Déjà vu

By Felipe Gonzalez All Rights Reserved ©

Horror / Mystery


What is real horror? Perhaps an incident that breaks you, getting worse by repetition as a morbid addiction. It might happen before… the doubt forces you to act in order to avoid it, with futile outcomes. With each lap the circle grows forming a dark maelstrom, inside it; the experience is an absurd existentialism, a nightmare of infinite horror.


The story is written as a monologue describing the character’s schism after suicide, becoming a wight and dwelling forever in repetition… every three stanzas the event goes further, not time, increasing doubts and horror towards a tasteless re-start.

On the penultimate stanza, the character wants or needs logic for a piece of mind.

If you wish, you could read it also from bottom to top.

300 words, titled not included.

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