My Life as Death

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Horror / Drama
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“Maria Castus, age 22, car accident.”

Closing the notebook, the man slips it into his long black cloak.

“I always find those who die tragically, the most amusing.” Death mutters standing on the side of the road.

A dim light flickers in the middle of the highway as the firemen continue their work. Emergency vehicles litter the area, while traffic is escorted around the accident.

“What do you think life?” Death asks, feeling her presence.

A woman clothed in white robes places a hand on his shoulder before handing him a scroll.

“Her thoughts lead her here.” Life says standing beside him.

“I see.” Death murmurs reviewing Maria’s life scroll. “She planned to poison him tonight…Her boyfriend. She was going to use arsenic.”

“Indeed.” Life says nodding. “She killed herself.”

“To wish death upon another, is to wish it upon yourself.” Death says, handing life back the scroll.

“She didn’t understand the law of life.”

“Few really do.” Death says solemnly as he walks toward the wreckage. “I’ll be taking her now.”

“So be it.” Life says turning around. “Make it quick, she’s still suffering in there you know.”

“You know empathy’s not my forte.” He says. “I’m not beautiful like you life, I am the shadow of fear…I am death.”

Like morning mist, the woman evaporates into the night air as she leaves her partner to his work.

Passing by the officers, officials, and other emergency personnel pay no attention to him as he transcends their physical realm. Passing through the wreckage, death finds the girl standing outside the burning car.

“Don’t, try to run away.” Death says watching the soul take a few steps back. “I’m your guide to the afterlife. I can’t hurt you, you’re already dead after all.”


“Yes, dead. You’re burning body is resting in that car you crashed.” Death says. “You slid on black ice, the vehicle flipped, and the sparks ignited the gas tank. Nothing fancy, just poor judgement.”

“I’m…I’m dead…” The girl says looking at her hands.

“Come…” Death says extending a hand. “Let us go to the afterlife.”

“No, I—I won’t. I still have—”

“Your time in this realm has come to an end.” Death interrupts. “It’s time for you to enter into the next dimension of life.”

“Next dimension of life? You mean death?”

Death releases a sigh as his hand goes limp. “Does music cease to exist when the piano breaks? Does electricity vanish from the universe when the light bulb burns out?”


“No, it does not.” Death continues. “Now, come…let us—”

Turning around, the girl runs for it.

“They always run, even in death…they always choose to run.”

Snapping his fingers, Death and Maria vanish into the afterlife.

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