Mr. Gabriel

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Chapter 4

Finally, night has come. I see you through my open window standing in front of your own and staring at the wall ahead of you like you don't even realize it. You're in that nightgown again. Everything is happening just like when we first 'officially' met. I won't screw us up this time, Addison. I promise. The desire to have you causes me to have that same ache in my teeth and groin. I hate when you innocent girls have such an effect on me.

I take a last puff of my cigarette and let my body become a full mist. Not a second later, I'm at your window. You close your eyes as I seep through the cracks and fill the room. I make sure my presence stuns you, relaxes you... relieves you. "Gabriel..." You breathe in deeply and tilt your head a little as I embrace your body in my misty form. You feel my hands ride up your gown, feel all over your body and you make an "mmmh".

"To the bed..." I sigh in your ear, and pick you up. You feel as though clouds are carrying you there. Gently, I settle you down and you look up at me. My Addison... The mist slips away as I become physical again. You glance at my hands on both sides of your head and then back up to me. "Gabriel--that is your name, isn't it?" You ask. I blink at you. "I am Mr. Gabriel. That's what you call me." I'm a little surprised you remember my name, but I guess some things just stick.

"Mr. Gabriel." You repeat, eyes trailing down to my bare muscular chest. I lift your chin, "You will feed me tonight. Do you understand?"

"I- I don't have much food in the kitchen-"

I laugh, "You silly girl! No! You will be my dinner." I hiss and clamp my jaw down on your neck. "AH!" You almost scream but I slap my hand on your mouth while I drink you in, growling in a low tone. I put in your mind that you want me to fuck you-hard. I let off and wipe my mouth as I straddle you. You gape up at me pleadingly. I shove my hand down and fill you with my mist. You gasp out "oh!" I grin wide at how you arch your back to my forceful movements in you. Fire fills my eyes just imagining what all I could do with you. It might seriously hurt you though... and we can't have that. You wouldn't be my Addison anymore.

I pull out, my hand reforming, and I lick my fingers. A desperate sound escapes you. "Hmm... not good enough. You submit too easily." I crawl off the bed. You squeeze the bedsheets and then quickly sit up, "Please, do what you want with me! I want you to! You're confusing me!"

"I need you to understand something about me." I say, kneeling beside the bed. "I'm not your average guy. Not in any sense of the word."

"What does that mean?"

"I'm a vampire. I could devour you in seconds. I am a great white shark on land and you're a little fish. I need you to understand this."

"A vampire... right. If you're so deadly, why haven't you killed me already? Why haven't you drained me completely?"

"Because I want you to learn how to love me. No one else can, or will even try it."

"So you think because I'm innocent, I want a bad-" I raise a finger and wag it slowly, "Yes. And I am very... bad." You clam up at that. Then you say in a quieter voice, "You want me to hate you, yet love you? Maybe you're the confused one. I want you to leave my apartment. Right now." You get out of bed and start walking to the bathroom. I look down at the floor, then I suddenly go pin you against the wall and rip your panties off. You gasp and I start slamming you from behind, making you cry out. I was too fast for you to hear me take my pants off. I groan to the pleasure of feeling you around me, and hearing you moan. "GABRIEL!" You cry again. I don't care if you're in pain or not. I just want you-all of you. I clutch you tighter, drilling my sharp nails into your hips, making you whine. Blood drizzles through the cuts; the smell is intoxicating. I throw my head back with another "Ugh!" and belt out an animalistic roar as I tear into your neck. Before you can scream again, I throw you down on the floor beneath me and you try to escape me. "STOP! WAIT!" I shout. "I will be different!"

"You're going to kill me!" You claw at the floor. I grab your face, forcing you to look me in the eyes, "I don't want to kill you." Sweat trickles down your fearful face. I tilt my head and rub my thumb over the bite on your neck. "Here... allow me; you will no longer feel pain from earlier." You watch me as I slowly lower my head, now tracing my tongue down your chest and start pulling your gown off. "This is what you should expect from me."

"Wha- what are you going to do n-now?" You arch your back as I slip my misty hand inside you again. As I pull you flush against me, I nuzzle my nose in your neck, relishing your scent. "No... forget what I said... I don't want your love. I just want you close to me, that's all." Your breathing quickens and I feel you beginning to dig your fingers into my skin. I move a little quicker, more forceful now. "Oh please, just do what you will already!" You yank me over top of you and grab my hand. I rip it out of your grasp, push both of yours above your head and narrow my eyes, "You think this is a game? I basically raped you earlier. Look at you, you don't know what you want and submit way too easily. This time... you know what? This time I will let it slide. But now, I am going to fuck you hard." You almost say something but I thrust inside you quick and rough, and move fast. You scream out "Oh god!" You feel like you can't do anything. It's torture. "Come on Addison! Come on!"

"Not fair! Ah!" You shout.

"HIT ME!" I snarl. You rip your hands out of mine and smack me upside the head. I belt out a throaty laugh. You let out another louder shout and explode around me. I slow down and breathe coarsely next to your head, "Not too bad... It's a start." I pull out and stand up. Weakly, you rest your hands over your belly, trying to calm down. I think you might be sore... Hm hm hm.

You look up at me. "How... is this even going to work? You're dangerous, you scare me and I don't want to be around you. If I leave, will you find me? Will you kill me?"

"Well, we will just have to find out, won't we?"

You become speechless.

I offer my hand, "Why don't we go for a late night snack? I have plenty of money."

"Where do you work?"

"Oh I must have erased that memory... Before, I was actually lying to you. Truth is, I don't really have a job."

"You're a thief?!" You pick up your nightgown and take my hand.

"No, just one hell of a charmer."


"Don't worry kitten, I will."

"You asshole." you shake your head while covering yourself up with your gown and go to the bathroom. I snicker, collecting my pants.

"If you need me to heal you, let me know!"



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