The Devil Inside

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Chapter Four

Our existence I suppose you can say is a lonely one. We don't have contact with any of our own. Sure, we can watch them. Marvel at their own sick twisted works of art. Watch as they turn even the bravest souls into weak, snivelling cowards. But we don't talk to one another. We don't socialise. We don't meet up to talk about how we have fucked up this week. We tend to just walk this earth, watching. Feeding. And that is all. We don't mate. We don't mourn any that pass. Oh yes. We pass over. You can't kill us. And we don't die from old age. We pass due to our own failings. I have seen others eat and feast so much, that they pass from overindulgence. Then, there are others that get bored. They have tasted all they wish to taste. They literally starve themselves to death. We can go days not feeding. But more than a week and then we start to slow. Become weak and confused. If we don't feast within a month then we will pass.

As I mentioned. I love death and destruction. Sprinkle it with utter most evil and I will feast until I can eat no longer. But that's not to say that's all I do. Or have done. I have made men millionaires overnight. Made couples fall in love. I have even on occasion made one of you save the life of another. I just choose not to do that very often. The taste is just not the same, and after awhile I crave death again. But if you add in a little surprise here or there I become a very content being.

During one period of time where I was playing kind, I met a man. Nothing special. He was honest. Worked hard. Loved his family. It sickened me. The taste of his joy as he would come home to his family. It was like eating ashes. I decided that enough was enough. No more kindness for him. I needed the taste of destruction again. He was just unlucky to have crossed my path as my taste changed.

I watched him work hard one day. Looking forward to going home to see his wife again. Knowing that his days work had put coin in his pocket. Quitting time came, and I started to whisper. Instead of the bus that would take him home, I told him to take the cross town bus. He instantly did as he was told. Almost with a smile on his face. When the correct stop came I told him to get off the bus. Not even a brief glimmer of disobedience from him, and he did as he was told. Just across the road was a house. Known all over the city. It was a house where men would go to fuck dirty whores. Where the coin in his pocket was worth him shooting his load and going home with a smile on his face.

The man had never been to this place. I'm not even sure he knew what it was. But I whispered to knock on the door and he did as he was told. A woman wearing a black silk corset and not much else answered the door and motioned for him to enter. She told him to take a seat and he did as he was told. As she left the room, another, much older woman entered. She wore a long dress, and looked very wealthy. She held her head high and it was almost as if she were looking down her nose at him. She explained to him, in return for coin, any of his desires would be made true while he was here. She clapped her hands and a young blonde girl came out. She was naked. Slim. Small breasts. The elder woman snapped her fingers and the girl twirled. Smiling all the time. The man eyed her up. Without a suggestion from me, he shook his head. The woman clapped again. The first woman walked out and a second came in. Tall. Dark skinned. Full breasts and a round ass. Before the elder woman could snap her fingers this time, and again without me whispering a word, the man instantly turned and spoke.

"No fucking niggers! And no fucking chinks either!"

Even I was a little taken aback with this! The man seemed to be a mild mannered hard working soul. I certainly didn't plant the racist idea within his brain. I let out a little giggle. Almost losing control of him. The elder woman clapped again. The dark skinned woman, looking a little shocked turned and span on her heels. A third woman entered. She was short, brown hair with a hint of red. She had a full figure. Ample breasts and a full ass. As soon as she entered I saw the mans eyes light up. As if it were Christmas. I knew she would be the one. The man nodded at the elder woman. She smiled in return, and held her hand out. The man crossed her palm with silver and was told that "Jolene" would be his for the next two hours. More then ample time for what I had in mind. If anything he had over paid her. But that wasn't my concern.

Jolene led the man up the stairs. He could barely take his eyes from her as she led him through the corridor and into the room at the end of the hall. I of course followed closely behind. Inside the room, there was a bed and not much else. I suppose when your business is sex not much else was needed. A small bedside cabinet with a lamp, and a chair that I assumed was used for placing either clothes, or some dirty bastard that liked to watch. Jolene lay on the bed. She smiled at the man and told him to undress. I told him to obey her, and he did. Standing before her. Naked as the day he was born. She motioned for him to come closer and he did so. She grabbed his cock, rubbing it gently, and licking his tip. I could taste his arousal. His cock thickening and becoming hard. She took him in her mouth and the man threw his head back in pleasure. I guess his wife didn't do that.

Once he was stood to attention so to speak Jolene took his cock from her mouth and got on the bed. She got on all fours, motioning with her behind for him to come join her. Again the man didn't need a whisper from me to join in. He knelt behind her and slowly let his cock enter her cunt from behind. I watched for a couple of minutes. Thinking maybe I should use the chair in the corner. Just for kicks. Feeding off the pleasure he was getting from fucking his whore. I could feel that he was close to climax, and that would never do. No. I wanted to taste more. But not of this kind of sexual pleasure. I wanted something, a little more dark.

I whispered to pull her hair. He took a handful of her brown hair and yanked it back. Her head lifting as he fucked her wet pussy. She smiled. Knowing her client was enjoying the right. I figured it was time to wipe that smile off her dirty little face. I whispered again, and he obeyed. This time dismounting from the bed, we walked to his trousers and got his braces. He tied her hands to the posts of the bed. Jolene always obeying him. After all, he had paid for this bitch. He walked back to his clothes and took one of his socks. Walking over to her again, he pushed it with force into her mouth. She was used to this kind of thing. A lot of clients liked to assert their domination over her. It was what she was paid for. He knelt behind her again. He tapped her thighs and instantly she widened her legs for him. Expecting him to start fucking either her cunt or ass again. But this time, I was in control. This time, he was listening to me. And right now, I wanted to feel the taste of death.

With one fluid motion the man grabbed her hair with one hand, and with the other he drew a fist. Pulling back his arm, and with all his force, he punched her as hard as he possibly could between the legs. Jolene was caught of guard. The shock and pain from his punch coursed through her. She didn't even have time to make a muffled yelp. I whispered again. The man left from the bed, grabbed the lamp, ripping it from the wall, and bringing it down hard on her head. She was out cold. And now my fun could begin. The man was a carpenter. And as such had a tool belt that was lying on what I like to think as the wanking chair. I told him to get his tools. Knives. Planes, chisels, a hammer. Oh the choice was almost too much! I had him untie her, and lie her on her back. Her bare tits facing up. He took a knife and slowly, almost gently, ran it from neck to navel. A small river of crimson following his blade as he did so. I made him open up her chest. Tissue, gore and blood flowing over his hands. Her insides becoming outsides with ease. That's when it happened. I could still taste his sexual side. He was getting off on this! I had chosen well! She was still breathing, still alive. I figured fuck it. Let's see if we can wake this bitch up. Taking a plane from his tools, he ran the sharp blade over her breasts. Easily slicing her nipples off. Her breast tissue torn and cut. He took the handle of his hammer, and slammed it into her cunt, sliding it up where but moments before his cock had been.

That did the trick. With a muffled gasp, Jolene's eyes lit up. Shock still running through her body. She looked down. Seeing the mess that her once beautiful body had become. She went to scream. But I was quicker. I told him to finish her. In just one quick movement, he slid the hammer from her cunt. Threw it into the air and grabbed hold of the sticky handle, and then brought it down with a sickening crunch on her forehead. There was no need to repeat the trick. That had done the job. As her last breath left her body, and without any whispering from me. The man jumped up on the bed. He rubbed his still hard cock, shooting his hot and sticky cum over the dead girls face. His climax, and his own sense of achievement in killing the whore tasted divine. I was full within minutes. I looked at a clock that was hanging on the wall. I was right. He had over paid. By nearly an hour and a half! Laughing I left him to his fun. I was full. He was happy. She was dead. Two wins out of three isn't bad! As I left I whistled a tune. Knowing that his memories would flood back in a moment. And that he would probably enjoy it more than I was doing right now.

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