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The dark game

During next month i got 4 more pictures but in so bad quality that i could just make out the form of man sitting in chair but there was something odd about it ...something, but i could not put my hands on it what it was ..

At this time he told me he wanted to make the game more real and meet me by the river side about 45 minutes away from the section of the city where i lived . This alone should have told me that something was highly wrong with this guy but like i stated at the start i was so lonely that i just thought i would take my chances and i hopped on the car and started driving .

When i arrived at the meeting place i saw no one outside of note attached to the tree next to me :

" hey there you must be wondering what is going on. you will meet me but i must still be sure you really want it . so how much are you willing to bother yourself to actually see me? lets find out !"

I had chill run down on my spine , it was really dark and i remembered these headlines from the news paper about year a go that told about murderer who reigned on the same area dropping bodies as he went to there river, the same actual river i was just standing next to in almost bitch black night .

I should have just run at that point but no ....

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