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Alice sat up in her bed and held her face in her hands while she tried to calm her breathing, once she’d settled down she looked around her room and shook her head to try and clear her mind. What happened? She wondered while she got out of bed. Katie will be over soon. She took a couple of steps towards the door then stopped. How do I know that? The question soon left her mind as memories of Ben awoke within her. She felt as though she was going to cry yet the tears didn’t come so she made her way down the stairs and opened the front door.

“Shit that startled me!” Said Katie whose arm had been stretched out in preparation to knock. “Oh well, so how’re you feeling today hun?” Alice placed the palm of her hand against her temple to combat the dull throbbing ache that had started.

“I’m fine… just got a headache.” She said with her eyes closed, after she took a moment to reclaim her composure she moved aside to let Katie in.

“Long term boyfriend that you’ve known since you were a kid leaves you and you’re complaining about a headache… yep your priorities are spot on.” Laugh Katie as she placed her purse down on the set of drawers.

“What? Yeah… Ben.” The small ember of a headache had turned into a flaming inferno. “I’m gonna go to bed.” Alice only managed a couple of steps before Katie blocked her way.

“Come on you can’t just lie in bed and fester, gotta let the healing begin!” Said Katie in a loud and overly cheerful tone. Alice simply pushed past her and made her way back to bed and tried to return to her slumber but was disrupted by Katie pulling the covers from her. “Come on get up!”

“Katie my head is killing me either get me some pain killers or just let me sleep!” Groaned Alice as she reclaimed the quilt.

“Oh I see, did someone do a bit of partying last night?” Katie’s eyebrow cocked at the question. “Alright I’ll get you some pills then.” Party? Did I go drinking last night? Her head erupted in response, she let out a small cry as she gripped her head. I’m gonna die, just kill me now!

“Just kill me now!” She screamed as the pain continued to grow.

“Awww well I don’t usually do this.” Said a male voice. Alice’s eyes shot open in surprise as she turned her head in the direction of the person speaking and saw an eerily familiar attractive man with slicked back dirty blonde hair. “But how can I refuse when you’re asking so nicely?”

“Do... I know you?” She asked even though she knew there was no point asking, she did know him, she didn’t know how or when they’d met but she did know him.

“Well I guess this lamp will have to do.” He said ignoring her question. He wrapped his slender fingers around the lamp and used his free hand to rip the cord from the wall.

“What are you doing?” She yelled as she lurched forward to grab him but the lamp struck her on the head, she tried to push him away but it felt as though she had pushed a brick wall and when the lamp struck her a third time it drained all the energy from her body. Mercilessly he wrapped the cord around her neck and used both of his arms to pull it tight cutting off her source of air. Alice clawed at the wire her nails dug into the soft skin of her own neck but it was no use.

“Get off of her!” Yelled Katie as she entered the room, she pounced at the man with every ounce of fury body possessed, nails and teeth ripped any flesh they came in touch with she only relented so she could hammer on his head but all her effort was put to waste as the cord grew ever tighter around Alice’s neck.

In a desperate frenzy Katie plunged her fingers into the man’s eyes which caused him to scream and inadvertently free Alice from his grasp. She turned over while she pulled the wire free to give way to a harsh fit of coughs. All the while Katie had continued her attack.

“You bitch!” Yelled the man as he struck Katie which caused several of her teeth and some blood to fly across the room. She fell to the ground from the force of the blow and tried to get up but was knocked unconscious with a hard kick to her head.

“You’ve got a loyal friend, its sweet really.” He panted as he made his way towards her, Alice tried to get up to fight but her drained body only allowed her to raise herself to her knees. The man picked up the lamp again and struck her for the fourth time. She fell to the ground and watched as the room faded to darkness only to give way to a blinding light and the screeching of her alarm.

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