Mr. Gabriel

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Chapter 2

"My name is Addison May. I am sane. Everything that's happening to me... is a dream." You tell yourself. One of those dreams that you swear could be real, but isn't.-You think to yourself. How--how could you be standing here in some rich guy's apartment staring into his bathroom mirror in the middle of the night? Not just any rich man, but an insane one too. You don't understand.

Jittery, you rub your face, grumbling to yourself; "This can't be. It can't." When you woke up, you found my robe folded at the end of the bed and guessed that was permission to use the bathroom. You took advantage of the opportunity, yet at the same time you were hesitant and have remained that way about everything-so scared, so out of your mind, it seems. Though you search the apartment, you can't find me. Yes I'm here, watching you, laughing at you. As you massage underneath your red watery eyes and sniffle from the pain of losing your boyfriend, I approach the doorway, folding my arms, letting the room drop in temperature. Goosebumps begin to spread over every inch of your body. You look in my direction and jump to seeing a shadowy silhouette standing perfectly still. "Addison, come in here. I have something to show you." I whisper in your head, slowly backing into the bedroom. You rub your eyes again and unconsciously walk out of the bathroom.

Your eyes widen. You see me sitting in a chair by a window smoking a cigarette. "...I grew tired of hiding in the shadows." I say. You're frozen. "Relax darling... you don't want to see my dark side."

"What does that mean?" You quietly ask.

I grin and wave a finger slowly, "We won't discuss that right now." Your body tenses more. "Stop, just stop! OK?! Why am I here and why did you kill my boyfriend?! What do you mean everyone has an ulterior motive?!"

"Oh..." I chuckle, "your boyfriend's fine. He had the ulterior motives, dear... He didn't really love you. He had big plans." I slowly stand, putting the cigarette out in the ashtray on the windowsill. You back up to the door, look to your right and snatch a pair of keys from a table, "YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT! YOU MURDERED AN INNOCENT MAN! STAY AWAY FROM ME!" Ah haha, how amusing! I blow smoke as I begin to laugh, "Would you do it?" You're starting to quiver. Please, please show some control Addison! Stop shaking!-You think to yourself. Oh I wish you would! Before you blink, I'm in front of you, raising my hand. You notice the keys are in it. "What are you...!" You nearly shout. I drop the keys and lower my hand to my side again. As my eyes trail down from your face to your neck, you notice my teeth. "Sharp...!" you gasp. "Ah!" I put a finger on your lips, "Hush now and pay attention." You watch my face as I tell you, "Look over there... at that bird on the wall... isn't it pretty Addison?" Nervously, you look over at the shadow of a crow flying slow and gracefully, and become confused. Why is it there? There isn't a crow in here.

"The mind is an interesting thing, isn't it? Do you really believe there is a crow on the wall? Or perhaps... maybe... your boyfriend?" You see the shadow change. Your heart leaps into your throat, all your senses now on edge.

"You don't need to know who I am or what I am. Your boyfriend is still alive... it was all... an illusion..." Your mouth opens, a gasp soon leaving you as you feel my teeth prick your soft neck. I hold you tight, drinking from you with deep, dark passion as you stare wide-eyed at the shadows of you and I embracing each other like long lost lovers. "An illusion..." you almost mouth. Everything you saw, down to the moment it ended when I approached you, flashes in your mind. I let you see what really happened; "HOLY SHIT!" He said when he saw me. He snatched a chair, shouting, "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?! Addy, get out of here!" I let out a monstrous roar and waved my arms out, the darkness that swirled around me blasted out and filled all areas of the room except where you sat. While all you heard and saw was a man being torn to shreds, he actually stood in place. I grabbed his wrist firmly and told him, "Would you risk your life for her and try to fight me?" He looked from his hand to my face many times. "What are you going to do?" He winced at my tightening grip and tried not to cry out in pain. I gradually grinned, "I enjoy watching you suffer." His breathing quickened. "What have I done to deserve this?!" he whimpered. I looked down at his wrist, "You would kill her for the expensive jewelry you've given her over time." My eyes flick back up to his, "That's what you will do." He was instantly shocked. "Oh god!" he tried to pull my hand away from his wrist, "Please let me go! You-" he squeezed his eyes shut, "Fuck, you can have her-just let me live damn it! You're not human!" I smirked halfway, "Coward." He gasped again as I suddenly snatched his head, cut his neck with a fingernail and sucked away at his blood. He screamed and struggled, blood splattered on me. I licked around the cut and pushed him away. He tripped over himself, breathing heavily. I waved my hand toward a corner, "Stand there until I say otherwise." He looked at my eyes again; in that moment, he lost all memory of you, the wound began to heal... and he wandered over to the corner with a blank expression.

I glanced down at my arm as I walked toward you. The shadows fell and everything was normal again. I let you see something different though, just to play with your mind. You thought he was dead, ripped to pieces on the floor. What a thrill it was to watch you look up at me in such fear. You didn't know where to go or what to do. Even though you were afraid, you also felt somewhere deep in the back of your mind I was there to protect you.

"An illusion... it wasn't... real..." You now say. Slowly, your eyes roll back in your head and I catch you before you fall. I smile at the blood on your neck. "Dear Addison..." I chuckle, wiping it off with two fingers. When you wake, you will not remember anything about him. It's just you and me now, darling. As it's meant to be. You and me.

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