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Alice ran down the street, her feet bare and her breath ragged. Blood had been pouring from an open wound on her shoulder but she still ran with the thought gotta run, can’t hid gotta run! Replaying over and over. She bumped into an elderly couple and managed to knock them down but she didn’t stop instead she turned the corner to see the predator with slicked back hair. He stood there with a bow and arrow in his hands and though Alice turned and tried to run back round the corner the arrow pierced through her side and protruded out from the other side of her body.

“That was a good one, I actually thought you had a chance that time.” Said the man as he drew ever closer to her. As her blood spilled on the ground her vision started to fade until nothing but darkness eclipsed her vision.

Alice jumped out of bed the pain in her head screaming at her. She threw the alarm across the room and ran out as images of a man beating her with a lamp rushed through her mind. She ran into the bathroom and locked the door but she saw herself being drowned in the toilet.

“No! No! No! Not again!” She screamed as she broke the mirror in a fit of hysteria. What do you mean not again? When did this happen before? The thought only briefly passed through her mind when the instinct to run took over again. Can’t run, can’t hide, gotta fight! She ran out of the bathroom and slammed into the wall.
“Stop it go away!” She screamed in response to the knocking at the front door. She opened the door to Ben’s private room where he kept his casefiles and more importantly where he kept his guns. She took out his old revolver and loaded it while she remembered the lessons he’d given her.

“Alice let me in!” Yelled Katie who had continued to knock but Alice ignored her as she surveyed the room with the gun pointed at the ready. She heard the sound of a door opening the banging shut and she knew he was in. The sound of footsteps drew ever louder as the person responsible made their way upstairs. Alice knew that the he was coming and that he was strong, she knew that if he got close she wouldn’t have a chance. Half made she jumped out into the corridor and instantly fired two rounds down the stairs and watched as the bullets buried themselves into Katie’s chest. Regret and panic were held at bay only by the fear she already felt. Not him, didn’t get him, he’s still coming, he’s gonna kill me again and again and again. It won’t stop, it’ll never stop but I’m not going to let him get me anymore, no he won’t hurt me anymore. She placed the barrel of the gun against her head.

“I win! I win!!” She screamed as she pulled the trigger.

Police cars greeted him as he drove round the corner. He parked on the opposite side of the street and paused for a moment before he opened his car door, he made his way past the yellow tape and when officers attempted to stop them he showed them his own badge. He was greeted at the front door by a woman dressed in a suit.

“Don’t go in there… there’s nothing left to see.” She said but she still allowed him to push past her. He looked at the paramedics who were trying to stabilize Katie but continued past them and walked up the stairs and looked over the paramedic’s shoulders. He slumped against the wall and slide to the floor. The suited woman had made her way up the stairs with a grim look on her face. “This isn’t your fault Ben.”

“Of course it is… If I hadn’t cheated on Alice… If I hadn’t slept with Katie.” He said as he fought back tears. One of the paramedic’s stood up and turned to them.

“Sorry there’s nothing we could do here.” He said as he removed his hat and ran his hand through his dirty blonde slicked back hair.

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