You should really be careful on the internet

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things go weird fast

His reaction of me asking his picture was nothing i had expected , he became really rude and asked me is that what i am all about ?

I was so confused i told him that i do not care for anyone's looks but i send him my picture and i just wanted to see what he looked like just out of curiosity not that it mattered to me in any other way .

He stopped responding me again and i felt that i had messed up until couple of hours had passed i heard the sound that told me i had gotten new message , he had send me picture but i did not know what it was , it seemed to be just badly shot image of persons legs with pixels on it .

When i asked about it , he told me that he needed to be sure that i was not playing with him and that i would still talk to him when i finally saw him and that he is going to send me partial pictures that i can then put together and see him.

At this point i should have been alarmed and stopped messaging to him but i wanted to believe that he just had strange sense of humor .

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