The Flower Garden

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A short story about another uneventful day in Hattie's life where she tends her flower garden.

Horror / Other
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The Flower Garden

It was another bright sunny day.

The dew on the leaves and grass glistened in the morning sun, sparkling like a thousand jewels. It was truly a wonderful day. Hattie sat by her window looking out at the garden sipping a cup of tea; Chamomile, two sugars, just the way she liked it.

She had a very busy day ahead. There were a lot of pesky weeds that needed removing and there was that hole in the back to fill... she would really have to do something about that.

She picked up her book and read a few lines while she finished her tea, then stood to get ready.

She loved to keep busy. There was always lots to get done and she kept her mind occupied so she wouldn't think unpleasant things so it all worked out.

“Fred would have loved this,” she thought sadly, “if he hadn’t died so suddenly.”

Sighing deeply, she stood and busied herself tidying her home. She had lived there for years and wasn’t about to move. She loved the red-brick structure. She and Fred had moved there in their first year of marriage and not much had changed about the neighbourhood in all the time she had lived there.

Fred had loved taking walks down this lane, talking to the neighbours about this and that. They were a friendly lot - too friendly if you asked her. Hattie had argued with Fred about it a number of times but he mostly just brushed it off. She eventually kept quiet about it and things ended up changing on their own anyway so it wasn’t so bad.

The sunshine was warm on her cheeks when Hattie went out into the garden. It was Springtime and the flowers were all in bloom. Her azaleas were growing quite beautifully. A butterfly settled on her basket and she smiled remembering a similar time when she had prepared a picnic for Fred so they could sit in the garden together.

She had stepped out to get some of the baker’s lovely bread and cheese; it would go nicely with the wine he had bought the other night. Then they would sit in the sunshine and while away the hours. It was so rare to just get a moment to stop and smell the roses, so to speak.

But that was the day Fred had died.

Shooing away the pretty butterfly, Hattie got down to the business of tending her garden. She pulled at the weeds and trimmed the bushes. The delphiniums and peonies were looking healthy. The snowdrop anemones would need a bit more coaxing but they would be fine. The dahlias, Marigolds, Celosia, Goldenrod, Witch hazel and Scilla were all looking good. She watered them all and after she was done, she went to take a look at the hole.

It was pretty big and she had done a good job of digging it. It would do quite nicely. After she filled it in, maybe she would get that nice angel statue to fill in that corner. Nodding decisively, Hattie went into the storage shed and walked to the blue barrel near the door.

Now this was the part she really hated.

Burials always tended to be messy.

This being her third in as many years, she was getting into the routine of it all. When she buried Jasmine, the hussy who ran the jewellery shop on the corner - the one she'd caught Fred with in the first place, she’d made a mess of almost everything. She’d also managed to ruin a perfectly good sundress in the process.

Fred had been a bit more of a challenge. She’d had to forge a lot of documents and put a lot of effort in her lies but it really was for the best. She was glad to be rid of the cheating bastard... but she was benevolent - and he was her first love and husband when all was said and done. The flower garden was a wonderful resting place. He should be glad. Maybe she would ask to be buried there too.

The delphiniums were doing all the better for it. Who knew he would be so useful even in death? She looked down at the last body she had to bury. Nancy was a pretty girl and one she really hadn’t meant to get rid of. It seemed Fred had had a thing for young girls as well unfortunately. What a shame. She would have been brilliant.

It was quite fortunate that Nancy had gone hiking in the woods alone that winter. Kids were always doing silly things like that. Why anyone would want to go out in the freezing cold like that was beyond her - she almost didn’t go out in it herself.

But she was easily taken care of. Nothing too drastic or loud. She was gone now and nobody would find her, not after she got her flowers growing.

And wasn’t that nice of her, to have her resting in such a pretty garden? Well, time to get down to business.

The bags she had stored in the barrel were a bit smelly but she’d been careful to freeze the contents first (they had sat in her freezer since the heart of Winter) so they were not as bad as they would otherwise have been. Speaking of which, she would have to remember to clean out the freezer again once she was done. She carried them one by one into the garden and threw the contents into the hole, careful to empty the bags completely.

Nancy’s scarf had fallen into the freezing lake water and Hattie hadn’t seen a reason to go in after it. Maybe the police would think she had drowned or something and look for her there instead. Well, it wasn’t really her business. She did feel for her poor mother though. Maybell didn’t deserve to have such a slattern for a daughter.

She would be sure to bake her a nice apple pie next time she went round for a visit. She was sure Maybell would appreciate it. She was still in mourning over this creature - it really was a shame.

Clucking her tongue, she set about covering the deep hole. When that was done, she went into the garage to get the forget-me-nots she had gotten from the garden supply shop the other day. She was sure they would do well here and maybe give her garden a bit more colour.

When she had put the last of the forget-me-nots in the ground, she gathered up her tools and the garbage bags and went back into the house. She had a shower, made dinner, ate, read a few pages from her favourite book then went to bed.

A peaceful end to another productive day.

In the morning, when Hattie woke up, she stretched and got out of bed ready to start her morning routine.

It was another bright sunny day.

The dew on the leaves and grass glistened in the morning sun, sparkling like a thousand jewels. It was truly a wonderful day. Hattie sat by her window looking out at the garden sipping a cup of tea; Chamomile, two sugars, just the way she liked it.
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