Deadly bet

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Nighmare Worlds

“Elis, Elis, I was just beginning. How could you be so mean to me?” Her melodic, cold voice was playing with our minds. Elis´s voice on the other hand was quiet and begging. She was floating in the air. “Why are you doing this to me? “ “Oh, sweetheart, if I told you, it would no longer be fun. Would it, Chloe?” I wasn’t capable of a straight answer.

I was chained to the wall with no chance to move. She was observing me like I was an alien. She knew about us being related.

The aura around Karlie was darker than anything I have ever seen. Her eyes were red and shiny. “I believe you came to meet me in person, isn´t that true, Chloe?”

“Yes, I did.” “How irresponsible of you to get your friends involved. You really don´t think I am just going to let them be, do you?” You don´t have to do this. “Well, of course I do. You, my dear, are the only person in this whole world, who knows it. Am I that hard to resist?” She laughed again.

Karlie pointed her finger on my forehead and she made a movement downwards. I screamed with pain as a long thin gash began to appear. Then Karlie waved her skinny ghostly hand as Elis fell on the wooden floor.

Shewaved again and from the top of the stairs we could see strange movement. What we saw than was out of this world. An army of zombie-like shadowy creatures with rifles and other kinds of weapons in their hands. “I thought I would show you my friends. They´ll do what I say. They are my subjects. Get em boys!” She yelled at them as if she owned them.

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