The Devil Inside

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Chapter Five

I don't tend to have a particular taste for either sex. It all depends on what your asking your subject to do. For example, the taste of a man caving in the head of another with a hammer is divine! The hatred, and anger flowing out of him. But then women taste better for sexual tasks. A virgin who's first sexual encounter is to be spit roasted by two men. Oh how fine that tastes! The shame, the pleasure, the dirtiness. It just floods out.

I tend not to chose children too often. Not only are they unpredictable but as they haven't matured yet, sometimes their taste is just not right. I suppose like a good wine. I'm told it has to mature before its full taste can be explored, and it's the same here.

Having said that, old people are much the same. They have matured too long. They have experienced most things in their life. There are no new tastes to be had. But also the older they get the more they tend to start believing. So it can be hard to whisper to them.

I know of others that like to control more than one of you at a time. Greedy if you ask me. But at the same time, very adventurous. After all who doesn't like the taste of fear coming from a young girl who is being raped, while at the same time feeding on the sexual pleasure of the rapist! The thought does excite me, but I tend not to over reach myself. Controlling two people correctly, in order to taste the flavours that you want takes a lot of concentration and well, I'm lazy. I prefer to control one. Saviour it. Drain it. I find it more satisfying and can be just as much fun.

Sometimes I do think to myself that I need something new. Something different. No, I'm not talking about making someone satisfied or pleased and feeding off of that. That's just not my style or taste. No. I think the best taste I can ever encounter, is to turn someone. Turn them from a believer in your stupid fucking God, and turn them in to some depraved. I'm not talking about priests fucking children. One, that actually even turns my stomach. Two, they were never a "true" believer. What they are, are what we call false believers. They tell everyone that they believe, yet truly they don't, and just like the position of power that comes to them. They are no fun to play with. At least not to me.

What I am talking about is seeing someone who believes, and just turning everything against them. Make them doubt their belief. And then as soon as they do, that's when you pounce.

There was once a young woman. Not much more then eighteen. She was clean, pure, and she loved her God. I watched her for a while. She would help the sick, the homeless, the poor. She would give her own belongs to random strangers. Then go to church every Sunday and worship. Before starting it all over again. I don't know why. But I took a shine to her. I wanted to taste her. But her belief was too strong. So I decided to shake that belief.

One night she was out, giving food to homeless people in a down trodden part of some shitty city. Some of you truly sicken me. Dirty, unwashed, sick people. You smell, and most of the time you taste like shit. I have no time for those people. But I needed one of them that evening.

The woman was helping a man under a bridge. He looked like he hadn't eaten in a week, and smelt like he hadn't fucking washed in a month. As she handed him some bread, I told him what to do.

He grabbed her wrist hard. She tried to wriggle free, but this guy was quite large, and had a bear like grip. He pulled her towards him and used his other hand to cover her mouth before she could alert the other "Do-gooders" that were also around dishing out some kind of slop to more disgusting people.

He took her behind a hedge. In the moonlight he lifted her skirt and ripped her lace knickers from her body. Pushing her to the ground, he held her there ,her face squashed into the mud to muffle her pleads for help. Lifting her legs up so she was on her knees he quickly thrust his hard cock into her ass. Fucking her tight ass was giving this down and out massive pleasure. But I wasn't interested in tasting it. I had a much finer taste in mind. And I was willing to wait.

I could hear the young girl sobbing in the mud. Begging her God to protect her. To watch over her. I have to admit, I did admire her strength in her beliefs, but that only meant it would taste so much better once they were broken.

The disgusting man shot his dirty load in to her ass. Taking his cock from her ass he stood up and kicked her in ribs. Putting his filthy cock away I told I him to take a walk.

She lay there. Half naked. Semen running down her leg which had escaped her anus. I still couldn't whisper to her. I knew I wouldn't be able too. But I had a plan. I stood there and watched for maybe thirty minutes or so. She lay there shaking and crying softly. Finally she moved. Still sobbing she stood up, and found her skirt. It was covered in mud but that was the least of her problems. As she pulled it back on she smeared semen on it, so a little mud didn't really effect her look.

She stumbled out from behind the hedge. Crying and holding her ribs, she started to walk. I knew where she was going, and it was just a short walk.

After ten minutes of hobbling, she made it to the entrance of her church. It's a common misconception that we can't enter hallowed ground. Such as churches and other holy places. This is a lie. We just choose not too. After all. What's the point! Would be like a fat woman on a diet visiting the buffet table. Plenty to eat, but can't touch anything. I followed her in. Watched her stumble and trip down the aisle. She was cut and bruised. Sore and weak.

The priest saw her and ran to her aid. He helped her stand up, put her arm around him, and walked her to his office. She slumped in a chair and let her tears come.

The priest poured her a glass of water from the jug on his desk. Handing it to her he asked what had happened and listened as she retold the story.

Now. I said that priests are no fun to play with. And, to me, they are not. I'm not into child sex. But thankfully this cunt was. His idea of choir practice was squeezing his dirty cock into as many little boys as possible. So, you know, needs must and all. I told him what to say.

"God is punishing you"

The girl looked shocked. Pleaded her innocence. Told him that she lead a pure life. That she was a good girl.

"A good girl?" I made him ask. "Let's see how fucking good you are..."

I made him squeeze her cheeks. Opening her mouth. The girl was shocked. She didn't know what was going on or what to do.

"I have the cure to your pain and suffering. All you need to do, is suck."

And with that he took his old, wrinkled cock, and pushed it into the girls mouth. Tears ran down her cheeks as he started to thrust his shaft into her open mouth. I could hear her starting to gag as he became hard, filling her mouth and choking her.

That was the moment. It was like someone had turned a light on. I could feel and taste her. This old bastard was face fucking her belief right out of her. Oh the irony. I almost laughed. But now I had worked up a hunger. And I needed to feed.

I waited for the old cunt to shoot his dusty old load into her mouth. I could taste his pleasure and his greed. But I didn't want that. As he was putting himself away in his robes, I made my move. Walking over to her I started to whisper. On his desk were two large candles. Massive ones in gold holders. I made her pick one up, and as he turned back, smiling I might add, I made her smash one over his head.

There was a sickening crunch as part of his skull caved in with one almighty blow. I could taste her relief, her anger, and her hatred flowing. Oh it was pure nectar. I made her pick up the incense that was on his desk ready for mass. She poured it over his dirty body, and then with the other candle set it alight. The smell of incense, burning cotton, and burning flesh filled the office. Truth be told it was quite nice. But no where near as good as the tastes I got from her. She tasted amazing. Like a huge veil had been lifted and she was seeing the world for the first time as it really was. Full of sin, evil, and hatred. And I fucking loved it!

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