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The Unfrozen Ones

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It's the year 2085, and doctors are able to successfully revive those who have undergone the cryogenic procedure. It's a huge medical breakthrough, until the unfrozen begin to get sick. Jason and Leah escape from quarantine, to find their city in utter chaos. The Unfrozen have turned into cannibalistic monsters, and they're quickly taking over. One bite is all it takes. If the two friends want to survive, they have to find a way out of the city and fast.

Horror / Scifi
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Chapter 1

Chapter 2 (Rough draft for Nanowrimo)

Jason sank back on the pillows and felt the last tremor of pleasure from the orgasm. Krista had an amazing technique when it came to blow jobs. He didn’t have any feelings for her, and it was agreed upon that they’d just be friends with benefits.

Krista curled up beside him on the bed lazily, as he traced the curves of her large breasts. His thoughts wandered to Leah, she had finally dumped the loser David. This could be his chance to see if they could be more than friends. As fun as Krista was, he would rather Leah lying naked beside him right now.

Jason’s entire body tensed, he heard a loud growl coming from downstairs.

“What’s wrong?” Krista sat up and looked around the dark room.

“Didn’t you hear that, like a dog growling or something?” He felt around for his boxer shorts.

The sound of glass crashing to the floor was followed by a traumatizing scream. He dragged on his boxers and rushed downstairs.

“Stay here!” he yelled at Krista.

He took the steps two at a time and nearly fell on the hard wood floor leading to the large living room.

“What the fuck?” Jason stopped in his tracks and took in the stomach churning scene.

Jenna, Krista’s aunt had pinned her sister, Mrs. Washington, to the floor eating her face. Before his body could register what, he was doing, Jason ran to Mrs. Washington’s aid and yanked Jenna away. She was surprisingly strong for such a small woman, she squirmed in his arms in an attempt to break free. She snarled like a rabid dog and tried to bite his hand.

“What the hell Jenna?” Jason kept his grip and pinned her arms behind her back.

He didn’t want Jenna biting him, her breath smelled like raw meat that was left out for days. He glanced over at a certainly dead Mrs. Washington, whose face was half shredded. Skin hung from her cheeks like bloody ribbons. She had lost an eye, the one remaining stared up at the ceiling. The dark wood floor beneath her turning red with blood.

Krista ran into the living room and screamed so loud it hurt his ears.

“Call 911!” Jason yelled as he was beginning to lose his grip on Jenna.

A calm robotic voice responded, “calling 911.” The security system had taken over.

Kneeling beside her mother Krista gently tried to shake her awake in vain.

“Ouch fuck!” Jason saw stars as the pain of the head butt registered. His nose throbbed painfully his eyes watery. Jenna had slammed her head into his face to break free of his grip.

She was across the room before he could restrain her again. She knocked Krista flat on her back and ripped the flesh from her throat. Jason swallowed back bile in utter disgust, and kicked Jenna in the back of the head. Krista convulsed on the floor beside her mother, as she bled out from the neck wound, she’d be dead before the paramedics could arrive.

What in the hell was wrong with Jenna? The woman had not uttered one word about why she was attacking her family. It was as if she wasn’t even human anymore. She just kept growling and hissing like a mad dog that needed to be put down.

Mrs. Washington began to shake and vomited up a thick black substance. Confusion and pure terror assaulted Jason’s brain. He could have sworn Mrs. Washington was dead, but she sat up her one eye clouded over with some sort of milky film. A low growl escaped the ruined mess that was left of her mouth.

In pure instinct Jason shoved Jenna violently into her sister, and watched as they both tumbled into the coffee table behind them. He backed away slowly as both women immediately sprung to their feet. It was like watching jungle animals gearing up to attack their helpless prey. Eyes clouded over yet focused, teeth bared, bodies tensed to spring and those god-awful growls. He wanted to dig his ear drums out just to stop hearing the guttural sound.

He was never one to back down from a fight, and he would be ashamed to tell his buddies how two small women had him scared shitless. Though these women were murderously crazed and ready to attack.

“Listen I don’t know…” Jason’s voice trailed off as the women pounced at him.

He veered right, headed back to Krista’s room taking the blue carpeted stairs three at a time. Mrs. Washington and Jenna were fast behind him. So much for being a track star, Jason thought miserably as he barely made it into the room before they closed in on him. He slammed the bedroom door shut and pushed a desk behind it.

He relaxed a little as he heard sirens up the block. He pulled on his clothes watching the door keenly as it shook each time the women threw themselves against it. There was a loud knock at the front door, help had arrived. Mrs. Washington and her sister ceased to stop trying to break down the door to get at him with this new distraction. They growled in unison and Jason listened as they made their way heavily back down the stairs.

The cops continued to pound at the door sending the women into a snarling frenzy. A loud crash told Jason the cops decided to break the door down. He moved the desk and opened the bedroom door carefully. He could hear the cops as they yelled at the women repeatedly, to put their hands above their heads. Jason cringed as he heard the familiar thud of a baton against someone’s head. The growls grew fiercer, as the first shot rang out, which him jump. He lost count of how many shots were fired, it seemed as if the women just kept getting back up.

“The bitch bit me again, cuff her!” a male officer shouted.

“We need back up at 83 Avondale Rd!” a female officer screamed.

“Fuck just shoot them in the head, I don’t care anymore.” The male cop screamed in agony. A few more shots were fired, and the growling finally stopped.

How the hell did his night end up so badly? Jason thought to himself as he tiptoed down the stairs. It was about time to alert the cops of his presence.

“Hi, boy am I glad to see you guys for once.” He raised his hands above his head in habit.

Both cops trained their guns on him suspiciously. The man had a nasty bite on the side of his face, his arms scratched with angry red lines. The red headed female cop had a swollen eye and bites on the pale skin of her arms. They both seemed to be in considerable pain, panting from the exertion of putting Jenna and Mrs. Washington down.

Before the cops could say anything, Krista growled and hissed as she walked out of the living room. She left a trail of bloody footsteps on the once pristine floors. Jason’s blood turned to ice, his mouth agape. Krista was dead, in her place was a wild cannibal. Her big brown eyes were clouded over and locked on him. Her pink t-shirt was bloody from the gaping neck wound that had started to turn black around the edges.

The cops fired too late, she pounced up the stairs landing three steps below him. Jason turned and bolted his feet pounded the dark wood floors of the hall. He could sense her close behind him, he felt the stench of her warm breath on his neck. Without stopping he crashed head first through the small bathroom window. The glass bit at his face and arms before he landed in the bushes below, Krista landed on top of him. He twisted and scrambled from beneath her. She tried to grab him but Jason kicked her to the ground. That made things worse she sprung to her feet lips parted teeth bared. Go for the head, Jason thought as he remembered what the male cop had yelled.

He braced himself for Krista’s charge, he dodged her expertly. Jason spun around and kicked Krista in the back of the head with great force. A twinge of guilt emerged as she fell into the wet grass face first. Before she could pounce back up he stomped his boots into the back of her head. He felt like the biggest asshole to abuse his friend like that, but she no longer acted like a friend. He repeated the mantra she is dead over and over in his mind.

“Krista I’m sorry, if you are in there at all please stop. I don’t want to do this, but I will if you force me to.” Jason tried desperately to talk sense into her.

Her eyes had no sign of recognition, she didn’t even seem to hear him as she charged once more. He dodged her again and she went head first into the brick wall of the house. Jason grabbed her hair and he slammed her head repeatedly into the bricks, he turned his face away from the splatter of blood. Krista fell limp and he dropped her to the ground.

There was commotion at the front of the house as he heard the male cop yell at his partner. He heard the all too familiar animalistic growl and more gun fire. He bent over panting in pain and picked bits of glass from his face and hair. This craziness had started with Krista’s unfrozen aunt. Jason’s mind immediately jumped to Leah. She was at the hospital right now where dozens of unfrozen ones were. He had to warn her.

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