Forest of the Ghouls

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Sarah and the man raced along the forest, Sarah ignoring the pain in her ankle and using all her strength to continue running, trying to put as much distance between them and the woman in robes.

She wasn't sure how long they ran or even which direction they were going, she just followed the man, hoping they could reach somewhere safe. He never spoke or said a word but he seemed to know where he was going.

Before long they reached the meadow where Sarah had been captured before. They made their way through it, any moment Sarah expected a number of the creatures to spring up around her and drag them back to the clearing.

They met no resistance and at the end of the clearing, rushing up a small hill they found there which looked back out over the forest and ground they had just ran across.

It was here the man collapsed, breathing hard as he fell to the ground.

Sarah felt a stitch erupt from her ribs and followed his example, her ankle now burning with pain as her weariness and fatigue caught up with her. She fell to the ground also and sat there, resting as best she could.

"We don't have long," he spoke, looking out over the meadow; "That stunt I pulled wasn't enough to finish her, she will recover and send her minions after us before long."

He stood up and looked down at Sarah;

"Are you hurt?" He asked.

"My ankle," Sarah mumbled.

Her head was swimming now; she wasn't sure if she was about to pass out, faint, fall asleep or die from fear and exhaustion. Too many emotions were flooding through her, to much heartache and terror were bursting within her chest to contain. She wanted to crawl under the roots of a tree and just hide there forever.

The man still had rope tied around his right hand, he pulled tree bark off a nearby tree and made his way back towards Sarah.

"Bare with me," He commanded.

Sarah nodded, knowing what he meant to do.

He wrapped the thick bark around her ankle and quickly fastened it with the rope as best he could. Sarah winced at the pain but it was strangely numb and distant to her very quickly after the deed was done.

"It won't hold up for long if we have to run again," He said looking at his work; "But it should help maintain your ankle for a little bit. We don't have much farther to go to where we will be out of the forest."

Sarah wanted to know how he knew this but speaking still wasn't coming easy to her yet. She took his hand and stood up on her own while he scouted around the hill.

"The freeway is only a mile or so that way," He pointed off in the direction away from the meadow. From this point Sarah could just make out the end of the tree line.

The moon was low in the sky but still gave off just enough light for them to see around their location.

Sarah moved to her right, looking for a secluded spot to relieve herself;

"I have to pee" She informed the man; "Do I have time before we have to move?"

"Yes" The man said, not watching her but looking out over the meadow. "We should have a few minutes until..."

He now noticed which direction down the hill Sarah was heading.

"Not that way!" He shouted suddenly.

Before Sarah had time to turn around she tripped over something but did not fall to the ground. She looked down in the dim light to see what had obstructed her when she saw it!

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