Forest of the Ghouls

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All the way to finally Escape.

"Pack up your shit!" Sarah's father commanded as he spun her around roughly.

Sarah looked around her, she was in a small clearing, her tent was the last one remaining behind the burning remnants of their campfire, she could just make out a half burned stuffed animal outlined in the fire staring up at her.

Her father marched off, not looking at her again as he disappeared through the tree line.

Sarah looked down at the small locket she held which now was a picture of her brother.

She closed the locket and tucked it away around her neck and close to her heart.

"I'll help you," Her cousin said meekly; approaching from the direction her father had just gone to.

Sarah nodded to Abby as they began taking the tent apart without speaking further.

They both stole a quick glance towards Sarah's mother who hovered over them from a distance, watching them intently with a stern look.

"Don't forget to load that tent the exact way you found it," She commanded; "I won't listen to your father complain about it later without you two suffering the consequences of it."

They both nodded to her as they watched her throw a bundle of switch like sticks into the fire to burn.

The two continued working in silence as Sarah noticed a line of dried blood along Abby's lower back when she bent down to finish putting away the tent. Her cousin noticed the look she received and squirmed uncomfortably from her gaze and backed away.

"Fuck you" she whispered to Sarah as she left with the tent bag.

Sarah now stood alone, listening to the distant sounds of the free way traffic and wondering if she could make it there in time... if a stranger would take in a pre-teen girl in body but a forced adult in spirit... or if just one car speeding fast enough could...

A car horn honking close by broke her from her daydreaming.

She touched the locket through her shirt one last time before turning away from the small clearing and headed towards the nightmare known as her life.

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