Its all in your head

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Chapter 4

James, why you standing there?” The voice came from the far end of the corridor.

James stood in the shadows, watching Albert walking towards him. “James, son? Whats wrong?”

James just stood there, ridged, looking at Albert but not seeing him. His eyes were shifting from left to right.

Suddenly the lights flickered. A shriek fell out of James’s mouth as he saw in the flicker a thing with the head of a badger, standing behind Albert.

James, what’s wrong?” Albert said, looking behind himself.

The lights flickered again, and this time they kept flickering. James saw Albert walking towards him. He looked like he was in a stop-motion video. His movements were jerky, erratic.

James, there is something in here with us?” Albert said, looking around in the flickering light.

James still just stared at Albert as the thing moved towards him. The thing disappeared and reappeared with the flickering lights. Its blades out in front of it, it stepped towards Albert and jerkily swept a blade-hand along the back of Albert’s leg.

He screamed out and fell to the ground, holding the back of his leg. Albert stared at the thing, not believing his eyes as the badger head and material, puppet-like body swept towards him. Albert’s mouth opened and closed in silent fear. The thing raised its blades and brought them down on Albert’s neck. Albert’s head rolled towards James as he pushed himself closer to the wall. James stared down at the still opening and closing mouth of Albert and screamed.

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