Forest of the Ghouls

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Sarah looked around her, the arms reaching towards her were shifting away and beginning to make their way around the tree trunks. Any second now they would be in full view of her and she of them.

"Run!" She screamed inside her own head.

Knowing she had no other choice she darted to her right, following a narrow trail between the trees which she prayed would deliver her to safety.

As she ran she saw more hands from among the trees, some as close as five meters while others reached from further away. Sarah ignored them, she ran from tree to tree, darting between them to avoid being dragged down by the fingers which desperately wanted her.

After several moments she reached a clearing of tall grass and clear of any trees for the length of several hundred yards. She pushed through the grass, the moon now directly above her as she raced forward as fast as she could.

Something caught her foot and she went crashing face first into the ground, her nose catching a patch of rough earth and immediately erupting with blood.

Sarah choked on the blood flowing from her nose into her mouth, dust and dirt instantly clung to the blood and sweat of her body, caking her in earth.

"Herrrrmmmmmm!" She half screamed as she still worked to muffle any noise coming from her mouth. Her finger nails dug into the ground, trying to claw her way forward and back to her feet. As they grasped at the dirt and grass she felt her fingers touch something that was neither.

Sarah's body froze, knowing what it was before she dared look up. She hesitated for only a split second before rolling away and leaping to her feet.

She prepared to run again but before she could her eyes locked upon the figure now standing in front of her. Sarah felt her body seize up in terror at the sight.

The being standing only six feet away was small; no more than four feet tall. It had flowing white hair and was albino pale, with almost transparent skin. A tarnished and ragged brown colored dress clung to its' body, ending above the knees.

It's eyes though... oh those horrible eyes... Sarah was lost within them, never seeing anything like it before tonight. While the creature might appear to be a little girl lost in the woods at night, Sarah knew just by staring at its' eyes that she was anything of the sort.

Where eyes should be were tiny little vortexes, swirling around in a symphony of eerie colors that changed by the second.

They were mainly black and white with flashes of green and red. The eyes peered into her, staring through her and into her heart and soul. Sarah felt penetrated like never before, as if there was nothing she could hide from this monstrosity before her.

Breaking her gaze away was the most difficult thing she had ever done, but she had to, knowing what would happen if she looked too long.

As she turned she saw a sight even more horrifying, a dozen more of the creatures were making their way across the field towards her.

"No..." She whimpered as she saw the being which was furthest out front and only a few feet from her.

"Bradley..." She pleaded as tears began falling from her eyes.

The creature she spoke to took no notice of her words. It loomed over her and looked down upon her, the same eyes as the little girls focused on Sarah.

It reached towards her as Sarah finally screamed.

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