played with his trucks and other toys as if they were alive. He would have never thought that solid objects need to eat. About a few days earlier, he had found his 3 year old son dead underneath a bookcase. Everyone said it was a tragic accident. What they didn’t tell him was that something much more sinister had happened that day. Today, he still grieves with his wife over the incident. Earlier today he had gotten up early, taken a shower, had coffee and breakfast his wife made, and started out the door to go to work. He started down the road before abruptly turning around because he forgot an important document his boss wanted today. His wife told him it was normal for her to go back to bed after he left, so when he entered the house and saw she wasn’t in the living or dining room he didn’t think much of it. He rummaged through the house before scolding himself for forgetting he left it on the night stand by the bed so he wouldn’t forget it in the morning. He goes upstairs and opens the door. In the low light of the room, he quietly grabs the paper careful not to disturb his wife. Before he leaves he hears an almost kind of cry that sounds muffled. He flips on the light and stares into the terrified eyes of his wife.

He runs over to the bed and tugs on the blanket that’s covering her mouth and nose. A drawer behind him springs open and hits him in the back of the knees. Next, belts slither across the floor. One wraps around his head covering his mouth and the others wrap around his arms and legs. He struggles to get loose as he must look like a flopping fish out of water. His wife makes more muffled cries as she wriggles underneath the blankets grasp. Then he stops struggling as his wife falls still and motionless. A pair of scissors hop across the floor and onto the bed as the blanket uncovers the body. He watches in horror as the scissors make a small opening in her flesh and blood starts to pool out. Almost like magic, the blanket goes in the blood and absorbs it. The blanket keeps its normal color as the blood disappears. The scissors goes over the opening and somehow soaks up blood. The opening vanishes and her pale skin replaces it. Even the pillows touch some stray blood and soak it up without having the slightest hint of the color red. Steven starts thinking it’s a nightmare and none of this is true, but that was before the scissors started hopping across the floor to him. He struggles some more flopping about making muffled noises. The scissors aim for his throat and instinctively he throws his hands up. The scissors cause a small cut in the belt and Steven frees himself by ripping it the rest of the way with brute strength. He rushes to get the other belts off and races out the door. He slams it behind him and hears the scissors hit before dashing downstairs.

The front door clicks as the lock turns. He tries to break down the door in panic. Next, he grabs one of the dining room chairs and shatters a window with it. Managing to struggle out when the window slid to trap him, he opens his car door. Then he thinks better of it. He became even wary of his car and didn’t want to risk it. The news got out about a crazy man blaming everyday objects for killing his son, wife, and almost him. Steven became paranoid very fast about anything sharp or anything that could strangle him. The police state that his wife had been murdered by suffocation. He pleaded for them to believe him that a blanket was to blame, but they figured he had mental problems that finally went crazy when he had two tragedies in his life. Finally, he finds himself locked in a room staring at a pair of scissors, a towel, a shoe, an empty bottle, and all of its sitting on a table. A camera is mounted in each corner of the room as he sits glaring at the objects before him. Two guys watch the screens as the cameras record nothing happening. They laugh and think how stupid it is that they’re watching a guy who thinks a pair of scissors might magically stab him to death. They leave the room and have a lunch break. As they walk away, they don’t notice the lock turn. All the cameras shut down and the screens go black.

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