The Devil Inside

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Chapter One

Our kind is different to yours. While you live and breath off the earth itself, growing food, or drinking water, we live off of your emotions.

I suppose in a way we could not exist without you. We need to nurture you as you do the soil, and capture you as you do the rivers and streams.

Humans can see us. They just choose not to. See, that's your one flaw. Your "God" gave you free will. Free will to pick and choose. Thankfully nearly all of you choose not to see. Those that can see, are classed as fools. That always made me laugh. You will go to a building, and prey to a "God" you can't see, yet you are the sane one compared to someone that actually tells you what they saw.

I am young. My kind have been around for millennia. Feeding from you as if we weren't there. I still do not know how we came to be, or how we are born. I just know that we exist. Poisoning the minds of mortal souls. Making them do our bidding in order for us to feast on angry, fear, perversion and the like.

We don't do all the evil in your world. Some of you are born with evil running though you. Although those people excite us, we can't feed from them. We can only feed on emotion brought about by our actions.

There are others we can't touch either. Those whose faith is so strong in their "God" almighty, we can not make them bend to us. They will not listen. So we no longer try. Although as your science keeps disproving your faith, there are many fewer of those than there have been.

The past few years have been an excellent time for my kind. No faith. Increased depression. Acts of desperation. All make it easier for us to feed from you.

I came into being in your year of 1879. My first memory, for want of a better word, is of floating above a vast city below. A huge cloud of smog hanging over it. Thick and acidic. I could barely make out buildings it was so dense. It wasn't until I descended further that I was able to make out my prey. Thousands of humans. All going about their business. Choosing not to see me.

We are brought into this world with a vast knowledge of what we can do. Unlike yourselves, we need not learn. We know. My first thought was of hunger. I descended further. Able to make out each and every face. To see who I could play with first.

I was attracted instantly to a young woman. No more then twenty one. She was of slim build. Wearing a long blue dress. It's tails dragging behind her on the floor. Her waist pinched tight, forcing her breasts out and up. He had long dirty blonde hair, tied tight back in a bun.

I watched her at first. Moving between shops and vendors. Inspecting their wares, and stopping to purchase a few. I don't know what it was, but something told me, she was the one. My first.

I followed her. Eager to make sure she would listen to me. Waiting for the right moment. She stopped at an apple sellers cart. As she reached for a bright red apple, I leaned into her ear.

"Pick the green one" I whispered to her.

Her hand hovered over the red one for a moment, then slowly moved over and picked a green one. Exchanging coin for it.

I was ecstatic. It was the first command I had given and it had worked perfectly. I wanted to make her do more. To make her bend to my will. To make her ready for feeding. But I knew I had to wait. I had to bide my time. I certainly didn't want to peak with the picking of a fruit! Gently I whispered in her ear again.

"Time to go home." I instructed her.

She obeyed. Turning on her heels and walking the way she came. I followed behind her. Close enough to be able to smell her. Human smell is revolting. The smell of sweat. Even when masked by perfume it still turns my stomach. The only thing I was interested in was what I was going to be able to get her to do.

She walked through her front door. It was a modest house. Poorly decorated, and only four rooms. An outhouse in the garden. Filthy kind. Doing that kind of thing out where you keep your beasts. She walked into her kitchen. A young man about her age sat at the table. His back to her.

I told her to wrap her arms around his chest. She did as commanded. His hands meeting hers. Gently rubbing her wrists. I forced her to kiss his neck. He responded by pushing his head back, opening his neck line for her to caress and kiss.

I moved her hands down his chest, unbuttoning his trousers. He offered no resistance to her touch as she slid her hand under the clothing. Only widening his legs to make it easier for her. I forced her to rub him. Making him erect. He moaned in pleasure at the feeling she was giving him. It made me jealous. I couldn't feed off of his emotion while controlling her.

Telling her to stand up, she unbuttoned her dress, letting it slide to the floor. Her cheap underwear exposed to him. He walked closer to her. This time kissing her neck, and caressing her chest.

An instant wave to pleasure hit me. I had my first taste of human emotion and I loved it. The rawness of it was palatable. It made me hunger for more.

I made her push him onto the table. Removing his trousers. Made her straddle his erect length, moving up and down on it, arching her back in pleasure. As her pleasure started to explode, I fed more. More and more. It kept coming in huge chunks. But with every bite I took, it made me hunger for something more. Something more filling, as if this was an appetiser at the beginning of a meal.

They were still fucking on the kitchen table when I implanted a seed in the girls head.

The man had been having lunch before she had come home. Homemade bread and cheese. The bread knife was still on the table.

One word from me and she had it in her hand. He didn't notice. His eyes were closed as he struggled to keep a lid on his climax. She held the knife in both hands by the handle, high above her head. Holding it there.

I was unsure. Maybe she hadn't heard me. Maybe she was trying to break my spell on her. But the moment seemed to last forever. Her fucking him, knife held high. Then it happened.

He turned to face her. Opening his eyes. Looking at her face his smile suddenly disappearing from his features. He had spotted the knife but it was too late. She brought it down hard. Piercing his flesh as if butter. Crimson spurted from his wound in his chest, his heart stopping beating. Again she raised the knife and again she plunged it in deep into his chest. He had stopped moving now. Past on.

Then the next wave hit me. A wave of anger and despair. Anger I feel because she had no control, and despair as she could not stop. This tasted better then the sex. I felt like I was feeding instead of just licking.

Another whisper and she slit his throat. His white pasty skin splitting, revealing blood and muscle below. Splashes of crimson hitting her own pale skin.

A wave of sadness hit her, and I was in ecstasy. It made me feel like a "God" to which most of these dirty creatures worshipped.

I fed until I was full. I kept her stabbing, biting and ripping at the mans flesh until I could take no more. My hunger had subsided. My drive had followed it. I was bored now. I released her from my grip.

At first she couldn't understand. The last thing she remembered was going into town. Now she was sat naked on top of a dead body. Her limbs started to shake. I watched her cry and shout out for help. Nobody came.

In one act of senseless desperation, she picked up the knife, pointing the blade at her own chest. Her hands trembling, unable to keep it steady. I knew she wouldn't do it. She didn't have the strength of mind. I leaned in.

"Do it bitch. Kill yourself……slice your own gut like you did his." tears rolling down her cheeks as I told her so.

My words were enough. Her hand steadied just for a moment, but a moment was all it took. With her remaining strength she pushed the knife into her stomach, twisting it as she did so.

Yet more blood spilled onto the table. She screamed in pain for a second and then fell silent. Collapsing on top of her dead lover.

My work here was done. My belly, for now full. It had been my first of many, but it had felt so good. The feelings that this little bitch had given me had fed and excited me, I was eager to try again.

Looking down at the two bodies entwined made me laugh. Stupid humans and their idiotic free will. I shook my head and without a backwards glance I left.

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