You should really be careful on the internet

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this is how me the looser got friend , my friend more formally known as The Green River killer.. All i want with this story is to remind others that you never can be too careful on the internet you n

Horror / Thriller
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me the looser gets friend

I never been social not even the slightest sense of the word , so for me making friends was not natural thing . But when i started feeling more and more lonely i listed myself in the world of social media.

I loaded my profile picture and posted couple of things that interested me and added several random people who added me right back, i was more than surprised that they did because i was that kind of person that if i stood against the wall i would blend in nicely , you know ...

For while i just posted and added people back randomly liking their posts and never actually getting any replies to my comments so when i finally was about to give up my computer sounded that i have gotten private message from someone.

I smiled widely and was so happy about it ! Me out of everyone complete wall flower got message . I was prepared for it to be just add message from some company so when i noticed it to be message and not from anyone but from the most gorgeous man i had ever seen i almost fainted .

Me the looser i finally got myself friend! We messaged back and forward couple of weeks and he asked for my picture. I got really nervous at this point but i thought what is the worst that can happen? He might run away but that is nothing new to me , so i thought

"here goes nothing " and send my picture to him. For the longest time i got not reply back and i had almost given up when he messaged me couple of days later " your so beautiful"

I almost fainted . beautiful ? me ? i send him message full off blushing smiley faces and thanked him , but when i asked him send his picture back things got weird ....

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