Survivors of the unknown

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It was frustrating searching the many rooms through out the clinic for clues and with little to no progress to show for her efforts, anxiety was starting to settle in. After admitting defeat in its entirety, she guessed the clues were beyond the confines of this building. Perhaps she could find a place to take a shower and wash the stink of the dead off of her. She had an ache in her heart, a scratching at her mind, if the power was out surely so would the plumbing. All the amenities of home were lost in this new world that she found herself in.

When finished backtracking, she found herself inside the waiting room lobby next to the front desk. Her first thought was to take the phone off of the receiver and put it up to her ear. As expected by her, there is no dial tone confirming that civilization had already fallen years ago. In her attempt to puts the phones back on the receiver she knocks over a cup full of pens which clatter to the floor with a surprisingly deafening sound. She wasn’t sure what that noise would bring or what was out there. There certainly didn't seem to be anyone alive, so why was she afraid? Why did this worry her? Someone could have heard this and came to help …. Or bring ruin. Either way, the sound of something scurrying under the desk has adrenalin surging through her veins and hair standing on end.

A young doe eyed petite girl pops up from behind the desk like a nervous meerkat. She swears that the girl must have been twelve except that her proportions were off. The girl clearly was too well endowed and her hips were too well developed. She wasn’t in much better shape when it came to the clothing department wearing ragged jeans and a torn long sleeve shirt that had the slogan: Beer Just Do It. ‘Very classy’ she thought to herself. Her pair of jeans is missing the right section of legging and her shirt was torn exposing part of her right breast.

The young girl pauses almost too horrified to speak and then burst into tears and collapses onto the floor. Well, she wasn’t too sure what to make of the situation. She wasn’t going to leave her there suffering but what grief had befallen her remains a mystery. She decides to walks over and hugs her which doesn’t calm her down in the slightest. Between sobs the woman mange to explain, “It violated me, forced its way inside me.” She was very happy that whatever 'it' was missed her, but whatever nightmare she had been born into, she wants no part of.

“Where did you come from,” she ask the woman?

“I awoke just like you, cold and alone. Same outfit as well.”

“Had did you wake up,” was prominent question on her mind.

The woman’s watery eyes, now blood shot, look deep into her own. “I’ve been here for about two days and I’ve seen two other,” she pause for a second with a grimace creeping across her face. “You can’t survive without running into those creatures. Those other woman disappeared.”

“Where are we?”

“Earth, I think, but sometime around 2050. I know, I know, it was 2009. Whatever happened here happened a long time ago. Look at the coffee mug and plates, the skeletons too. There wasn’t even a chance to bury the bodies. It’s like someone wanted to get out and fast. More likely no one was left alive to bury the bodies.”

“This can’t be earth, I don’t recognize it,” Leslie says in disbelief “besides I would be over fifty years old. How old are you?” The girl burst out laughing as if she just had been told a very good joke. Apparently the comment was amusing.

“Based on today’s date that would make me over forty years old, but back in 2009 I was twenty three. I have this weird growth thing. My feature sort of got stuck in permanent limbo. My name is Clair.” She extends her hand.

“Really, I wouldn’t have guessed. You look good for your age.” She gave a warm smile and accepts her hand. The two smile warmly.

“Thank you!”

“You remember how you got here,” She asks curious but dreading the answer?

“No,” she replies looking worried, like she was trying to forget something. “I remember driving but nothing after that.”

She knew exactly what she meant, but she also has the sensation of remembering vague images that came after her blackout but before she woke up. “I know what you mean. The drive is clear as day, but the rest is just vague images, flashes. What do we do now?”

“I have no idea …” Clair shrugs. “I ruffled through a few desks and found Demtenco written on a lot of documents. I’ve also found a health kit stuck to a wall. Stuff looks pretty well preserved, mostly medical supplies but there was a bottle of water. I guess we keep searching. I’m guessing they’ll have medical records of us. Maybe head outside and look for other survivors.”


“Something is not right,” Leslie said picking up a stack of papers. These images are faded beyond recognition. That means this place is old.

“How old,” the girl asks?

“If I would venture a guess, more than fifty years old. My grandpa had pictures and documents from the war.” She ruffles through the stack of papers finding one that was readable. It was a requisition form for medical supplies. There was something she found very strange about it; the date was June of 1945. “That impossible,” she says confused “The date must be wrong. Nope, it’s right. Best guess, this hospital was built during ww2 and then was remodeled later. But you see those larger computers …” She points them out. “That’s not standard hospital equipment. This is some real X-file shit.”

Clair says astonished, “That would make the date 1945. There’s no way this lab is from that far back.”

Leslie throws the paper down in frustration. After a moment she looks up at Clair, “I never mentioned my name, it’s Leslie.” Now that Clair was standing closer to her, she could see that her tips had been dyed a darker blond color, closer to dirty blond or a very light brown. Her build is bizarre with average hips that completely clashed with the C-cup breasts. Her face is a contradiction. It completely removes any doubts of her real age with strong cheek bones and weathered skin. It made her age seem to be in the early thirties. Yet having very innocent looking face that made her rather attractive and giving her the illusion of a prepubescent age.

The young woman points out a rather odd looking glass automatic door with a no trespassing sign. “Give me a hand,” Leslie says trying to pry the door open with a grunt. The other girl joins her and together, they force the doors open. Beyond the glass door was a vast hallway that leads to a staircase and a basement. “What kind of doctor office has a basement,” she asks? The woman just shrugs. Leslie answers her own question with a reasonable hypothesis, “Maybe were out south east somewhere, were there are tornadoes?”

Once the coast was clear, they follow a separate staircase into a much large circle room with bright lights and massive computer banks running off of emergency power, a white ceramic tiled floor, with dark grey steel walls. The room was alive with humming and whirring of electronics which must have been the source of the intense heat she felt the moment she entered. She was certain of making a wrong turn somewhere because why would this be inside a doctor’s office? “Definitely not standard issue,” she says at a loss for words.

There was single monitor still working that she must have missed during her search of the room or more than likely, wasn’t working before. The flashing screen drew her attention to another survivor who was suffering severe malnutrition, having become a withered husk. In this woman's hey-day she must have had average looks. From the monitor view you could see the woman’s red hair and that she was wearing a torn white lab coat. You couldn’t see her face because of her back was turn to the camera. The doctor seems to be frantically working on a dysfunctional computer and in frustration slams her fist on the desk. She watches the woman take notice to something unusual. Next to her was a large plant, vaguely looking like a rose bush, that had since escaped it's shattered housing. The woman suddenly becomes frighten and starts panicking. The plants had somehow come alive and attacks her … she’s is force to turn away from the camera. This place was a nightmare and at that moment, she rather just have died. The girl next to her eyes was fixated burrowing holes into screen. She knew at that moment that the plant is what had attacked her.

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