Forest of the Ghouls

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Abby wasn't able to hold her sickness within her as she vomited down her front and at the feet of the woman who approached her.

The woman took no notice, standing in the bile without a care in bare feet.

"You have wandered into my Forest," She spoke to Abby; "The penalty for which is death."

"We... we didn't know" Abby gasped out in fear and shock.

"Ignorance is no excuse," the woman said.

With barely a look from her one of the creatures broke rank and glided towards Abby, without a sound it brought its head towards her cousins arm and bit down at the skin just beneath her elbow.

Abby screamed in pain as the creature came away with a chunk of her flesh. Blood flowed down her arm as Abby seizured upon her post, pulling with all her might trying to escape and free herself.

The man to Sarah's left cried out in anger while Sarah screamed along with her cousin, still not believing what she was seeing.

"Why did you walk into my Forest?" The woman demanded, ignoring Abby's screams and cries. The creature which had bitten Abby fell back and returned to its place.

Abby was still screaming and straining to escape. The woman waited like she had with the sloth but not for long as she brought her staff forward again and struck Abby hard on her right knee.

Another loud SNAP! rang out as Abby's knee broke and she collapsed against her restraints, her screaming stopped as the air left her body in further shock. Abby's head slumped as her eyes rolled back into her head and she passed out where she stood.

"No no no no no..." Sarah cried, shaking her head back and forth, trying to wake up from this nightmare.

The woman stared at the unconscious Abby unsympathetically.

She reached inside her robes and brought out a leather skinned flask with a cork on its top. She pulled the cork out with her teeth and forced whatever liquid was inside it down Abby's throat.

Her cousin sprang back to life, coughing and choking as the woman returned the flask beneath her robes.

"Why did you walk into my forest?" The woman demanded again.

Abby was still whimpering and crying upon her post, she stared remorsefully down at her broken knee and then down at the ground, unable to look the woman in the eye.

"We were camping..." Abby finally said, "We're on Fall Break, we just wanted to go hik... hiking and exploring... We didn't know this was... this was..."

"Mine" The woman stated flatly.

Abby nodded her head Yes.

"My children have lived her for many millennium," The woman stated; "We have withstood the rise of Man for countless centuries. My laws have been told long ago that no outsider may step foot within my Forest. This was for your ancestors to pass down unto you."

"We... I... was never told..." Abby said softly.

With a flash the woman brandished a knife and cut away the rope holding Abby in place. Sarah's cousin fell to the ground in a heap, her leg bent out awkwardly in the dirt.

"Before I offer you the drink of the Forest you must be punished for the sins of your ancestors, may they feel the pain of their ignorance."

The woman's large foot stomped down upon Abby's hand, breaking it instantly. Before she could scream again her foot struck again, burying Abby face down into the dirt and holding her there.

Abby struggled from her position but the woman's strength was too great and with her broken knee and hand she could do little to free herself.

From beneath her robes the woman once again took out another object; this time a vial of another kind of liquid. She again removed the cork and poured the deep green colored potion over Abby's body.

The liquid burned into her fiercely, Abby's screams muffled by the dirt smothering her face while her body thrashed out in all directions. The liquid burned through her clothes and hair and into her skin. Large blisters began erupting from the top of her head down to her buttocks. Smoke rose from her body as the potion snapped and hissed from the contact it made with Abby's body.

Abby soon lay whimpering and sobbing as the woman tossed the empty vial into the fire, which absorbed it with a loud hiss and roared out strongly, the fire being only feet away from all of them, Sarah felt its heat.

Next the woman brought out which looked like a multi thronged whip of some kind. It was long and had thorns stuck within itself.

The woman brought it down upon Abby again and again, flogging her multiple times.

The blisters ripped open and Abby began screaming with pain all over again, blood covered her all over before the woman was finished, throwing her weapon into the fire like she had the vial with the same result happening again.

She now removed her foot and walked away from Abby, leaving her more dead than alive upon the clearing floor.

Sarah stood watching with her mouth open and eyes wide; her mind shutting down from the scene before her, not recognizing what was left of her cousin laying sprawled and broken on the ground.

Abby's finger twitched and her eye opened partially, connecting with Sarah's eye.

Sarah longed to go to her; comfort her, care for her. She had to turn away though, the sight before her was killing her.

"Mighty woman you are." The man growled; "Beating upon a helpless girl. Bring yourself over to me and try that."

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