Haunting of Swanson Peak

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romance and understanding

She raises one hand as if saying scouts honor, but instead say, “I promise.”

“I always wanted kids,” he says “I’m sure your aware. Never enough time, I want the world and by the time I have it, I had almost been forgotten but by statistics of the richest and loneliest men in America.”

“If you didn’t, you would be here in this place and time. But what is here,” she asks. The mansion had vanished replace by beautiful scenic overlook, a rocky outcropping next to ever stretching sea. She sparkled like silver in the moon light that bathes over the ocean. There was full moon out. “You don’t have to define yourself by where you are at this exact moment” she says “Moment come and go, but you can be beyond that.”

He stands up and takes a breath of salty air feeling very real despite referring to this hat trick as in illusion. Place was probably the most beautiful place he had ever seen. “That night when I woke up in the field it was you, wasn’t it?”

“Sorry,” she says letting the wind rustle her hair “bit of practical joke. I never was going to hurt you, physically at least.”

“A little practical joke torture,” he asks bushing the hair out of her eyes. “Your pale as the snow but your skin feels like glass on a cold winter’s night.”

“Comes with the territory,” she says catching his hand and pushing it against her heart.

He leans her against his chest, “it’s good we have eternity, because it will take an eternity getting to know you.” He whispers in her ear, “One hell of a first date. Do I even want to know of the biological ramification of are union?”

She smiles at him before gently shoving him away all the while laughing to herself, “Is this national geographic.”

He adds, “the adventures of huckleberry finn and woman who wasn’t there.”

“Oh I’m here,” she says jumping on him “I’m always here.” Her weight causes him to lose his footing and fall backwards. He is so caught up in moment that he was surprise to feel silk sheet and feather pillow instead of the hard ground. He looks up and catches her eyes again, “you’re an instant woman.”

She kisses him and adds, “demanding too.”

He grabs her ass and she covers her mouth in embarrassment and showing off her delicate fingers on her small hands. She doesn’t fight him instead forcing herself on him. He kiss up her neck, her cheeks and then deeply on the lips closing his eyes and letting the last couple of days to settle in his mind. In his head he realigned the last couple day allowing the supernatural to become natural. In the moment his mind divides itself, while his flesh continued to advance on to groping her lush curves. His mind returns when he realize how much of her body was paradox, soft as a feather pillow but cold like the snow, pale like marble, perfect like stone lacking any imperfections. He strokes her skin and comes to same conclusion. In sheer moment intellectual curiosity, he was so lost in thought that he didn’t realize she had disrobed. He found himself staring up at two perfect C-cup breasts with small areolas. Her laughter pushes him deeper into the moment.

“You’re certainly easy to please.” He realizes she was referring to his erection. He couldn't help but grin out of embarrassment, “Hey I can’t help it if your pleasing woman.”

“Well at any rate,” she says straddling him “You must be uncomfortable.” She unzips his jean and makes a rather obvious smile. It was look he made during many acquisitions; it was look of being very pleased with one’s self.

“Take a picture,” he says “I might last longer.”

She rolls her eyes, “oh come on.”

She was become very impatient and moves to push him inside her, he felt the ice cold touch of her outside her vagina brush on the head of cock. This wasn’t his first bedding with a woman and he was certainly against woman doing all the work. But this definitely was a new experience. As it slips inside her, the first sensation he was greeted by was the icy chill that almost kills any chance of him stay arouse but the strange warmth that came after was quite enjoyable. The warmth helps him to gain ground in their courtship and forcing his cock inside her with ease. There was something to this entire dance. The softness and strange texture inside her, not mention the warmth. It left him panting more than her. That’s not to say he left her unsatisfied. She was in the throes of passion herself and she closes her eyes and seems to have gone into her mind making subtle soft grunts. This was starting to become harder to control, first time impression were often best to be made memorable, and this wasn’t one night stand, he was having a hard time keeping up with the rhythm. This he curses with every fiber of his being. It was ungentlemanly like to be defeated so easily during the throes of passion.

Her words were strain from the breathily voice and struggling pants, “I know you’re holding back. It’s ok to cum inside me.” Her words were so direct and dirty that he couldn’t help but be turn on by them. He felt his body tighten up as the endorphin tidal wave crashes down upon him. He catches his breath as she falls to his arms. She was rubbing her belly. He says out loud more as an eternal monologue or question to himself, “man, what a story were going to have for the kids.”

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