Hell Hath No Fury Like A Demon Scorned

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Kaleb Delano loved women, to death. But this time he loved the wrong woman.

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Hell Hath No Fury Like A Demon Scorned


Jessie Johnson

Kaleb Delano loves beautiful things, to death. He picks up only the most exquisite flesh of the female persuasion. Beauty comes with a price, paid out by the ravages of time. A sickness that not only affects the body but the mind as well, filling the conscious with regretful days of elegance and allurement long gone and tainting the soul.

Kaleb knows firsthand what these beautiful creatures go through. Standing in front of the mirror, applying their creams and concealers to hide the faintest lines, not for the sake of others, but to hold onto the illusion for their own. Long ago his mother radiated so much beauty. Small tiny lines appeared and she sought out all sorts of oils and creams to keep time at bay. Time always wins. Lines become wrinkles and wrinkles lead to sagging skin. The body giving away to deterioration, the slow process of becoming a rotting corpse yet still breathing.

Mrs. Delano lived in the vibrancy of life. When all those products stopped working her outings drastically slowed. He could see the suffering in her eyes and it pained him greatly. Kaleb made the decision to free his mother from the suffering that time placed upon her. One evening after a wonderful dinner and good wine, Kaleb waited till sleep claimed her. She didn’t even struggle as he placed a pillow over her face. In silence she passed from this world. An Epiphany dawned, Kaleb Delano, the savior of all beautiful things. For five years he saved many a beautiful creature.

The Savior of Beauty chose summer for his work. Lighter clothes revealing more of that soft skin. Sunlight drenching the hair, so much beauty that needed to be saved. Driving his ’68 Camaro with no preset destination in mind he drives the backroads from one nameless town to the next. In the past two days he freed two gorgeous nymphs. The first was easy. A hitchhiker in blue jean shorts and a sleeveless white top carrying a back pack. Her name was Peyton. He remembers all their names. Shapely legs, thin frame, milky smooth skin, and fine boned features. Even if she wasn’t one of those that needed to be saved he would have still given her a ride to the next town. Kaleb wasn’t cruel, after all. Nor was he a beast. Never once did he ever take advantage of any of those he saved. That would be wrong. Most of those he saves try to fight back because they don’t understand why he does what he does. They don’t understand that time is the real enemy and he is saving them from its ravages. Yet Peyton didn’t fight. She laid there on the ground, the moonlight sparkling in her golden locks. Tear drops shown like small diamonds. “In your mind beauty is eternal. Now you will never have to know the plans that time holds for you.” Cold steel sharpened to a surgeon’s edge slid deep into her neck cleanly severing the arteries. Even the crimson flood looked like liquid rose petals.

She didn’t look a day over nineteen. Kaleb found his next lovely trinket while walking along main street USA window shopping. There she stands, an angel among the multi-colored confectionary background surrounded by a few kids as she helps them with their personal choices of various types of candy. Though the strawberry haired darling worked in a store filled with treats he could tell she rarely took part of such delicacies. After the store closed for the night he parked behind the row of stores and waited till she took out the trash. Quiet as a mouse he wrapped one arm around her waist and the other hand across her face. A few good breaths of the chloroform did the rest. Out in the woods he straddled her body as her eyes fluttered open. Her name tag said Elizabeth. Immediately she started screaming and crying but the sound didn’t carry very far.

“Elizabeth, I am here to help you. I am here to save you.” No amount of explaining would calm her down. He had no choice but to open her perfect throat without her fully understanding why. Of course it wasn’t the first time someone wouldn’t listen to him nor would it be the last. At least he held a clear conscience for trying.

Kaleb had no idea where he was. Town names meant nothing to him. If you have seen one small town you have seen them all. His watch said 3 pm so he decided as any to spend the night. Finding a small hotel, he secured a room for the night. Walking into a diner for his evening meal he sat down in a booth that gave him a good view of those coming and going. A polite older woman introduced herself as his waitress. As he ate his Sirloin cooked perfectly rare, he paid close attention to the women that came and went. Most were pretty but none he considered beautiful. They would grow old gracefully, accepting their fate that time placed upon them. He lingered for an hour and a half then paid his bill and left. Since nothing here sparked his interest he decided to give up on this town, return to his room and depart in the morning. Another nameless face just passing through. Never mingle, never stand out. No one would even know he stayed here. That was his secret to never being caught. Don’t give anyone a reason to remember.

On his way back to his hotel room, he spotted a bar. They made for a fertile hunting ground. He sat at a corner table that gave him a good view of the door and the rest of the small crowd. Buzzing of voices coming from the crowd over road the music from the juke box. A loud crack echoed from a pool table as the gentlemen with the gray felt cowboy hat made the break. One thing he noticed about small town life it seemed Xeroxed. Just about the time Kaleb felt ready to leave, the front door opened and in walked the most beautiful creature he had ever seen in his life. Long raven hair, silky almond skin, her breasts in perfect symmetry with soft lips and the eyes of a goddess. Everything about her screamed to be saved and he knew he held the capabilities to do so. No one else seemed to notice her as she took a seat at the bar and ordered a Jack and Coke.

Kaleb made the short walk over. “May I sit here?” She looked at him with those wonderful eyes.

“Please do.”

“Are you from around here?”

No, I am from a long way off.” Her voice held a slight accent but he couldn’t place it.

“What about you? You live here?” she asked.

“With this rabble? No. I’m only passing through.” He had to get her alone or he might just save her right here and now.

“Would you like to get away from this and go for a walk?” he asked.

“I would love to.” Her smile sent him nearly over the edge.

They walked a few blocks over and strolled through a park. Moonlight rippled upon the pond and stars twinkled across the night sky.

“So, what is your name? Or should I just call you Angel?”

“I am definitely no angel. You may call me Carissa.” Her lips formed into a small smile and she linked her arm into his.

“I am Kaleb.” Her name he shall immortalize and place above all the others. They were at the edge of the woods.

“Are we going in there?” she asked.

“Are you afraid of the dark?”

“Not at all. I prefer the dark over the light. It is a whole new world.”

“Then allow me to guide you.”

Kaleb led her deep into the woods. By the squeezing of his arm, the strokes she gave his shoulder with her free hand along with the sly looks told Kaleb she expected a lot more than just a walk. He would hold true to himself and not defile such an exotic creature. In one swift motion he had her on the ground on her back and straddled over her. Carissa’s eyes grew large at the touch of sharp cold steel at her throat.

“Kaleb, what are you doing? If you wanted me this is not necessary.”

“Sssshhhh, I’m saving you.”

“Saving me? How in the hell are you saving me?”

“You are so beautiful. Right now you are in the enjoyment of it. But later, time will take your body. You will look at yourself and feel nothing but pain and regret at the loss of your former self. I am going to spare you from all that horrible anguish.”

“Kaleb, don’t you dare do this. You will regret it.” He placed a finger to her lips and hushed her. Nor more words to be said. He sliced in deep and drug the blade, opening up her throat. No blood poured forth, not a single drop. Where was all the blood? There’s always blood. Lots of blood.

“I promise you Kaleb, you are going to regret what you have just done.”

Kaleb could not believe what his eyes beheld. Carissa’s body turned to a fine mist and sunk into the ground. He stood up, feet rooted to the soil, hands shaking, beads of sweat on his forehead, breathing rapidly, eyes riveted upon the ground where she had just laid only moments ago. This wasn’t possible. None of the other girls did this. Kaleb had a feeling that he just did something very wrong. No matter how hard he tried he could not convince himself that this his imagination conjured it all. Running back to his room at the hotel, he didn’t care who saw him. Tomorrow morning he will put many a mile between himself and this town.

Carissa stood at the stony bank of the flowing river of lava. Gone was the perfect human flesh, now replaced by her true form; thick lizard hide, a tail like a scorpion, long black scraggly hair, and very sharp fangs and claws. The she demon ranted and raved, sparks flew as claws swiped across stone leaving behind deep scores. It takes a lot of time to possess a person. Certain conditions must be met, so imitation is the next best thing and even that takes a lot of time and energy. It took hours and a lot of energy to form that body and some mortal fool managed to destroy it in thirty minutes.

“Damn you eternally, Kaleb. You will be here a lot sooner than you think and I am giving you a one way ticket first class, asshole.”

Racking cramps brought Kaleb out of an already fitful sleep. He crawled out of bed barely able to stand up. Another vise grip of pain wrenching his guts made him cry out. Then came the chest pain but it wasn’t a heart attack. This was on the surface of both sides. He chest begin to puff out and swell giving him a set of new breasts. The hair on his arms and legs receded into his flesh as his hair on his head grew longer and fuller. The cheekbones reformed into a more womanly stature. Complete horror filled his mind as he saw his own penis and testicles grow smaller and turn in own itself and sink into his body. When the hip bones cracked and rearranged themselves Kaleb passed out.

When consciousness begin to return he felt something soft and damp underneath him. A strong earthy scent filled his nose. When he opened his eyes he wanted to scream.

“Shush now, its ok.” Straddled over his new very lovely body he saw his old self and felt the sharp edge of his own knife held to his throat.

“This can’t be happening. It’s not real.” His voice sounded very girlish. Warm tears ran down his cheeks.

“It’s ok. I’m saving you,” said the other Kaleb. Kaleb Delano felt his knife bite deep and slide across his throat.

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