Mr. Gabriel

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Chapter 9


I sit on my bed with my arms tightly wrapped around my knees as the early morning hours go by. I'm not even here. I'm in a dark concrete hallway, back at that hellish hospital, wearing a patient gown. It's empty, cold and... echoic. I think I hear the laughing nurse who pushed that man out of that window. She's much farther down the hall. I don't know where to go; there are plenty of archways and doorways but none of them look promising. Where did all the lights go? Why are they burnt out when people are still using this place?

I swallow down the lump in my throat and start walking forward. Voices are filling my head. Whispers, laughter, pleasured moans from women and malicious growls from both men and... inhuman creatures; they're all saying something though--they're saying "Mr. Gabriel". I know that name... I say it all the time. But why? Do I know this "Mr. Gabriel"? I hope not, considering what all is happening here.

There's light coming through a few big shattered windows ahead. I rush to it and find an archway on the left. There on that back wall, I see his name scratched into the paint. And two nurses are standing on both sides of it with their hands all bloodied up--badly. They don't seem to care.

"Miss Addison," one of them says in a friendly, motherly voice. "We have been expecting you." She smiles at me. The other is still carefree; not a trace of emotion on her face whatsoever. I back up a little, "You have...?"
The one that spoke reaches out toward me, "Yes ma'am, you need a checkup." The other nurse turns and walks away. "Where is she going?" I ask.
"To get you a wheelchair."
"I can walk." I sternly say.
"No no, dear... I highly insist you get in the wheelchair." She looks down at my arms and legs, then back up to my eyes. I glance at them and shriek. I'VE BEEN BURNED?! "YOU PSYCHO!" I back up quickly.
"Oh my! Don't fall!" She laughs. I glimpse over my shoulder, but it's too late--I'm about to fall from one of the top floor windows. I grab the side of it, cutting my hand on broken glass. Another nurse walks in, and once the sunlight hits her face, I immediately recognize her as the one who killed that man. "NOO!" I scream.

There's suddenly a beeping noise. It's my alarm clock. I blink. Oh my god, it hurts. Where have I been...? What was all that? I'm sweating and I'm not even hot. I'm also naked. Is there something wrong with me...? Why did this happen to me?

I get off the bed and go to the bathroom to clean up. During my shower, I try very hard to think of something else, but I just can't. It's ruined my appetite, put me completely on-edge, and I feel like if I go out the door, someone will be after me, stalking me. What is wrong with me?

-Mr. Gabriel-

I park my truck outside a large house and go to the door. Two presses of the doorbell and the homeowner answers. The elderly lady I get all my money from... "Ahh, Josephine..." I smirk. She winks at me and invites me inside, "Come on in you bad boy." As I proceed inside, she smacks my ass. I turn around to her and pull her close, sniffing her strong perfume, "You're alone... How shall I pleasure you today, bitch?"
"Tie me up, and I want you to fuck me like a real beast with his prey."
"Alright… Sounds perfect." I pick her up and take her upstairs.

When we get to her room, I tie her to the bed posts with her belts. She's already panting. I smile at her. We had a great time. You got what you wanted--I fucked you like I never have before, and though it was quite hard on you, it was something beyond perfect… and now you will pay me a substantial amount of money for it. She pants even more, so hard it's like what I said is true. "The key... the key is in my dresser... you know where it is..." she lays back on the pillow. I nod and get it, then unlock the safe. "You know, these old safes are pretty nice. I love vintage." I say. Once I'm done collecting many hundreds of dollars, I turn back to her with another smile, "See you next time."
"Oh yes baby," she chuckles. I leave her room and go downstairs.

The moment I open the front door, I see Reuben standing there by my truck waiting for me. "Well well... Fancy seeing you here! You want a ride?" I grin daringly. I could envelope him in my mist and shred him to little pieces in there. I wonder what he tastes like? I always enjoy eating people while in that form. He's not exactly "people" though. Oh, so exciting... Hm hm hm hm...

He wags a finger, "Taking advantage of old ladies is not nice."
"Well, when I'm really horny, I give her what she wants. But today I'm not as much."
"I'm watching you Gabriel. Your days are numbered."
I remember him touching you, Addison... He won't do that again. I will kill him when the time is right. Don't worry.
"Where's my father?" I ask.
"Not here."
"You little bitch!" I bark, then a toothy smile whips across my face. No, this is not how I wanted this to go! I hiss at him, letting black mist crawl up my arms and legs.
He raises a finger, "Ah! We will not hash our issues out here. I came by to let you know death is near." He walks off and disappears in plain sight. I stop and the mist evaporates. What- What kind of fool does he take me for! "WHY DO YOU FLEE, YOU COWARD!? HAVE YOU BEEN CALLED?! AGAIN?!" I huff and get in the truck, "Such a dumb ass!" I turn it on and back out of the driveway. I almost had him! Almost!

I need you Addison. I need you now. I sigh and drive back to the apartments. You had better be there.

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