Who's there?

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Chapter 2

He took a deep breath and exhaled before saying, "Who's there?" "Me. you?" he took slow breaths and answered "I'm Theo and you are?" with more confident in his voice thinking 'Oh fate please be on my side and let the person whose voice I'm hearing be real.' "Nice to meet you Theo and I do not have a name but you can give me one, if you like." the voice answered back.

Theo mind went into a semi panic attack in which the voice said, "I'm a breathing girl in the room next yours." it took Theo a few minutes to process her words before a smile lit his face up and started doing some kind of dance while singing "I'm not crazy~ its a real person!"

"Keep singing like that which completely tells me you belong in here." she said in a matter of fact tone making Theo freeze while in the middle of his little dance. He takes another look around the small room which only had simple bed to the left of the door, a toilet a few feet away from the bed with the window in the far wall.

The thing he was looking for was a hole or camera of some sort to see if he was being watched. Theo did not find one so he had to ask "How did you know?" the girl sighted in response before saying, "I can hear you that simple." Theo made an 'O' shape with his mouth and was about to comment when she said, "Someone coming to your room!" in a whisper.

Theo looked around worried of what to do that just as he heard someone unlock the door he hurried to the bed to sat on it. Just on time as a nurse opened the door, walks toward him like a zombie or doll person from the multiple scars on her face making it hard to describe her facial expression. Theo even doubted that she could even speak which was kinda was answered by her roughly grabbing his thin arm pulling it forward. While her other hand was pulling out a needle filled with a blueish liquid from her pocket.

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