Mr. Gabriel

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Chapter 3

You wake to my humming and feel water around you. My fingers are in your hair and soap is running down your soft, beautiful chest into the bubble bath. Your mind is trying to register how you got here while your body starts to tingle at the feel of me beneath you. It makes me smile, and my fangs ache to puncture your flesh; for the taste and feel of that sweet warm liquid gushing into my mouth, soothing me, completing me. I pull your head back, exposing your neck. Ahh, so fragile... so delectable, I swear. A small hungry growl leaves me and a shiver runs down your spine as I near your carotid artery. "I don't know your name," You breathe.

"You don't need to know it right this minute." I close in on your neck with a hiss, already feeling like I'm breaking your skin.

"NO!" You jump away from me out of the tub and look around quickly for something to grab. Ahh yes, instinct has kicked in. I throw my head back against the wall, rest my arms on the sides and then look up at you. You snatch a few shampoo and body wash bottles, throw them at me and race out of the bathroom. After being smacked a few times, I crack my neck, gather the bottles and set them down on the sink. "Addison, you're so funny." I lift my chin, closing my eyes and taking in your scent. Ohh, you're you're in one of the bedrooms... "Mmm..." I follow it and suddenly fling the door open. You're cowering in the corner with a blanket around you. Look at me... I whisper in your mind. You start to gaze at me, lips parting slowly. You stand, the blanket falling away. I admire you from head to toe; your delicious curves, your full breasts, your long legs. You look so appetizing. My mouth is watering. I want to take you right here, right now, and I want to eat you. I want to devour all of you. With a blank stare, I ask, "What do you remember?" You look around and then back to me. "Nothing past this room." Perfect...

I walk up to you and snatch your hands, making you gasp and stare me in the eyes nervously. Slowly, I raise them up and run my nose along one of your arms, "Good..." I glide my tongue across it, savoring the taste of you. Your head tips back as a sigh leaves you. I reach around your waist and yank you against me, causing you to belt an "ah!"

My tongue rides back down your arm and then I lick at your lips. The sensation makes you begin to pant, pushing yourself closer to me. I release your arm and suddenly grope your bottom, granting a moan from you. A wolfish gleam spreads across my face as you caress my tongue and lips with your own. But I pause and touch your mouth with two fingers, giving a low simper. You know... I'm thinking about this... and something tells me I am moving too fast.

"This is too easy." I say, "I want resistance." I let go of you and move away. "What?" You say. I turn around quickly. "Fight me! Push me away!" I demand, causing you to jump. "Yes you're innocent and cute, but you have a fire in you! Let me see it!" I race up and slam you against the wall, "Let me see it." You gasp in fear. Your eyes bounce around the room in search of a weapon or a quick exit. Yes, YES! THAT'S IT! You push me away and run out of the room, "I'M CALLING THE COPS! YOU PSYCHO!" The cops. The cops? I pinch the bridge of my nose, sighing. Go get some clothes and go home. No cops today sweetheart. Sorry.

I listen and hear you stop running around. Now you're doing what I told you to do. Good girl.

When you finish and leave, I go to my window and watch you walk across the street, headed to your apartment. Let's start over. This time... maybe things will go properly.

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