Deadly bet

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You Have To Lie

“Chloe! Oh my god. What happened?” I was hiding cowardly behind Oli as we were coming out of the chateau accompanied by two policemen.

Jayden, who was standing behind the police tape ran to me and hugged me even though I was covered with blood.” I lied to you Jay. I should have never… “He could hear this hopelessness in my hoarse voice.

I wasn’t even crying anymore. I was just cold and reserved- emotionless. Just like Karlie said. I was holding my leather jacket which was also covered with blood. Elis ´and my blood.

“She was there wasn’t she?” He kept on calming me with his deep and mature voice. “We just couldn’t save her. She played us. It was like some different dimension.” I was trying so hard not to fall apart in front of him. He knew me as a strong woman. That one was long gone.

“What are you talking about? “ Jay´s face was confused.

“I don’t know.” I… stuttered. “I am sorry… “I felt like I couldn’t tell him anything. Like he wouldn’t believe me. That is not how relationships should look like, right? Well, after all our relationship was different than others.

“You both need a doctor, immediately.” “Yeah, I don’t think doctors will be any help here. “ Oli replied as he held my hand tightly.

“Mrs. Grace, Mr. Levesque? I heard another adult voice behind my back. We just need few words from you. Would that be possible?”

“I guess.” Oli spoke for us both.

“I am aware of the situation and I don´t want you to feel under any pressure.”

“That...that is OK.” I wanted this to be over as fast as possible.

“Alright then. It will be quick, I promise. You gave a statement that you were attacked by some psychopath hiding in this castle. That he was the one who killed your friend. Is that correct?” “Yes, sir. That is what happened.” “Did you fight with him Mrs. Grace?””

“Y-yes. I don’t´ remember his face.” I lied; I lied so much. I wanted it to be true. I wanted this to be the real reason. In this world where people don’t believe in ghosts, that is the only way so that people wouldn’t lock you up for the rest of your life.

“And that is the last thing you remember before you passed out?”

“Yes.” I saw flashbacks of the fire in my head. I was taught to give short answers to the cops. Mostly when you were avoiding the truth, long and complicated answers could get you in trouble. “

“When I woke up, Oli was kneeling down next to Elis. Crying and…” He didn’t let me finish my answer. The only true statement.

“You can go now. Thank you. We called your parents. They will come to pick you up. “

I saw Mrs. Carter crying in the corner and finding comfort in Mr. Carter´s arms. The cops were carrying Elis ´body out from the chateau. She was inside that black bag. I never thought I would see it in flash. I couldn´t even look at her. I felt miserable.

Oli and I couldn´t bear any more looks from the cops. He stayed aside for couple minutes then he sat on the sidewalk and stared into the sunrise.

After few hours the place was deserted again. I guess they were confident we just suffered from a PTSD. They wouldn’t dig deeper. Somehow I wished they did.

We were speechless, we were exhausted, injured but most of all we were broken inside. We just lost a friend, a dear friend and a part of our lives. We promised Elis we would all make it out alive. I knew I could not keep that promise. I was a liar and a betrayer. Our lives will never be the same. I took Elis away from Oli. Will he ever forgive me? Is he ever going to make peace with it? He will never get rid of the last moment with Elis. In his arms- bleeding and resigned. Even I still hear her last words.

We will never be able to tell Mr. and Mrs. Carter about what really happened to their only daughter. Karlie might be gone forever, but the pain will never leave our hearts. We broke the cycle of terror but in reality we will never really break free. The only thing that made me feel there might once be peace, is the fact that no one else will die the same way.

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