Mr. Gabriel

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Chapter 10

I arrive at your door and a feeling I get immediately spikes infuriation in me. Deep in me. But I remain nonchalant. I press the side of my head against your door, sliding my hand down it. "How could you... How could you leave when I was just about to arrive? I need you right now." I stand quietly for a moment, then use my mist to unlock the door.

As I push it open, I look around your kitchen. I feel him--I feel Reuben. He's been here. Tell me everything. "Tell me Addison, tell me." I begin to shake in anger and shout, "ADDISON, YOU WILL TELL ME!"
"Mr. Gabriel, are you alright?" I hear a little girl's voice behind me. I drop my head and slightly look out of the corner of my eye at her, "Lucy, well hello there..." She backs up, holding her baby doll. "You don't look too good."
Oh, such beautiful curly brown hair, big bright green eyes and a little form. She could possibly be my next toy. It's been a while since I enjoyed a small, small girl...

I kneel in front of her and take her chin in two fingers, "Really? Because I don't feel too good. Could you, maybe... help me feel better?" A smile creeps along my lips.
"LUCY!" Her mother. God damn it. Lucy whirls around to her, "Yes ma?" Her mother glares at me and snatches her hand, "Mr. Gabriel is having a bad day. We don't want to get involved in that. Come on!" She pulls her away. Frowning, Lucy waves me a goodbye. I do the same, now standing up again. Don't worry sweetie. There is always next time. Hearing me telepathically completely throws her off. She blushes too. How adorable...

Turning back to your apartment, I proceed inside and sniff around. He's been everywhere in here. Everywhere. My teeth are about to shatter from gritting so hard. I can feel and almost taste his presence. But then something stops me. I take in your scent fully, tilting my head toward the door, "You're back..." I race to the door and hold the doorjamb as you walk up and jump at my appearance. "Who are you?"
"Mr. Gabriel." I wrap my hand around your waist and yank you inside, forcing you against my body. Before you can do anything, I shut the door and race you over to the couch and pin you down there. "Where is Reuben?" You try to fight me. "HELP, HELP!" I cover your mouth. "Stop. You're arousing me and this is not exactly the time for that. Where is Reuben?" You shake your head, crying now. I let off your mouth and thumb over your bottom lip, "God I want to tear you up so bad... You're such a treat."
"I don't know who you're talking about!!! Just let me go!!!" You whimper. I breathe you in again and lunge down to your neck, "Hhh..." I lick my teeth and then run my tongue over your skin. You cry louder and quiver at my touch. Where is he... Addison? I slip my hand under your shirt. I get a sudden jolt from your belly. You belt out a "NNG-AH!" I quickly look down at it, pulling your shirt up. "What...?!" It's moving. I jump off and back away slowly, "What has he done... No he didn't-! HE DIDN'T!" You squeeze your stomach and curl up into a ball a few times. "Oh god, I need to go to the hospital! I feel like I'm going to explode!"
"No. I will stop this right now!" I march toward you.
The door busts down and I feel a high-pitched siren in my head. I fall to the floor, holding my head. Blood starts pouring down from my eyes. I try so hard not to scream. This is becoming unbearable.

"No!" I let my mist take over my form and shove my hand up into your womb. I feel it--his spawn! I squeeze it hard. "I will not let this thing into this world!" The immense pain you're living through causes you to pass out. I squeeze harder, and the siren in my head is getting louder. It's so loud I have to pull out right now and burst through the window. I can't take it anymore! I struggle on my way to my apartment and seep through my window. I'm so disoriented my mist falls away from my body and I collapse to the floor, unconscious.


The pain stops, and I feel alone. I hear nothing but footsteps on tile in a long, wide hall. Opening my eyes, I see I'm laying on the floor of that hospital. My arms and legs are weak. No... not here. Please. Not here!

I can't stay.

I slap my hands flat on the floor and push myself up, then cautiously hurry along the wall, looking around for other people. I hope I won't run into that nurse. Or her friends.

There are patients in rooms, all staring out their windows, and their clothes are stained in that disgusting substance. I want to puke.

Finding an empty nurses' station, I see a flashlight in an open drawer and steal it. There's a stairwell ahead of me. I go and swing the door open and start hurrying downstairs. On every floor, there's a nurse or doctor blocking the stairwell door. It's already a challenge going down these steps. Fuck. This is nerve-wracking as shit!

I get to the 5th floor and see it's the darkest of all the others I've been to. The elevator is to the right in the hall, open and lit up. That's a great, yet terrible sign. Should I take it or keep using the stairs? I need to hurry before they find me. Please god, please let this end. End it now. Wake up Addison, you're in severe trouble.

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