Who's there?

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Chapter 1

The blinking lights were the only source of light in the dark hallway on each side there were doors with numbers engraved on each one of them. In every room there lived a person that had different reasons for being lock in here. The way they arrived here was not by their own free will but by force since does screams that were bouncing of the walls were not happy one's.

"Let me go!" the boy screamed at the top of his lungs while being dragged by two big and muscular men that can only follow orders that were being given by Dr. Malice who was walking ahead of them. The boy was using every bit of his strength to try on getting out from their strong grip. Dr. Malice was writing the boy's behavior down on his clipboard.

They soon arrived at room number 72 the doctor opened the door before motioning the grunts to put him inside or more like throw him inside the room. "Now then be a good boy and behave." Dr. Malice said with a hint of coldness in his tone just as he locked the door. The boy fixes his hands into fist mumbling to himself "Why me?! How did I even end up here?..." he tries to relax by sitting on the simple mattress held up by a fragile looking metal frame.

"Everybody ends up here." a voice said making the boy freeze in fright turning his head to the right toward the window that was obviously bar shut to prevent escape. The boy got down from the bed walking slowly toward the window when he was close in reach he stretched his hand toward it "It's useless to even try do do not bother." the same voice spoke again stopping him midway. He gulps nervously slowly turning his head toward what he thinks the voice was coming from but it was just as he thought empty only him in the room.

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