Mr. Gabriel

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Chapter 7

"Keep your head down." I whisper to you through gritted teeth as blondie walks toward us, sniffing us like a dog.
"Gabe Penn..." I grind my teeth to how he addresses me.
"May I sit by you?" He smiles, stopping next to you. I snap my head up at him, "Reuben Grant, step away from her." The veins in my head and neck pop out a light blue color; my skin has gone completely white as I snarl, "She's mine!" I cough and calm down. My color returns and my veins relax. You're watching me, horrified--just like the waitress back in the kitchen with the tired and frustrated cook. Reuben is not amused. He flicks his hand, "Scoot over baby. I don't bite like he does." He gives me a hinting glare. You begin to feel fidgety in your seat. I can't deal with this right now. "Addison," You look at me. I put another scene in your head. As I focus my attention on Reuben now, you turn your head toward the window and get lost in space again.

You're back at the hospital--sitting on a large hill, watching the employees wander around in their own little worlds. You can't figure out if they're dead or not. They sure behave like it. Then you hear someone behind you, struggling to climb up and escape. Flipping over, you look up and see an bigger Asian man in his 20's. "Wait!" You climb toward him. He panics, "No! Leave me alone! I need to stop this! They don't know I'm here!" You grab his leg, "How are you going to stop them?!" He looks back at you, "They've risen them from the dead and influenced them!" You let go of him, utterly confused. He shakes his head frustratedly, "AwwOh! Maybe you could help! Just- Just be very careful and stay right behind me. Do you understand?" You still have the same expression. What is he talking about?! "I'm Jo--Come on!" He takes your arm and helps you farther up the hill.
"Hey, I didn't agree to this!" You say.

When you meet the top of the hill, you see another wing of the hospital that seems fully functional and normal with everyday people and cars going in and out of the place. "What... the... fuuuck...?" You muse.
"Yes, yes exactly! But then watch!" He points above the building. You steady your eyes on that area. "I don't see anything..." You don't think so, until a bird flies by and bumps into something like a force-field that moves like an oil bubble when touched. "Oh my god..." You suddenly feel your leg squeezed and a hand ride across your thigh, moving closer to your sensitive area. You quickly reach to stop it but nothing is there. You're touched just then; a gasp escapes you. Jo studies you in a puzzled way. You feel warmth down there and like energy is shooting into you, and rising into your abdomen. But suddenly it stops and you hear a bang on a table and feel some forceful movement around you. You give Jo a worried "what is happening to me?" look and then you're back at the diner. Reuben is tripping over himself out the door and I am taking you by the hand, yanking you away from the table as the diner staff stands around with weapons in their hands. They're pissed off. "Wha- where-" You throw up on the floor. I growl deeply and yank you again.

We get out to my truck and I sling the door open, "Get in. I'm taking you back to your apartment. We need to start over." You jump when I slam the door shut. Wiping your mouth, you try to gather all this information you just learned and what I just said.

I get in my side and immediately start the truck.
"What do you mean "start over"?" You ask.
While I'm backing out of the parking space, you realize Reuben is in a black car across the lot watching us with complete interest.

I hit the gas peddle and say, "I don't need to explain that to you. You won't remember. It's pointless."
"How do you plan for anything to work if you keep confusing the shit out of people?!" You snap, "I feel like I was just born and thrown into a mess that I'll never understand because you can't handle it!"
I squeeze the wheel, "Don't test me!"
"I saw something; aliens, maybe! They influenced dead people!" I shoot you a look. "You're losing it." I say. You turn your head down and tears form in your eyes. "I don't know what's wrong with me."
"Which is another reason why we need to start over."
"Then take me home and leave me alone."
"I can't do that. I want you and I need you."
"I don't think we've known each other long." You sniffle and wipe your face.
"That doesn't matter." I say. You look out the window, trying to keep your composure.

We arrive at the apartments and I tell you, "Go ahead home." You blink at me in a pitiful way. I only watch the sadness in your features. "Tell me I'm going to be ok. Please." You say. I lean closer; close enough to touch your lips, "Things are only going to get worse." I can sense you stiffening in fear. I back away and shoo you out of my truck. "Tomorrow is another day. Go on--get out." You grimace hatefully at me and nearly break the handle on exiting the vehicle. When you slam the door it shakes everything. As you leave my sight, I lower my head with a dark, concentrated stare. Reuben...

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