Mr. Gabriel

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Chapter 8

I go inside my apartment, lock the door and go stand at the window I like to watch you from. Reuben, Reuben, Reuben... When I saw him come into that diner, I was infuriated; not very excited. A certain fury came over me, a sort of instinct urging me to unleash my true self on him because he is a threat to you. What would he want with a human? My human? My toy? My pleasure doll? There has to be a way to stop him. I see you come into view with nothing on, walking to your bed. Your breasts, your curves, your legs... your small fragile body. How I love seeing that. A shaky "hhhahh" leaves me as I bring my hand up to gnaw on my knuckles. Stop at the foot of the bed and press your hands down on the mattress. You slowly do as you're told. Your skin is so smooth... shiny... Good girl... Tilt your head back and relax. You arch your back and utter a sigh as you follow my instructions. "Mmmmh... very good..." Gazing hungrily at you, I think of how I want you to struggle underneath me as I massage your warm sticky blood all over me, and slide my tongue across your torn flesh on your breasts. I want to hold your thighs so tight against my body I might tear them off as I thrust into you like a vicious alpha wolf attacking and claiming his prey. You would scream for mercy as I took you with full force, and you would hit and scratch me, and cry out as loudly as you could for your life. I feel my member hardening as I imagine this achingly delicious scene. I reach down and unzip my pants as I watch you slowly look out your window at me.

"I will do it Addison... over and over... until I'm ready to let you go."
A tear trickles down your cheek, "Gabriel,"
I begin stroking myself. "Soon..."
"Ah!" You throw your head back as I make you think I've plunged into you. A wicked beam plays on my lips. Each time I stroke, you think I'm taking you from behind. It's painful but pleasurable for you.

Reuben will try to stop me from having such fun. This reminds me of the day we met, in fact...

The year was 1901. I was in an abandoned building with Jack. We had just brought two young women in with us and he played a little game with their minds. He made them think a great swarm of bees had flown in and surrounded them. As they began to scream, he smiled wider and wider, and told me to rip their clothes off. I was more than happy to oblige. They held their faces and crouched down. Both he and I were becoming aroused. It gave me a rush. I needed to do try the mind tricks too. He told me, "JOIN ME SON!" This was the first time I learned how to control thoughts. I grabbed a girl and spun her around, then held her over my arm. Her breath, her scent, her fear, was intoxicating. A deep ravenous sound slipped out of me while I slowly ran my nose along her neck, soon opening my mouth. "Not so fast!" My father said. I licked my teeth and then gazed into her eyes. He said, "Remember--focus on what you want her to see. Make it real Gabriel." I slowly rode my hand up her belly to her breasts as I imagined drowning her. I could feel her emotions changing. She was starting to writhe within my grasp, struggling to breathe. A noise of utter joy and satisfaction escaped me. I sighed contently, squeezing her close as she flailed her arms and kicked her legs. I made a soft hum, baring my fangs and then I clamped down on her neck. She could hardly scream.

"Well done..." Jack then snatched the other girl by her wrist and pulled her flush against him. She met his eyes and made a fragile, yet fearful "ah!" He loved that.

I flung my head back with an almost drunken smile, then I half-liddedly looked at him. "Ah... she tastes amazing..." I laughed throatily. He tilted his head slightly at me, then touched a finger over his captive's lips, down to her throat, "Don't they all when they think they're near death?" He hissed and bit into her neck, granting a glass-shattering scream from her.

We then heard someone walking in on us; their footfalls were so loud it was like a pulsating pain in our heads. Both Jack and I dropped the lifeless girls and snarled at the intruder. When he came into full view, however, Jack bowed his head at him like he was a king or a god to him.

"Master... Reuben," he said.
"Jack... you are a disgrace."
"I have done what you have asked me to do, father!"
Reuben looked at me. "You are the son of my son, but no grandchild of mine." He returned to Jack, "I instructed you to create one in your own image and raise him to live successfully among humans. You chose a psychopath. You're already a psychopath! Do you have something to say for yourself?"
"...I don't understand..."
"Two hundred years of being, and you don't understand."
"Please father, I promise you I will do my best!"
I stopped them in that second; "Sir, how do you know my name? Who are you exactly?"
"I will answer that later. Jack, I think you know what happens if you don't control yourself."
"No, no I swear! I swear I'll behave! Please give me another chance!"
"Son, you need to be reprogrammed." His face went flat for a second, then he said, "I will return for you soon. I don't have time at the moment." He turned, "I have been called." He was annoyed. We watched him leave, going back the way he came in. Anger was building up inside me. I hated when I was ignored. But I also questioned what he meant by 'reprogrammed'. I didn't understand that at all.

I pause fucking off to you, and laugh quietly to myself. You fall to the bed, exhausted now. He's come. He's come for me. He took Jack in the late 20's and I haven't seen him since. I need a plan to stop him. Fast. And I am quite excited.

I turn and leave the room while you try to calm yourself.

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