You should really be careful on the internet

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i know there are monsters because i have seen one face to face

Being myself i could not back down . If i had just run i would have been called coward and most likely liar that does not keep her word so i just continued on to the darkness of the woods in front of me .

Finally i reached old ware house building and walked in . In darkness i could make out mans reflection sitting in chair. As i walked towards him i said

" i finally found you , it is nice to meet you even though this is highly odd way to meet and i am more than little scared now, can we go somewhere else?"

I got no response . So i just walked to the guy and placed my hand on his shoulder . when i did that i could feel how stiff the man was ....more like wax doll than real person .

Starting to back away i felt the smell ; smell that hit me like fist to face . rotten meat ... After looking for while i found match box from my pocket and lit one of the matches .

What i saw still sends chills through out my whole body , partially rotten body of man strapped to the chair ;same man from the pictures that got send to me .

I placed my hand on my mouth and gagged ."oh my god ..." When i heard voice behind my back " you should always trust your gut instinct , too good to be true? it usually is " man laughed eerily as i started running towards my car.

When i reached my car i just managed to reach for plastic bag before i threw up my meal . Locking the door after and starting to drive i made a promise to myself that i never would trust anyone so blindly .

After getting home i called the police and told them all about the warehouse and the body and about our internet talks .police took notes and only really got alarmed when i told them about my thoughts about the river and the man they had been looking for since almost year from that day .

Eventually they found the warehouse and the body from inside of it , the cause of death was similar to the way the killers victims had been killed .

so that is how me the looser got friend , my friend more formally known as The Green River killer..

All i want with this story is to remind others that you never can be too careful on the internet you never know who you are really talking with....

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