Deadly bet

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The Cemetery

Oli and I connected so much over the last few months since Elis died as I never felt connected with anyone, not even Jay. You guessed it. Jay and I broke up just few weeks after. He couldn’t stand my mood swings caused by the events. He was sick of the lies. He knew I wasn’t completely honest with him. What rose from this deep connection with Oli was something we never thought could happen. From friends we became more. After all of that we couldn’t deny it. We fell in love. Elis would have been happy for us. We found love in a darkest moment. It was meant to happen like this. We were no longer normal kids. The solitude became easier to bear. We had each other. It felt right.

We held our hands as we were standing at Elis ´grave. Oli poured her favorite tequila on the tombstone. The plaque was beautiful, it was pure.

Elisabeth Carter, loving daughter and girlfriend and a hero


We both secretly wished we were the one in that coffin instead of her. This was never her mission. She was there just for fun. She never understood what this was all about. We will keep it that way. No one can ever get hurt again. Maybe not by Karlie, but I knew she was not the only vengeful ghost in New York. I wish she was. But this world is much more wicked, that anyone could ever imagine.

As we were standing there I saw a gothic angel statue staring at me as drops of blood were falling from his eyes and hitting the ground covered in snow.

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