Haunting of Swanson Peak

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horses on the third floor

Very curious thing continued to happen for the weeks that followed. All the more his brain screams for realization. He was in the loft, a place he shouldn’t be in, but for some reason it felt comforting. Every choice seems to echo back to him, a very long chain of coincidences leading up to one big lie that threatens to spill out across his life. He kept a close eye on property expecting cameras or maybe one of his friends from New York. Maybe one of those owners of those supposedly haunted places is looking for some pay back after he had put them out of business. It didn’t matter because he was going to find out and crush the son of a bitch behind it. He looks at himself in copper mirror for strength. Then sets out for this day’s event so sure of his defeat of this hoax, not to mention after a couple of weeks surely they would have gotten bored. He walks into the main hall and he is greeted by the sound of doors opening and closing throughout the east wing. Nope, he admits, they definitely haven’t become bored. They were tenacious bunch. He would catch them in the act. He settled into living room turning on the radio. The Eagles were playing, odd choice to, hotel California. He was about to switch songs but stops himself. This was definitely ‘him’ having weird moment. He decides to have a break.

He couldn’t be out too long his gym set would be here sometime soon. He left the keys in the foyer and get into his car and puts the oddities behind him. The closest store wasn’t close. It was little more than a general store and not even name brand goods. The selection made him cringe. The total was 50.69, he threw him a hundred and walks out with the guys practically begging him to take his change. “You need it,” he says to himself annoyed once outside and out of ear shot “buy a better selection.” He checks his phone for a signal. “Hello, Fitzroy, I’m going to need a shipment. I’ll text you the list.” He hangs up.

By the time he got home it was midday and sun was high in the sky. A breeze stirs the settled land. Several large vans pulled up behind him prompting him to get out of the car. The leader of moving and installation service steps out to greet him. He hands him a map, “you’re going to need this. Also keep your eye out for anything suspicious.”

“Suspicious,” the old man asks? The installer was around his age, which was 42, with receding hairline.

“I think someone is pranking me, possibly the grounds keepers.” He rubs his nose saying, “keep your we little eyes peeled. Strange things are afoot.” The man shrugs and starts waving people over to hand out assignments. Even though he left them do their work, he kept in eye on the truck and even checks them out when no one was around. These guys were good. He decides to go for a run in country and leaves the men to their work. As the sun sets he returns to an empty home. The vastness makes him regret not having kids. His career was always more important. Just having a little version of him running around would fill him with so much pride. He suddenly swore he was hearing the pitter patter of little feet. This is ridicules he declares to himself. What are next, hobbits? Midgets with trumpets? He listens for the sound of trumpet but doesn’t hear them. Instead hears a bell and the beating of wings. He rushes up the staircase to the third floor. The third floor look a lot like the second floor with wood paneling on the bottom half of the walls, but with different color carpet, which was teal, and the painting weren’t of previous owner but of scenic vistas, long forgotten places developed into shit holes by big name investors.

Whoever was upstairs was risking it big time. The bells didn’t stop when he got there. Now he was hearing hooves clashing with the wooden floor, neighing of horses. The sounds of galloping were like thunder rolling through the plains. The thundering of hooves approaches faster and faster. As it gets closer, his heart rate increases. He felt the urge to run, but held fast, despite his feet protesting his foolish decision. Then he saw them, horses running down hall crushing the floor and walls alike as they charge. Splinters of wood filled the air. Now he let his feet take over and he ran, he ran and didn’t stop. The horse follows him up the stair, around corners, and with every step he realize how ridiculous it is being chase by horses on the third floor.

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