Forest of the Ghouls

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"Your time will come," The woman said to him before turning back to Abby.

"You witnessed what happened to the creature which refused my offer" She turned to the post where the sloth had hung before. "Do you wish to suffer the same fate or will you become one of my children?"

Abby somehow managed to raise herself up on her elbows, Sarah wasn't sure where she was able to find the strength to do so.

"Fuck... you..." Abby spat defiantly.

"An insult." The woman huffed, turning away from her. "Feed my children."

Sarah turned away, knowing what was about to happen. She didn't hear the creatures move forward nor did she hear her cousin scream. After several moments she heard the woman shuffling to the man to her left.

Sarah gazed back over towards where Abby had been but nothing remained now. There was only the blood stained earth and dirt; all that now remained of her cousin.

The woman stood before the burly man and glared down at him also, even though the man was over six feet tall he had to look up to see into her eyes.

"You know the trespass you have incurred" She spoke to the man; "Have you anything to say?"

"Just give me that cup of the Forest bull you keep rambling about and let me be done with it." The man demanded.

"The cup is not for you" The woman said coyly; "These are for my children, you are past the time for rebirth. The only fate awaiting you is death."

"Then a final request before I confess my cries?" The man asked hastily.

The woman hesitated;

"What do you request?" She asked slowly.

"A drink of the liquid you gave that poor girl to awaken her" He asked; "Ignorance is no excuse I admit, but allow me this one final mercy before I meet my fate."

The woman pulled the flask from her robes, looking at it and then back at him.

"If it will ease you for a moment I will allow it," She said removing the cork, "But know that it will not protect you from the ordeals you shall suffer for your crimes."

The man nodded and opened his mouth.

The woman raised the flask up to him and angled it over his mouth.

Two things happened very quickly now which caught Sarah completely off guard.

The man kicked out with his unrestrained foot directly into the woman while at the same time grabbing the flask with his teeth.

The woman stumbled backwards towards the fire, glaring at the man who dared strike her.

"Children..." She began.

But, before she could finish the man swung his head back with the flask in his mouth and swung it out towards the bottom of the fire.

The flask landed in the fire and like the vial and whip before it caused the red and black fire to gush upwards with a loud hiss and a flash.

The woman was near the fire as it did so and her robes became engulfed in the inferno which sprang up around her.

Sarah was in deeper shock then before at the woman now in agony from the fire, hoping for the first time tonight that this was FINALLY real.

She looked over at the man who used his strength to rip the ropes from the post. It was apparent he had been trying to work himself free for sometime as his wrists were raw and bleeding.

He stared at the woman for a moment before rushing to Sarah, the knife the woman had used to free Abby was upon the ground and the man grabbed it and freed Sarah.

"The creatures!" Sarah cried in panic.

"They only obey her," He spoke, pulling her away from the clearing and into the woods, "They won't move unless she orders them to."

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