Mr. Gabriel

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Chapter 5

While you shower, I gaze out your window at the moonlight. The sounds of the shower-head jet and the drops riding down your skin send a spike of excitement through me. It reminds me of how I died.

Over one hundred years ago, I owned a farm, had a wife named Martha and seven children. Times were so hard back then... compared to now. We worked ourselves to the point of near exhaustion almost all the time. I needed a way to relax. I started going out for a drink every once in a while. That's when I met "Jack"--the strangest man I'll ever know. He told me he was a surgeon. On those days I went drinking, we would meet and go to his house just outside the city where he showed me his old journals, notes, books and his medical supplies. He even let me assist him whenever he had a patient come in. I was in charge of putting them to sleep. We only worked in his basement.

Often, there would be a sort of drawn, fascinated look in his eyes as he slowly sawed at their limbs and watched the blood run from them through the gutters of the body table and down the drain. He explained to me, "I am doing them a service. They may not have wanted these particular limbs amputated, but believe me... when they wake, I will make sure they are well aware of the dangers they could have faced had I not done this for them. I have a very good eye for these things Mr. Gabriel. They start on the outside and work their way in, these skin diseases." He was very serious. I could still see that same obsessive glint in his eyes. I his pupil. I began to admire him very much. He was extremely intelligent.

One night, I brought Martha and the kids to his house. I watched him closely to see if he found anything wrong with them. He did. He found multiple things wrong with them, and ordered me to put them to sleep. I followed his instructions and stood next to him as he "cured" my family of their skin disease. But there was something I noticed; he never let me touch them. It was all him. I felt jealous but gave him his space. He knew what he was doing.

When it was over, he wiped his face and asked me if I was religious. I trusted him well enough to say no. He looked at the blood on the table and smiled. "Good." He suddenly grabbed my head and plunged his teeth into my neck. I struggled to break free until I was barely able to stand. He released me right then and fed me some sort of clear liquid from a jar that burned in my mouth like acid. The last thing I heard was my own scream in pain.

Moments later, I woke and saw him hunched over my wife on the table. She was naked. I jumped up and ran at him. He backhanded me in a split second, sending me crashing into the basement wall. Everything he and I were doing at that moment was moving so fast it gave me a headache. I fell to the floor holding the side of my head. He knelt next to me with my daughter's arm. It took me a minute to register what I was looking at. But when I saw it, I felt like any guilt or sorrow I had was leaving me just as fast as the lust to snatch it out of his hand and drain it filled me. He laughed in a proud way. "You are my son now. I have given you my venom, from my teeth." He said, and then told me what I was. What he was. How much greater life would be now that I am immortal. He then offered me the rest of my family and... my gums tingled in a new sort of way for the first time. To this day, it still feels like that. Back then though, it was beyond anything a god or demon could give you. I launched at them and tore them apart piece by piece, splattering blood everywhere as I growled, hissed and laughed in pure bliss. I wouldn't let him join me--I was too caught up in the moment.

Even when nothing was left, I still hungered for more. He patted me on the back and handed me a towel. "This is how life is as a vampire. Welcome, son." An unintentional snarl escaped past my gritted teeth and I suddenly felt something snap in the area of my eyeteeth. It was like a pinch in my gums. I felt them and realized they were growing.

"They will retract in a few days." He said. I shook it off and let out a heavy sigh, thrilled by these new powerful feelings.

From there on, for about 30 years, he mentored me. He showed me everything there is to being a vampire. I did ask why he chose me and he said he needed a son. I was his first. He was my mentor. My father. My friend--Jack.

Now, as you're coming back into the room, I realize I'm grinning hungrily to myself. There are so many more memories... really great ones. A lot of them hold the reason why I want you to fight back. If you fight back, it gives me purpose. If not, I might become something I do not want to be. I might need to kill someone soon... I am getting too soft. I sigh, rubbing my forehead. Problem is, there's heavy surveillance everywhere now. Especially in these apartments. What should I do... Hmm...

I turn around and see you at your closet, picking out something to wear. No... Is that a polka dot dress? WITH STRAPS?! I appear next to you and take it out of your hands with a grim look, "I'm generous enough to take you out... the least you can do is dress decent."

"...You're kidding me, right?"

We glance in at the rest of your selection and I am utterly repulsed. "How can you live with yourself..." I suddenly pause to seeing a black, one-sleeve cocktail dress. Ahhh... Addison--that one. Put that one on.

You grab it, drop the towel around your body and start fitting it on. Well now! That's not what I had in mind, but alright. I smile while watching you.

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