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She thought everything would be okay. She thought everything will resume the way it was once the night is over.

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She can still remember the day that she has lost everything that were precious to her. Those wonderful friends who would wait for her at her house so they can go to school together. Those kind neighbours who would always give her small gifts occasionally and welcome her whenever she visits. And her parents who would protect the village from the animals in the wild and others that are out to kill their people, especially those creatures who hunt in the dark.

And on that night, it was a special night. It was the night of the Blood Moon. She has been hearing about it from everyone, seeing how it has been the hottest topic in her town. Her father and the other villagers have been preparing for this night. Knowing how dangerous this night is going to be, women and children hide themselves in their homes as the remaining brave souls venture outside, sprinkling the charm around their houses to dispel the creatures off from entering their places and kill their unarmed loved ones.

As her father and the others are waiting for the invasion, there was a knock on her bedroom door.

“Can I come in, Tiara sweetie?” A gentle, feminine voice speaks from the other side of the door. The girl, known as Tiara, adjusts her dress and went to open her door for her Mother.

“Mother!!” Tiara greets as she hugs her mother tightly. Her mother strokes her blue long hair softly as Tiara pulls away gently and look at her mother with big golden-orb watery eyes, as if she’s about to start crying. “I thought you would of join Father.”

“I do wish to join him, sweetheart. But our top priority is you.” Her mother kisses her forehead gently, trying to assure her that everything is alright. “But I believe he is strong enough to handle it with the others. You, on the other hand, my child, you have to stay strong. After tonight, we can lead our lives like before.”

Tiara nods silently, taking the appearance of her beautiful mother. She can never stop admiring how beautiful her mother is. Her beautiful golden hair, her shiny green eyes and her hunter outfit that she will always wear before hunting.

She remembers something at that moment, she quickly returns to her bedroom window to check outside. Tiara sighs in relief yet unease at the same time. Everyone that are outside are still safe for now, but the battle that they’ve been awaiting for hasn’t started. Oh, how she wishes it would end already so everyone’s safety would be guaranteed.

As she stays closely to the window, her mother sharpens her knives and loads her guns fully. Tiara takes in the familiar smell of gunpowder, along with the sound of the weapons being sharpened and the silver bullets being loaded into the guns, so she didn’t turn to see what her mother is up to. After all, her village specializes in hunting unearthly creatures that goes around and harm others.

There’s those who specializes in exorcising spirits, and some who hunt frenzied werewolves and those that hunts evil black witches. Her parents hunt down vampires. They aren’t the only ones but amongst the vampire hunters in the village, her parents are the most powerful vampires. Her mother possesses a large amount of stamina to fight and kill a vampire; hence she does most of the fights out of the duo. Whilst her father possesses the most amount of knowledge regarding the vampires; hence he is always planning and predicting the next course of action that the vampire would take next.

Speaking of her father, her father has just returned from doing his rounds with a couple of hunters. The next group prepares to head out to do theirs next. Her father sits down on the bench, taking the nearby alcohol and drinking away. He appears to start making jokes and laughs away, trying to ease the tension. There are some who laugh to his jokes and relax slowly. Likewise, there are those who are still on the edge, taking any cautions for any unknowing threats.

Her father looks up at Tiara’s direction, he smiles and wave at her. She smiles and wave back, earning a displeasing look from his wife. Her father has always been the more laidback of her parents. He possesses hazel brown hair and midnight raven eyes, wearing a simple outfit and smart-looking black boots. Despite the fact that her father is more of a strategist, his skills are almost on a par with her mother. He blows a kiss to her mother, chuckling and enjoying his wife’s embarrassing blushes.

The happiness ended shortly, as there’s a loud scream all the way from the entrance of the village. Everyone gather their weapons, unsheathing their swords, aiming their enhanced crossbows and guns at the direction where the scream was last heard. Even her father has stopped smiling; Tiara clings to her mother closely as she tries to stay brave. The fight is about to start.

Tiara watches closely, staring in awe at the creatures that are attacking her village. She has only heard stories from her parents, but has never seen them. Like her mother said, some are stunningly beautiful; making even the most beautiful human put their beauty to shame. And there are those who are horrendous, making them seemingly inhumane. But all of them have one thing in common. They are bloodthirsty.

In no less than five minutes, there’s already a heavy bloodshed, coming mostly from her fellow villagers. Some of the vampires are already digging in their meals, and there are others who keep their victims alive but slowly torturing them brutally. As if they know what would trigger a human to scream or beg for mercy.

And there are those vampires, who would keep looking for the ideal prey that they would like to kill or have fun with. The remaining fighting survivors are still struggling to push the vampires back for as long as they can, in hoping the sun would come up soon. Surprisingly, the charm is not working to a certain extent. The stronger ones would break the charm as if it’s nothing and move on to the fighting group, as the hungrier ones break into the houses and look for their scared preys. Some has already been found and screams can be heard from those houses. The villagers tried to fight their way through to save their wives or families, but in the midst of attempt, the stronger vampires bring them down as if they’re nothing by breaking their neck or being cut into half.

Tiara bites her lips, unable to take in the truth. She knew the truth from the start, but she has been lying to herself. She has been trying to persuade to herself that everything will be okay, and everything will be back to normal after tonight but…it doesn’t seem that it will ever be again. This is clearly a losing end for her village and everyone.

Even the rain is dripping down with blood, as some that are able to fly are feasting on the dead corpse up in the sky. Her father has been managing so far, taking down a lot of the weaker ones while avoiding the stronger vampires. He seems to be hoping to reduce the numbers as much as he can so there will still be survivors when the sun rises. If this keeps up, her father might be able to live. Tiara thought to herself. As her father tries to avoid a strong-looking vampire, the same vampire cut his arm off. She was stunned as her mother tries to shield her from the horrifying scene.

“It’s okay. Your father is okay.” Her mother’s voice seems to be shaking, as if she’s trying to control the anger she held in her. Tiara struggles to continue watching. Her father is still alive, ignoring his pain and keep killing the other vampires. He yells with determination as he continues swinging his sword with his remaining arm and cutting the vampires’ heads off. The remaining few follow him as they continue to struggle.

It must have been hours at least. Her father is slowly dying from the amount of blood that he is losing. It appears as if he is the only one left. Tiara looks behind as she hears the footsteps moving away from her.

“Mother!! Please don’t go. You’ll die.” Tiara tries to persuade her as she clings tightly to her mother’s arm. Her mother faces her and smile sadly, trying to push Tiara’s hand away.

“Promise you won’t leave your room, Tiara. And I’m just lending your father a helping hand.” Her mother speaks with a stubborn voice, leaving no room for Tiara to argue. She smiles at her, patting her head. “It’s almost over, I promise. I’ll be back for you.”

Tiara grits her teeth as her mother lock her bedroom door while sprinkling some of her father’s stronger charm outside her room. Tiara resumes to watching over her father. He seems to be surrounded by vampires everywhere, trapping him. Her mother manages to clear a path by killing any vampires that are in her way. Finally after what seems like eternity, she finally got to where her father is.

Her mother points her sword at a vampire, who seems like their leader. He has spiky dark hair, with red glowing eyes and has a pair of bat wings. He has a black outfit that fits the darkness, if you do not see closely; you would have thought he only has a head and a pair of hands.

“Hand over the girl, and we will spare you.” He speaks. Even though he speaks of a humane kind voice, one knows otherwise.

“We refuse. The whole village did not die to pass her over to you.” Her mother spits in his direction.

“And look at the price that you and your village have paid.” He snickers as he raises his hands, showing the scenes around them. “All for that girl that you strongly protect. Is it really worth it? Even though she was not of your biological child that shares your blood running through her veins?” She grits her teeth tightly.

“If I surrender myself, will they really be spared?” A small voice can be heard from the back of the crowd. All of the heads turned to face the direction of the voice. Tiara looks at the leader fiercely.

“I told you not to come out.” Her mother cries out as her husband finally drops and fall to the ground, losing consciousness.

“A wise choice, Tiara.” He chuckles as he walks towards her. “Although the choice could have been made way earlier, otherwise there won’t be a need for these amounts of wasted deaths.” She clenches her knuckles as she allows him to carry her.

“Don’t worry, Mother. They won’t hurt me.” Tiara tries to smile. “I am to be the bride of their lord. I’m sorry for everything.” Her mother cries softly.

“Don’t be.” Her mother sobs as she watches her husband dies peacefully. “Y-your brother has been our saviour. If it wasn’t for him, we would have both died. I-I’m sorry for not able to protect you. I love you…” She arches her back as a vampire stabs her from the back. Tiara was shocked. She stares for a long time. Her mother…is now gone.

“I THOUGHT YOU SAID YOU WOULD SPARE HER!” Tiara screams as she tries to claw his eyes out, but to no avail.

“No can do, young werewolf.” He smiles evilly as he watches her undergoing her transformation slowly but painfully. Even though she hasn’t gone through the transformation fully, her human ears have changed to a pair of wolf ears and she starts growing a long, bushy tail. Her fangs start growing out slowly, hurting her gums.

“Tonight,” The vampire shouted. “We celebrate the transformation of our lord’s future bride. And in the upcoming years, we shall see the birth of our new Mistress.” He knocks the back of her head. As she loses consciousness slowly, all she can hear is his words.

“Now come. The lord has been awaiting for your presence. Your werewolf lord is waiting for you. I’m sure he misses his sister too.”

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