Forest of the Ghouls

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Sarah kicked frantically, hopelessly as she was dragged back into the forest.

She was stalked on all sides by the creatures who still made no sound as they pulled her along with them. Their clutches were tight and biting into her body, careless how they held her as they pulled with extreme force but little effort against her struggles.

Sarah gave up her pleading and any attempts to reason with them; there were almost twenty of them; all as young as her or even younger, ranging in size from six feet tall to as small as three.

She managed to catch her foot upon a tree root momentarily which caused her to be stuck in place. The three creatures which clutched her simply pulled harder.

Sarah screamed as her ankle strained from the force and pressure, her shoe came flying off behind her before her foot could be snapped.

The beings dragged her along the same as before, taking no further notice of her transgression.

Sarah felt pain all over her body as her ankle swelled instantly, she couldn't stand upright even if she wanted to. Her eyes blurred from tears and sweat but was still able to make out a glowing light from a fire just up ahead through the trees.

The blood on her face had dried and cracked as she moved her face, trying to get a better look at where they were taking her, not seeing this place before.

Within moments she could see what was before her, wishing she couldn't.

There was a large fire that burned red with an outline of black around it, it illuminated a small clearing no larger then a backyard. Trees lined the area around them and between them stood hundreds more of the creatures. Their dead yet swirling eyes staring as one at her as Sarah was forced forward before them.

There were many things to take in all at once but Sarah couldn't focus on any one thing. There were nine wooden posts surrounding the fire, three of which were occupied by various beings. She couldn't tell if they were people or animals because of the disorienting fire and the extreme variances between their respective beings.

Besides the posts was a small hut on the other side of the fire which Sarah could barely make out, it seemed simple without anything adorning it but the inside was dark and impossible to see into.

There was also a strange person unlike the creatures who abducted her standing near an empty post where she was being led towards. The person was tall, almost seven feet and dressed in a blood red robe. It carried a staff that was almost as tall and a mask over its face, the mask was made of sticks and bones, designed in a twisted way to look like a woman's face. It had polished bone where the cheeks should be, a small carved wooden nose, a meek twisted smile and soft, small eyes. But, where the eyes should be were stone pebbles.

Sarah was forced to the pole in front of the person in robes. Her arms lifted high above her head and tied together with rope. Sarah still couldn't put her weight on her ankle so she balanced on her left leg as best she could.

Sarah was too terrified by everything around her to resist any longer, her body wouldn't obey her commands and her mind was exhausted while her body beaten and in pain.

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