Deadly bet

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Playing with fire

Oli looked out of the window that was somehow beautifully misted. I could see small snowflakes flying around as if this was the most magical night of our lives.

“Can you feel that chill guys? “ I broke the silence.

“Yeah, what the hell is it? Isn’t cold the sign of ghosts?” Oli burst out laughing.

“Don´t be ridiculous. You believe it too now?” Elis teased me.

“Sure not. Just wanted to freak you out little bit. You know. Make it a bit more heated here.” “Ha ha, very funny, Oli.” Elis bumped Oli into his hip and kissed him.

I wasn´t that relaxed. I felt so weird like I have never felt n my entire life.

You might find it strange, maybe even cheesy, but ghosts did attract me and vice versa. There was something about them that I couldn’t let go. Karlie De Belleforte, however, made me feel crept out. Like it just wasn’t worth the risk. But once you make a bet, there is no way out. Will I regret my decision to observe this place and find out more about this mysterious woman that killed but also made love to tens of men and women? Someone who sacrificed her entire family to built an army? How can you stand against such woman? Dead or alive. Death is what made her invincible. She finally had nothing to lose. She wasn´t looking for peace. She was the opposite of it.

The windows suddenly froze even more and a message became visible on the window glass. First it was not legible but after a while we could all see the deadly message that made us wish we never entered the gate to this hell. The message was clear.

This is your last night on earth. You can run but you´ll never escape.

What made Karlie De Belleforte this vengeful? What victims are we? So many murders here were reported as suicides, some of them accidents. They even tried animal attacks. The deaths varied. Some people “fell of the roof”; some “hung themselves” from that magnificent chandelier from the 14th century and some were drained of blood. So yes, it all looked like suicides. No one paid attention to it. No one thought something so horrific was out there. No one was seeking such clear danger. Even if they didn´t believe it and they would just visit this place to take photos and brag about it to their gossipy neighbors.

She was suddenly everywhere and nowhere at the same time. We felt the cold in our veins. The lights in the chandelier started to flicker and we heard a muted but sharp siren-like scream. Elis nearly fell off the stairs she was previously glued to.

“We are not going to make it alive are we Chloe? “ Elis tried to drown out the scream.

“That´s up to us, not her.” I said it with a calm voice, but I was shaking inside. I had no idea what to do at that moment. Running was meaningless. It would make her even more furious.”

Oli screamed as Karlie´s evil laugh was travelling through the corridors.

Suddenly Oli yelled again. “No! What the hell, is this?!” What we saw on Oli´s face startled us. His eyes were bleeding. It was not blood though. It was black.

“It is ok Oli! We will find a way.” My calming wasn’t very successful.

I ran into the hallway.” I know you are here, Karlie. If you want to play with us, so be it. But let’s make it fair. No one has to die tonight.” Suddenly we could finally hear Karlie´s voice.

“Cold, cold hearts on a cold, cold floor. Bring me love, bring me warmth.”

It sounded like some sort of riddle.

It felt like we were caught in the polar circle. The wind was getting stronger and the curtains were flying. Bring me love bring me warmth. This sentence echoed through the walls. Did she want to kill another man?

“I am out of this place.” Elis cried with pain.

“No! Elis! You can´t. “

“Who´s going to stop me?” Suddenly she was flying in the air like a paper plane. The routine of Karlie de Belleforte was severe and twisted- first she played with her victims till they were all just ready to give up or give in and then she kills them leaving the torso intact like a doll. Just like that.

You probably wonder how could I know all of this and still be this stupid and be in the middle of it. The truth is, she is my ancestor. My great-great-great-great-grandmother. Sick, right? To me it is one more reason to not give up.

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