Its all in your head

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Chapter 5

James awoke screaming and thrashing around. Dr Walsh and four nurses came running into his room.

“James?” Dr Walsh shouted. The nurses grabbed James’s arms and legs. Dr Walsh was a tall man, thin and wiry. He wore thin wire spectacles and had a goatee beard, which he took great pride in.

Dr Walsh gently took hold of James’s head. “James, can you hear me?” James just continued to scream and thrash his head from side to side.

Dr Walsh turned to a nurse stood behind him. “Syringe,” he said, and held his hand out. Dr Walsh took the syringe, pulled the needle cover off with his teeth and injected James with it.

Almost immediately, James’s thrashing became less and his screaming died down to a moan.

James put the finishing touches to the picture he was drawing and held it in front of himself. A shiver went down his spine as he looked at the badger head of the creature from his nightmares. James placed the picture on his desk and glanced around at the other pictures of the creature he had drawn. There were five. Dr Barrett had advised James to draw a picture of the thing each time he had a dream, and this was number six. The dreams were becoming more intense, more vivid, and each time somebody from the hospital was killed by this thing, whatever it was.

There was a knock on the door.

“Come in,” James said, not taking his eyes from the picture.

“Excuse me, James.” Dr Barrett’s voice drifted softly to his ears. “Another dream, James?”

Dr Barrett was looking over James’s shoulder. James nodded. Dr Barrett sighed and sat down on James’s bed.

“James, I would like to try something to help you get rid of these dreams. How does that sound?”

James nodded, still not taking his eyes from the black sockets of the creature.

“James, Dr Walsh and I believe these creatures are a symptom of your illness. Manifesting as these creatures.” She waved her arm at the pictures as she said this. “We believe by hypnotising you, we can reveal why they have suddenly appeared, and hopefully once we know that, we can drive them away.”

James again said nothing, but nodded.

Dr Barrett sighed. “James, please talk to me.”

James continued to stare at the picture. Dr Barrett sighed, stood and gave James’s shoulder a squeeze before moving to the door and leaving.

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