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Cindy is the uncrowned queen of the city, or in truth more like its hidden menace. But she is to discover that being a bitch can be dangerous, when faced with a real one...

Horror / Drama
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Don’t let the looks deceive you
The truth may be hard to see
But be sure it’s there
And it may be the end of you

“You’re crazy Cindy; I’m not with you on this one, no way!”

Mike stared down into the ground in front of the tip of his expensive training shoes, it was something very troubled about his expression and his posture but she did not care about that. She stared back with fire in her eyes and her hands clenched to rock-hard lumps pushed into her side. She could not believe this happened! He had never before openly disobeyed her? But of course, it was the bitch Simone’s influence she could blame that on, it was all her fault! Fucking bitch! If that hag had not moved to town Cindy would still have been the queen of the hill.

She almost growled with anger as Mike shrugged and retreated hastily, he knew what happened if you went against the queen but now that goddamn woman had managed to turn him against her. Oh, she would have a vengeance so bad everybody would be talking about it but it had to wait. Now she had to put the plan into action and get rid of this thorn in her flesh once and for all. It could not continue like this!
She boiled over with frustration, yes; it felt as if her head would explode at any time. She looked quickly at the window of the store they were standing in front of, checked her mirror image. Sure, no one could see it on her, it was a relief. She saw that Mike had a steady course back to the football field and grimaced. If only he did not tell the other guys about this but he hardly dared. He knew what Cindy could get to.

She pulled a little at the expensive top she wore, squinted at the window. Was it a bulge? No of course not, she was perfect! Everybody claimed that, that she was absolutely perfect. But she was not satisfied by a long shot; there were still things to deal with. She was pouting at her reflection and if someone on the inside saw it they would hardly know what to believe. She had everything she wanted in front of her fingertips, or rather, she had had everything. Until Simone appeared. She had to count to ten again just to calm down, to turn red was unbecoming. She could not reveal the chaos that hid inside her thoughts now, everything had to fall into place perfectly. She hoisted the expensive Louis Vuitton bag higher on her shoulder, put her chest out. Of course she had to be allowed to admire herself a bit, it was only fair.

Her figure was very good, although it might have shown a few signs of trouble the last couple of years; she had worn out several personal trainers during that time too. Not because she trained so hard but because she never failed to complain, criticize and whine over just about every little thing they suggested. Her breasts she had fixed on her father’s expense. She had a nice C cup everyone said was perfect for her bone structure and size but she did not settle for that. She inserted implants that made her an E, and smoothly overheard the surgeon’s cautious warnings that she could experience serious health problems later. And the fool Mike had managed to squeeze out of him that he thought she was better before? And that the new breasts were hard and cold and unnatural? Fool!

She had Restylane in the lips and Botox in her forehead and the hair was carefully styled and bleached so no one could guess that she from birth actually was a dark blonde. With tattooed makeup and veneers on her teeth she could really outdistanced any movie star, at least in her own eyes. But she had too much jaw and would like to have a few centimeters in front filed off and she should have been to liposuction again. That fool of a doctor she visited recently claimed that there was nothing to suck out and that she should put on weight! Put weight on?! Not until hell froze over!

No, she knew of others who took the money she got from her father without questions and did as they were told. After all she was worth it, the city’s favorite and queen of the social life there. She could of course not allow herself to appear ordinary and plain?

She controlled everything that was going on there among the younger women and among the men. Cindy was in fact a champion, an undisputed master at the art of manipulating and threaten and fawn herself into every possible benefit. All the girls fought to be friends with her and she considered it as a sign of just how unique she was. Actually, she was a monster all were terrified off and the flattery and the constant compliments were desperate attempt to prevent her from going after them next time. She always got what she wanted, or at least she liked to believe it. Her mother passed away when she was fifteen, she had been drinking and drove off the road right into the piers, and even the expensive car could not save her from the serious injuries. Cindy had never mourned, her mother had been useful but was too soft at heart and Cindy wished the new freedom welcome with open arms.

Her father was a meek and quiet gray little man who rarely raised his voice other than to ask someone pass the salt at the table and he dared not speak up against his daughter, even less than to his wife.
Cindy muttered angrily to herself as she walked toward the beauty salon. She needed to get her nails fixed and God help the silly who fixed them last. The paint had begun to flake off after only a few days. It was unprofessional! But Cindy knew what to do, she had contacts and soon the jerk to be without a job, she did know how to make that happen.

Cindy’s mother had been a woman who totally got lost in the possibilities her daughter gave her, she had never been a great beauty and the pretty girl had probably brought forth the less than good aspects of her because she sought to live out her own dreams through the child. Five-month-old Cindy had been on her first beauty contest which she won with aplomb. Her mother boasted freely of this fact but did usually never mention that there were only three other babies in the competition and two of them were dark-skinned and the third of them had a cleft palate and the judge had been an old confederate racist of good old vintage. Later of course there were more competitions and the family was nearly made bankrupt by it. Cindy’s father had to pawn the house and all personal property and ended up owning nearly nothing, everything went to the dresses and beauty care and dance lessons and anything else that was needed to win.

The money they won was insignificant amounts compared with what they used in order to compete but for Cindy’s mother it was the honor that mattered, to have the most beautiful daughter and feel that it was she who actually won.

For Cindy actually won in the beginning, she was unusually sweet and tried just to please her mother, who could have terrible tantrums if things went against her. So she did her best and slowly the attitude behind the competition slid in and made her haughty and arrogant. She took home dozens of trophies and crowns and lots of worthless trinkets while the belief that only beauty mattered grew to rock solid determination in the young heart.

And then the career went downhill! She grew and too fast, the proportions were not perfect anymore, the sweet round face got a little too long and her expression false and cold. And they began to lose no matter what she did. The mother complained, screamed and raged and accused the judges of having been bought by the other competitors.

When Cindy’s mother in a fit of sheer jealousy poured Nair in the shampoo of a girl who had won a competition in which she was sure that Cindy could win the first prize the organizers had had enough. Cindy and her mother was banned, she would never set her foot in a beauty contest again until she was eighteen or got some common sense in her pretty head.

So she had to go to school and learn all what ordinary people had to and she soon become the obviously leader of the class. They all flattered her whenever they had the chance! She was the prettiest of them all, the one who had the finest clothes and most expensive toys. Later, she advanced to expensive jewelry and watches. All sorts of designer equipment and she looked down on all those who did not wear Prada or Versace.

Even the teachers were afraid of Cindy, not because she was violent; after all she was a real lady or at least believed that she was. No, she was deadly sarcastic, had a directly toxic tongue and the principal had once at a rather damp party announced to a colleague from the neighboring county that he much rather would have had a whole school class with meth addicted gangsters than one more student like Cindy.

She put everyone up against each other, loved to destroy relationships and God help the poor bastard who did something she did not like. A girl who had longer and prettier hair than her was completely frozen out since Cindy put the other girls against her. Another girl had a boyfriend Cindy liked; she had spread ugly rumors that the girl had s.t.d’s. The parents of the boy heard it and forbade him to meet her again and the girl had to move to another city because of all the rumors.

Cindy was infamous, and she did not care what or whose toes she stepped on and she used all possible methods to get what she wanted. All the girls were her willing servants, and she was the queen within her court. She actually tried to be a cheerleader but there she could not perform any tricks to gain a place on the team without actually exercising a lot and taking a lot of pain so instead she avenged herself by posting some pictures online of the team’s coach. She proved to be a lesbian and Cindy had managed to get hold of a couple of very innocent pictures of her hand in hand with her female lover. It was enough for the school to get her fired, some of the parents who sat with the most power in the county where extremely conservative.

Miss Smith who was the class main teacher had the audacity to insinuate that Cindy was a bad student and not exactly a genius and Cindy almost over cooked with rage. Sure, she got the other girls to write her work for her but you could surely not expect that one who it is perfect does such insignificant things? She was too good for such boring stuff but the old hag did not understand it. And the exam was far ahead and she would know how to cheat her way through it too.

So the tax authorities received an anonymous phone call claiming that the teacher and the school was committing embezzlement and were corrupt and in the circus that followed no one were found guilty but several had to go to protect the school’s reputation.
And Cindy sat there and reeked of complacency and delight.

A boy who refused to go out with her was locked up in the swimming pool all night, buck naked on top of everything. He got very bad frostbite since it was the middle of winter and someone had turned off the heat and opened several doors in the ceiling. A girl who desperately tried to become part of the inner circle was told that she could be with Cindy and her friends if she proved that she was good enough. She had to prove it by going on a rotating basis among all the guys of the football team and one of them filmed it. When the poor girl tried to join one of Cindy’s famous parties she was told that prostitutes were not welcome and had to run away crying while Cindy and the other girls were laughing at her. But the film ended up on the net and the girl ended up under house arrest and was sent to a strict aunt far up north since the family was convinced that one should not have any contact with the other sex before one was well and thoroughly married, and then only to produce children.

Cindy was of course queen of the prom, no one dared to vote for someone else and she crouched hold of Mike who was captain of the football team and the most handsome boy in school. He had a brilliant career ahead of him and Cindy could not imagine herself with a man who was less than a big star. He was certainly not the sharpest knife in the drawer but for her he was a fashionable accessory that might allow her to meet people even higher up on the social ladder. There was no limit to her ambitions in this respect. Mike matched her and she dressed him up and shaped him as a pot maker forms a vase. Mike was too naive to see what she did to him and was wagging his tail as soon as she waved at him.

She cringed her nose as she hurried across the street. Actually he was no longer a good match since he had to postpone the further career because of a knee injury. And he was clumsy and directly boring in bed. No, she had to get up and away the sooner the better. This little hole of a town was not a prospective location.

The school was over and most of the youngsters left for college and university or work but Cindy did not bother to work to achieve something. She stayed where she was and floated on top of the old horror she had created and now she really got to show what she was capable of when it came to slander and malicious gossip.

As people began to come back after graduation she threw herself at them at once and tried to break them before they had time to put up any defense and once again she had a court of servants who did everything not to fall out of favor. One of the women in the entourage had arrived at a party a few weeks ago and joyously told that she and her husband had finally succeed and were to become parents. Cindy had quickly gotten her down to the ground again by explaining that she now could kiss her fine figure goodbye and that Cindy did not bother hanging out with people with hanging tits and stretch marks that stank of baby poop and vomit.

Several of the other girls there had been horrified by her cruelty but they dared not oppose or they themselves would fall prey to this serpent in paradise. Cindy was living on her father since she never in her life would have taken some of the poorly paid jobs people without further education had to be satisfied with and she kept carefully quiet about the fact that she had been rejected at all the auditions she had been to.

She had even tried at an audition for a porn movie but even there she was rejected since the director thought she had as much acting talent as a stuffed gorilla! And it was an erotic film they were making, not a bloody slapstick comedy! Cindy had been red-hot with rage but she dared not say anything about the criticism for if she did everyone would know what she had tried to do and they would laugh at her. But back home it was all a piece of cake; she twisted the others around her little fingers like nothing. Menfolk obeyed willingly if she fluttered a little extra with her eyelashes and the ladies were either breathless with admiration or appropriately bleak with fear. She was truly a number one, and so it should continue she thought. Until Simone came into the picture.

Cindy stopped in front of the door to the beauty salon, felt her heart pounding wildly just thinking about that goddamn leech. The school had employed a number of new teachers including this Canadian girl who seemed to have an almost magical effect on people. She could not understand it! What did the chaps really see in her? She could imagine Simone then and there, tall and slim and slender as a cattle whip with long legs and arms and a strange sliding elegance that somehow seemed almost threatening.

Cindy raced into the front room with an expression dark as a thunderstorm and the ladies behind the counter paled visibly and looked around for a corner to hide in. The girl who fixed her nails last was not there now but Cindy did not forget the criticism, she poured it all out with a shrill voice and half the city probably heard her. But she gave a big fat damn about it; she was furious and had to get it out. The lady behind the counter stood there and almost swayed after this verbal discharge... But Cindy would get new nails, of course she would because it was only fair and it should not cost anything, nah nothing.

Satisfied, she sat down in the chair to be tended by their best nail designer. It felt good to get even again.

But Simone, there was a problem she now intended to take hold of sooner better than later. She could not get a hold on that woman, she was not afraid of Cindy and no matter what kind of tricks that were used it ended up with Cindy herself getting humiliated, and she would not try to ingratiate herself either. Cindy would rather have ignored this remarkable woman but it did not work. No one missed Simone, if one was not blind as a mole.

Simone was perhaps not classically beautiful as Cindy, her hair was raven black and long, and she had a strange triangular face with steel-gray eyes that seemed to look you right into the soul. Her nose was long and narrow but beautifully shaped and the mouth wide for her face, it was a sensual and hungry mouth, one that gave her an expression men probably fell for like flies. Simone was mysterious, it was therein it lay, the faint golden skin revealed that she probably had ancestors from different racial background and the strong figure with small breasts and narrow hips could have been boyish but was not. She was feminine to her fingertips even if she never went in fine clothes. She wore just ordinary jeans and blue shirts like another man and yet everyone turned after her on the street. Cindy could have exploded from less.

At school, she got control of even the wildest students because it was as if she had a kind of inner authority people just gave in to, all by itself. She went into a room and suddenly she had the full control of everything people said and everything people did. It had been Cindy’s privilege, and she hated Simone more and more. Several of the girls and women who had been following Cindy was part of a group of friends around Simone now and Cindy’s poisonous gossip did not seem to bite them anymore. Instead, they laughed at her and thought she should look at herself in the mirror and realize what she really was. Pathetic! Cindy had almost gotten a heart attack from the last comment.

And it was Simone’s husband! And her brother! Mike was a lunar eclipse in comparison; he looked just like an anybody. Simone’s husband’s name was Svein and he was a Norwegian and looked like the archetype of a Viking. Huge and tall and blond with blue eyes and a body so well trained that it was difficult to believe what you saw. And this flat chested bitch had managed to get her hands upon something like that? Cindy had of course tried; she had walked past the house they rented at a time she knew that Simone was at work and somehow randomly got into a conversation with him. She had tried to be nice and innocent and seductive too but nothing helped. It bounced off like water on a goose and it had been something in those blue eyes that made Cindy a little intimidated. It was as if he knew her and knew her better than she knew herself. And what he knew was not good at all.

Simone’s brother John had come over to them and he was even better looking. Not as big and strong but directly beautiful if the word could be used about a man. He looked like he was something Michelangelo would have painted, as if an angel suddenly had become flesh and blood. He was simply perfect and the refined features were distinctly masculine. And he looked at her like Svein did, as if he looked straight into her soul.

After that she had not dared trying to win any of them over, she had gotten Mike to try his charm at Simone but she had only politely but indifferent asked him to go to hell, just in nicer words. And more and more turned their back to Cindy, more and more changed sides and Cindy were in danger of losing everything. Therefore, she had devised an elegant plan, one that could not go wrong. She was to humiliate the bitch, totally!

Mike the fool refused to participate, just as if there were any danger? If one broke some laws it did not matter for the purpose sanctified the means. Cindy had tried to put out some rumors that John was gay and probably shared Svein with Simone but no one believed the rumors and before everyone had swallowed such gossip raw. She could not understand it! But everything would change, everything would be fine again!

She had prepared herself very well and for a long time long and it could not go wrong. At least everyone knew that Simone and the two men were stupid conservationists concerned about taking care of trees and animals and other indifferent things. And everyone knew that such people could do the most incredible things so Cindy would see to it that they would lose all confidence in this town. She would have loved to see the three of them chased away like animals. Cindy did not like animals, they stank and shed and was just nasty. She had not had pets ever, could not understand why people would bother to care for such things.

At school, they had dogs that walked around with the guards to search for drugs and such. Cindy had been terrified of them because she had tried quite a few things of which the guards would have her dragged before the principal if they had known. What was wrong with it? Snorting a strip now and then was only cool right? But she had heard something strange right after Simone came to town, the dogs of the guards was terrified of her. They almost pissed themselves in horror when Simone passed. So the slut was probably not as perfect as everyone thought.

Cindy had been in school several times in the past, the library was in fact next door to one side of the building where there were laboratories which was used for science class. Cindy had never followed the chemistry and physics classes and even less biology, which she found deadly boring but something she had managed to learn in spite of a classic Teflon brain.

From the library there was a small door into one lab. It was locked and not in use and was really intended as an emergency exit in case something went bada-boom in the labs but Cindy had stolen a key from the hallway guard with ease. And then the way to the lab lay open for her. She was almost never in the library so to make sure that it would not seem suspicious she went there quite often for a week and pretended that she read through the books on fitness and nutrition and such. It seemed plausible since everyone knew she was hysterically afraid of putting on weight. She made sure to sit in the inner corner near the door and rolled a small movable bookcase in front of it so no one saw that the door was slightly ajar. And she was quick and knew what she was looking for too. She felt like a real Einstein when all was obtained.

Then she stole a jacket Simone always wore, and a small canvas bag she carried books in, there should be no doubt when people discovered this. She rejoiced at the prospect of a real full blown chaos, revenge beyond anything she had managed to achieve. And the timing was perfect as well. In a few days it was the city’s anniversary; it was two hundred years since it was established and there would be lots of town’s people there as well as people from the outside since they would hold a huge fair and a market and performances. It was perfect. Cindy was as eager as a kid on Christmas Eve to see the result and she felt that her mood eased considerably from the sweet dreams she spun.

Therefore, she was almost friendly to the nail designer and the staff was flabbergasted. It was OK that Mike refused to help her, she could do this herself. And all the sweeter the revenge would taste!

Cindy could barely wait for the evening, it was important to do it a good time ahead of the anniversary so it was able to get the full effect and spread and she paced around her room while the clock ticked slowly away. Her father heard the restless pacing and sat there gray and fragile and feared for what his daughter now had in mind. He was a broken man who never had had anything to say, nor would he hardly ever get it. He was too weak to do anything. Instead, he relied on his Savior and spent much time in church, only there he felt safe from Cindy who would never set foot in a church since she thought religion was for wimps. And besides, the priest always looked so sternly at her.

It got dark, the street lights were lit and a gentle breeze was rustling through the trees. Cindy ran out, she was dressed in a dark tracksuit and jogging shoes and for once she did not even bother to care for her hair. No one should see her anyway. She went as usual through the city until she reached the path that went up the hill across the valley and slipped into it and jogged along eagerly.

Behind the hill was a small lake that was drinking water for the city, it was closed with high wire fences but she had learned that the padlock of the gate was using a no 12 key and such a key she now had safely tucked away in her pocket. Together with several glass vials, the jacket and the bag. She was sweating but did not slow down, she had to hurry.
When she reached the place where the road towards the sea took off, she stopped a little and listened. No cars, no people, great! It was not good if the caretaker of the municipality decided to check the intake at this time of the night.

Dense forest grew along the lake and the fence sort of twisted its way between the tall straight trunks and dense tufts of scrub, the water gently shone up front like a little eye caught in the dark and she shuddered slightly from the creepy atmosphere and found the gate by using a small flashlight.

The padlock was almost new and could easily be found since it still was shiny, she put down what she carried and had some hassle with the lock that was slow and reluctant. Finally it opened and she sighed with relief and pushed it up gently. She turned for the bundle but it was gone. Simply gone like it had sunk into the ground. She took the flashlight, searched around herself in growing panic. It was here that it had been? Or did she remember it all wrong, or? She turned around, swinging the flashlight and swore intensely. Had some animals come and taken it? It was impossible, she would have heard it. The leaves rustled when one stepped on it and it was pretty open there. She understood nothing.

Cindy was about to give up when she suddenly jumped, a deep hoarse voice could be heard from the darkness and she almost let out a cry of shock. “Is it this that you’re looking for? “

She stared, from the darkness emerged two light figures and she swallowed in panic when she saw what and who it was. It was Svein and John and the two men were buck naked. Who the hell runs around naked in the forest? The idea swept through her mind while she just stared in disbelief. The two guys were gorgeous; other words could not describe them. John’s skin was almost china white in the moonlight while Svein was darker and she saw that he was almost covered with tattoos in a strange tribal-like pattern. It covered him from the elbows up and out over the shoulders and back and down his chest.

It was the same pattern on the legs from the knees up and it seemed as if the pattern moved, and moved as if the lines of black ink were really snakes crawling over the skin. It looked crazy but had to be illusion. But what was this?

Svein held up her bundle, Cindy felt cold sweat began to flow from her. He smiled slowly and revealed that he had very white teeth. In fact, a little too white and too sharp to appear natural. And his eyes shone almost blue in the dark. Johns were more of a greenish tone but common to them both was that they looked hungrily at her. And it was not the kind of hunger she was accustomed to, this had nothing to do with sexual desire. This was sheer hunger.

Svein opened the bundle and picked out the vials, looked at them with an almost affectionate gaze.
“You were smart girl, but not smart enough. Simone could smell that you had been in the staff room and in the lab and it is easy to put two and two together.”

John glanced at the vial.” E-Coli 00157; Dozens of people would have died, perhaps hundreds. But it just doesn’t matter to you does it? What matters is that you still get to be the hen at the top of the hen roost. The one who gets to shit into the heads of all the others?”

Cindy stared and she was getting confused. “It... It’s not like you think. I ”

Svein came closer, he was overwhelming so close and she backed toward the gate, terrified of the big man who seemed almost animal-like.

“So it has never been your plan to pour the bacteria into the drinking water and make the whole town sick and let Simone bear the brunt of it? ..”

Cindy nodded desperately. Simone had smelt that she had been there? It was impossible.

“It... that’s right, I’m just here to return the jacket ”

John made an ugly grin and there was a strange growling sound from Svein. “And then you go here with it instead of back to the house? You are a very silly human!”

Cindy began to be seriously worried, what did they plan to do with her? Rape? “I ... I refuse to answer, it is only between Simone and me”

Svein smiled again. “Well, then you shall get the chance to explain to Simone. Lucky for the city that you use enough perfume to knock out an entire army, you are easy to track!”

Cindy would say something but her mouth was left open. She looked out into the woods between the two men and felt that something ancient and primitive was stirring in her. Something that told of danger. She would be forced to fight or flee because this she could not meet.

Simone walked out of the moonlight, naked with smooth movements that resembled the moves of the lions on the Serengeti. Seemingly relaxed, yet in tension, ready for an attack. Her eyes glowed faintly golden and her hair hung loose and came right down to her hips. She was a stunning sight and the two men retreated slightly to the side and bowed their heads for her. Simone looked like a goddess, a creature of legends and fairy tales, and she was the nature’s own raw and harrowing beauty.

Simone stared coldly at Cindy, the broad mouth made a kind of a smile. “So this is where it ends, you’re on my home turf home now little stone face. Here there is no one who wags and obeys when you give an order. ”

Cindy saw in horror and disbelief at Simone, she seemed to have grown taller since the last time she saw the woman.

“Stone Face? “

Simone pressed a finger against Cindy’s forehead, hard! “Botox little human, it gives a stone face. “

Cindy could have hissed with anger if she had not been so frightened. “What do you want with me?”

She pressed herself against the door and felt her hands against something cold. A steel rod was inserted into the ground behind the gate to prevent it from opening in case of high winds and Cindy closed her fist around it, it was loose. Maybe it was a chance ...

Simone smiled again, deceptively mild. “What we want? To liberate the city from a scourge I believe and save it from a bacteriological disaster. And have some fun too.”

Cindy drew the rod out with a groan, struck against Simone with all her power and the dark woman did not even move. She just met the stroke with her hand and tore the steel rod out of Cindy’s fist as if it were a stick in the hand on a child. “Shame on you, so not lady-like!”

Simone crumpled the steel rod as if it were made of thin steel wire. Cindy saw that the two men stared at her yet, with the same expectation as a dog waiting to be fed. “Who are you?”

Her voice was just a beep, barely audible. Simone grinned, revealing teeth looking like those of a large feline.

“I can tell you that I know you have called me a bitch many times. And you’re right, I’m a bitch quite literally and I am an alpha. But there can be just one alpha female in a pack and you have pretended to be the alpha of this city for too long without the right to claim the title.”

Cindy stared in disbelief at Simone, her features seemed to stretch, turn into something other than what she had been. The two men stared wistfully at Simone and Cindy could only stare in disbelief while the tall woman was transformed into a being beyond description. Strong and beautiful and terrible with a slick shiny black coat and long claws, held high on strong legs.

The horrible yellow eyes staring at Cindy and a jaw with incredible white teeth made what could be a smile. “Just run little human, no matter what kind of intrigues you so cleverly spun you cannot measure yourself against a real werewolf bitch. Run and scream for us ”

Simone’s arm shot out like a projectile, long claws tore a deep gash in Cindy’s arm and the blood began to flow. Cindy screamed and she ran, ran like never before but she did not run fast enough. Suddenly she had a black and a gray and a yellowish-white werewolf on her heels and she did not even come as far as the road. Just a few random night animals heard the last cries and hurried on, very aware that this was something they should not interfere with.

Cindy was reported missing the day after by a concerned father, and in the course of the afternoon a search party was initiated but no one found her until after a week. What was left was found at the bottom of a very steep and inaccessible gorge at a distance from the city. She had probably jogged around and come too close to the edge in the dark and slipped off. Predators had already been on the body and the heat down there had not done her well. There was barely anything left to identify and bury.

There were very few who attended the funeral, and some of those who shed tears shed them from something else than sadness. Even Mike looked more relieved than anything else.

At the back of the procession was a man from the insurance company Cindy’s father used. It had been a policy on the girl and it had actually been quite high so her father had enough to be able to live his last years fairly well. The agent looked at the coffin and turned to the tall dark woman who stood beside him. “One should not speak ill of the dead, but someone here said that she was directly distasteful and a real bitch?”

The woman shook her head and smiled weakly and a little dreamy. “Distasteful? No, absolutely not, and a real bitch she was most definitely not, just an arrogant, malicious little girl. ”

The agent was about to say that it was the same thing but the woman just turned her back on him and left and he stayed there until the ceremony was over. When all had gone except for her father and the agent and the priest, the agent looked around with a little freezing feeling like something or someone was staring at him. But the graveyards gave him Goosebumps and so he hastened to support the tottering old man out the gate and did not look back.

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Ana Liza Caballero: I fell in love with the story. Light, loving, good to the heart. A nice way to fall in Love and to stay in love.

kelseyrosa89: Amazon isn’t letting me buy your book 😭😩

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