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By David H Sharp All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Horror


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David H Sharp


‘Kayleigh!’ Tish Lewis called after her seven year old
daughter. ‘Stay close to me, please honey.’

She had wandered a few yards too many down the dusty track,
which wound its way around the hillside.

‘Okay Mummy.’ The little girl kicked the dry dirt as she
stopped for a moment.

Tish looked up at the cloudless blue sky. The Brecon Beacons
National Park really was as good as
everyone had promised.

It was the lift she had needed. The Welsh country air, the
rolling hills, they were fertilizing her soul.

Tish could feel the dark clouds that had circled her head for
far too long evaporating.

Kayleigh blew the last few florets off the Dandelion head.
She watched in delight as they danced through the early summer air.

She then glanced back to her mother. She was smiling.
Kayleigh hadn’t seen her mother smile for quite a while. Not since the angels
had come down to take her Daddy.

She watched as her Mummy guided the pushchair over the stony
path. Her baby sister Violet was sat snuggly in her seat, dummy in mouth,
watching the world go by.

Kayleigh then noticed Violet moving; she was poking her tiny
little hand through the sleeve of her quilted all-in-one suit and pointing her
finger to the sky.

‘Tweet, tweet.’ The eighteen month year old squealed with

Kayleigh looked upwards. There in the distance was five small
black dots circling through the sky.

‘Look Mummy!’ She shouted over. ‘Blackbirds.’ She then
laughed. ‘Shall we bake them in a pie?’

‘They look like Crows to me.’ Tish shielded her eyes from
the sun as she gazed up.

‘They’re getting bigger.’ Kayleigh arched her back as she
tried to keep a fixed eye on the birds.

Tish’s good feeling suddenly disappeared. ‘Come on, let’s
head over there.’ She pointed to a small wooded area about eighty yards in
front of them. She then looked up back up again. She didn’t know why but a
feeling of dread had consumed her.

‘Look, look!’ Kayleigh was now lagging behind. She stood
there and watched the crows getting closer and closer.

‘Keep up Kayleigh.’ Tish was now briskly walking towards the
wood as the pushchair bounced over the small stones in front of her.
Continuously looking skywards she could see the five black dots starting to

‘Here they come!’ Kayleigh laughed as the five huge birds
glided through the air straight at them.

‘Quickly, take my hand.’ Tish took her hands off the
pushchair to pull her eldest daughter closer to her.

The lead crow twisted through the air as it passed through
Tish and Kayleigh. Then without warning and with no fear of its own mortality,
it slammed into the back of the pushchair.

The buggy crashed over in a cloud of dust, stones scattering
in all directions. Violet started crying loudly as soon as the impact took

‘No!’ Tish screamed, not knowing what was taking place in
front of her very eyes.

Before she could run over to Violet, the second crow hit her
in the back.

Like a feathered black cannonball, the force lifted Tish off
her feet and threw her into the bracken.

Kayleigh was now stuck to the floor with fear. A third crow
whizzed past her head, a fourth went by so close she could feel the feathers
brush her arm.

The fifth and final bird however landed only a few feet in
front of her. It’s piercing yellow eyes staring into the little girls scared
hazel ones.

Tish picked herself up. Dazed and confused her head was
still muzzy.

She could see a black ball on the path, it was moving.

Unfurling its wings the crow lifted up its head. Ruffling
its huge black feathers the bird stood tall.

Tish was deathly silent. Glued to the broken bracken she was
stood on, she stared at the creature in front of her.

Its beak was gleaming in the sunlight. Almost metallic in
appearance, it resembled the tip of a Samurai sword. It hopped over to the
right, closer to the upturned pushchair. Tish’s heart skipped a beat and then
it started to pound heavily. She noticed the crow’s talons as they scraped
across the stones. They were like razor blades; they reminded her of Freddie
Kruger’s glove.

Her mind then turned to Kayleigh, where was she? Tish slowly
turned her head to the left and there she was. Her seven year old was in a
stand-off with the fifth and largest of the black beasts.

Kayleigh didn’t understand what was happening. She liked
birds, she fed the birds. Every morning she would throw the crusts of toast
onto the garden. Then she would watch from the window as the Blackbirds, the
Robins and Sparrows came to claim their bounty.

The big black crow that was standing in front of her though,
well it looked different. It looked evil.

‘Mummy.’ The little girl called out, voice trembling.

‘Stay still honey, don’t make any sudden movements.’ Tish
tried to keep her voice as calm as possible. She didn’t want to startle her
precious little girl.

Kayleigh felt alone. She could hear her mother but she
couldn’t see her. ‘Mummy, I’m scared.’ Her bottom lip started to wobble, her
eyes filled with tears.

Tish felt useless. There were five large crows. One, in
front of Kayleigh. A second standing guard over the pushchair. A third still
curled up in a ball in the middle of the small path. The other two that flew
past were perched up high in a tree looking down at what was going on.

Her instinct was to protect her children. The reality was
that she was too petrified to move. One wrong step and it could be the end of
all of them.

Kayleigh wanted to pee. She wanted her Mummy and she wanted
to pee. Most of all she wanted to be back home, in her bedroom. Where was
Daddy? Daddy would have saved them. She slowly looked up to the wispy clouds
that were now forming.

Help me Daddy.
Kayleigh mouthed up to the sky.

The large crow was spooked. There was too much movement
going on, the big black feathers started to lift from each wing.

Stooping its head low, the crow thrust its beak out as if it
was a warrior’s spear.

Kayleigh thought she could see a face in the clouds.
‘Daddy?' She whispered. ‘Is that you?’

The crow spread its huge wings out wide. It hissed at the
young girl.

‘My Daddy’s here to get you.’ She shouted out at the
feathered beast. ‘Now you’ll be in trouble.’

Tish Lewis dashed from the broken bracken towards her
daughter. She could see the crow ready to attack.

‘Run, run over there!’ She screamed at Kayleigh, pointing to
the grass bank to the girls left.

Kayleigh turned around to see her mother approaching but she
didn’t run. That was the moment Tish knew it was going to be too late.

The crow sprang from the dusty track like an arrow from the
battle of Agincourt.

Kayleigh’s eyes were still staring at her mother when the
crow cut through her.

‘Noooooooo!’ Tish screamed as she could see her seven year
old girl being sliced in two.

The crow carved through the small girl’s torso with ease.
When it exited the body only a few droplets of blood were still clinging to its
feathers. That was the speed of the attack.

‘My baby, my lovely baby.’ Tish dived to the floor grabbing
a hold of her little girl. She cradled the upper body of Kayleigh in her arms.
Hysterically crying she couldn’t’ fathom what the hell was going on.

She didn’t have time either.

One of the crows that were perched high in the tree swooped
down and headed straight for the back of Tish’s head.

Talons outstretched it raked at the back of the grieving
mothers head. The scalp was peeled off like a boiled egg.

Tish fell forward, her dead daughter still in her arms.

Dazed and confused she rolled over and looked up to the sky.
She could see the crow gliding in a circle with what looked her hair in its
talons. She patted the back of her head with her hand, it was wet. She then
slowly brought her fingers around to look at them. They were soaked in her own
blood and torn flesh.

She could hear crying, a baby crying.

‘No, no, Violet!’ She screamed from the pathway floor.

About fifty yards away Tish could see the pushchair being
ripped to shreds by two of the winged beasts.

Crawling across the dirt she clawed her way over to her baby
daughter. ‘Violet, Violet, my precious little one.’ She whimpered as her tears
and blood fell onto the dry mud.

Violet could feel the thumps on the thin canvas. The
pushchair was being pulled around like a rag doll.

Sharp beaks tore through the hood and snapped at the
toddler’s face narrowly missing.

‘Get away from my child!’ Tish hollered as she dragged
herself closer.

Suddenly the large crow that had been curled up in a ball
unfolded itself. Eyeing up the human body pulling itself along the ground, it
knew it would be easy pickings.

Tish could see she was nearly in touching distance of one of
the crows attacking Violet.

‘Get the fuck away!’ She yelled.

Tish then felt a presence alongside her. To a gasp she came
face to face with the crow that had hopped the small distance over to her.

‘Get away!’ She cried.

Without the hesitation the crow pounced.

Tish screamed in agony as the cold razor like beak plunged
into her left eye.

Yanking its head back it unplugged the eyeball ripping out
all the nerve endings with it.

Tish thrust her hands up above her face wailing in agony.
Her blood seeped through her fingers.

Swallowing the eyeball whole, the crow attacked again, and
this time to the abdomen.

Raking at the clothes with it’s the knife like talons; it
ripped through the garments as if they weren’t there.

Tish tried to push the bird away but it was too big, too
strong. Her arms were being cut to ribbons as she time and again tried to
defend herself.

Another crow then joined the fight.

It was a hopeless battle.

The second black beast jabbed at the top of Tish’s head
where the skin had been peeled away.

Tish turned around to stop it, but as she did the first crow
took advantage of her dropping guard.

Like a giant crab’s snapping claw, the crow’s beak ripped
out her other eye.

Tish fell back now blind. Her panic and her worry over
Violet now lost all control as she trashed about trying to move away.

At first the two crows toyed with her. Pecking and jabbing
in all different areas and at all different angles.

Tish was screaming and crying. Tears of blood streamed down
her face.

Was this really
happening? Was her family being wiped out, by crows?

Bored with playing with their prey the crows decided the
time to die had come.

In a frenzy of blood and feathers they attacked.

Ripping and tearing the assault only lasted twenty seconds.
Bones were tossed aside and flesh strewn across the now crimson pathway.

Tish Lewis was very much dead.

The two crows, their bellies full of the sweet human flesh
now turned their attention to the baby in the pushchair.

The other two crows had ripped Violet from her harness and
she was now lying defenceless on the stony ground.

They hopped over to join in on the spoils of battle.

Daniel Howard lowered his binoculars. The sick was now
rising in his throat.

He had been too far away to help. As always there was no
signal on his phone, the place was too remote.

Again he looked through the lenses, refocusing as he
followed the crows that were now taking off.

There, at the back, the last two crows were struggling to
get off the ground.

He removed the binoculars for a split second and wiped the
cold sweat from his brow.

Then placing them back onto his eyes, he couldn’t actually
believe what he was seeing. The final two crows clutched in their talons, what
looked like a small rag doll.

As they drew closer Daniel tracked them with the binoculars,
zooming in as they flew overhead.

He then realised as the crows got nearer, it was no rag
doll. It was a real life baby, and it was still alive.

Daniel fell back onto the grass, his body limp. His worst
fears had come to light.

The mutant beasts he had been monitoring were now cross breeding.
They had now, come out of hiding.

They would now stop at nothing to quench their thirst for human

The dawn of the murder of crows had arrived.

The End

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