Haunting of Swanson Peak

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dark messiah

“You've returned.”

“I’m not going anywhere sweet heart,” he says turning to face her. The use of the phrase sweet heart was empowering to him and made her smile which is eerily settling. “Let look at the facts. At first I was sure this was a hoax but to the scale of what you’re doing, this is no hoax. The grounds keeper said there was a murder, so what are you a ghost, some spirit?”

She chuckles to herself. The same time the cold chill left the room and leaving the room feeling unusually warm and cozy. “Clever that the grounds keeper tried to warn you. There was no murder and I’m not a ghost. You’re in the portal to Ejaymneptae Eyelsa, in your tongue: the ending of forever.”

“What does this have to do with me,” he says taking a seat and having the feeling of having way more stress than when he first arrived. Far as vacations went, this is the worst.

“You were chosen or rather you chose yourself. There reason this house stays vacant. I own this house, indeed your entire world. I’m the silent cog that turns your world.”

He recites the line by heart, “the world will be taken, and the world will be forsaken.”

“Very good,” she says clapping, “I have taken your world and I have forsaken it, leaving it to ruin at the very ending of the world. But one soul stands apart. I’ve study you before you even met the grounds keeper about the house, before you knew of your fate, because I’m the master of fate. For you have higher purpose. You have conquered your earthly enemies, meticulously out smarted your rivals. Now you have been given a chance to conquer my heart. Many can’t see what is beyond, beyond understanding, beyond time, beyond the very unending of the world. This wasn’t a chance meeting.”

“So what is this, a supernatural dating hot line?”

She smirks, “I find your sense of humor very attractive. But yes, in your own weird way, yes, you could call it that.” She reaches down to a string that was holding the robe together. “The choice is yours would you like see more?” He tries to grasp the moment, but it kept slipping away. Have you ever watched a film and by the ending you can’t recognize the beginning. Everything has changed so much that you struggle to find a connection. Politics and business were the same to him. Sometime you were too deep, as he would say, down the rabbit hole. It was beyond his ability to except and move on. He couldn’t just keep her waiting.

He spoke up with a very hush voice. “Before these last couple of weeks, the very notion of your existence was preposterous. I would call anyone that mentions you crazy. Since I’ve been here, I have been chased by horse, had the very fabric of reality wrapped like a bow. Now a strange woman who wasn’t here before and who previously crawled out of a mirror is asking if she could undress herself in front of me. This is, as you’re so fond of saying, beyond preposterous. I would say I’m dreaming but for the terrible headache that this is giving me. Instead of making with the touchy feely crap why don’t you tell me more about yourself, Pocahontas.”

“As you wish,” she replies “ask away.”

He starts simply, pulling what random thing he could drag clawing out of his skull. “Red or white wine?”

“White,” she replies.

“Favorite lord of the rings film,” was the next question.

She makes an inquisitive look, “of all the strange stuff you have seen, we’re going to discuss films?”

“You’re very much alive. Whether your ghost, a hobgoblin or a fucking Bigfoot, you have to have dreams and aspirations. For lack of a better word, you’re human.”

“Rational to the bitter end,” she says. The woman was clearly acting friendly, beginning to pace around never loosing this charming happy face, one he wishes he could remember. But the other night had left the image of her angry. The very lines of her face contorted and her eyes burning with intensity. “The fellowship of the rings,” she says at last.

“I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be surprise that you watch films or the fact you watch those particular films.” She hand waves the notion away. “This is great, I’m having civilized conversation with,” he points towards her “whatever you are. You know you could have knocked. You didn’t have to put me through hell, chased me up and down the halls.”

She takes a seat on a hutch near the door, “nope you wouldn’t believe me. Your strong rational mind would of hand wave away any thoughts that this was real.” She cresses her bosom, “these are also very real.”

“Don’t tempt me devil mistress.” He had to suppress a grin when she pushes her lips forward as an expression of faking petulant sadness or just trying to play cute and making an ass out of herself. He was begging to view her as quite attractive in a quirky sort of way say. “I’m going to call you Emily. Ok, Emily, say this works. What are you hoping for?” As if to answer him, he hears pitter patters of small feet up stairs.

“I can conjure whatever I want, but sometimes the old fashion way is best. The things I conjure are just illusion. I want real children. As your so fond of thinking, little version of me running around.”

“For one, stop doing magic tricks. Your just being a show off. Two, you’re looking for husband? I guess you’re very selective.”

“Everything is unable to define itself forever taking shape. Science is simply the supernatural finally explained. I heard you ask before why you but also why not you. Your thbe only man destine to be given such an honor.”

“What if I said no?” The front door flies open.

She sat up and lies down on floor and waves to him. The situation went from damn right frightful to comical. She says with a outstretch hand, “your free to leave.”

“I choose to embrace the unknowable; an opportunity wasted would not have gotten me thus far in life. So do I turn you down? No. Do I except? No. I for one don’t believe romance is dead. I believe the orchestra is engage and now it’s time to see if you can dance. I’m not looking for inward reflection of my work in a relationship, hollow and devoid of emotion. I must admit, it has been a one hell of a wild ride.”

“It can be that way. I won’t promise it would be easy.” she says looking at him with those emerald eyes “but I can make you happy. If you let me … “she let words hang in the air.

He chuckles in response leading up to joke that had been rattling around inside his head, “Will you promise to stop haunting me?”

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