Survivors of the unknown

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The woman who had once been vibrant with life had become withered shell. Her once young face had now turned old and weathered just like the lab and facility that it accompanied it. Despite her physical state, there was still some life inside her and she is still spry. On her dusty torn lab coat was a name tag that reads: Jeri Louise. “It must be complete,” she says between wheezing breath feeling like she had been working on this for years. She slams her hand down on her desk and skims over the lab results titled with big bold letters: anomaly research project 0L. She looks over the most recent test results and is shocked that it was dated June of 2015 in her own hand writing. It had to be impossible though, the date is six years in the future. She couldn’t have been unconscious for that. It was impossible, mere days, maybe. Yet she felt so achy and tired. It was like someone pulled the veil from her overhead exposing the truth that she dreads to know. She looks at her shriveled hands with skin that, while originally been taught, had become loose leather. It is obvious her mind that the date was not only correct, but much more time had passed then what was written down. She reaches into her purse and pulls out a compact mirror revealing a woman that had once been vibrant with life, now had become a withered shell. Her once taught fit body now is emaciated and hardly recognizable, pants and panties were missing leaving her vagina exposed. She presses her finger inside and pulled out a green liquid. She found the answer she was searching for. She couldn’t help but smile, “clever girl. I always suspected it was cable of fusing with the host more than just the infected. You took over my body and altered my memory, some hallucinogenic dream like state. I feel so horny. You must have fucked me so many times as I eagerly accepted you.”

Eventually her mind accepts this reality, don’t think it is easy, indeed it was a daunting task with so much entrusted to her. She was supposed to be preservation of humanity. Clearly, she failed, in fact the largest group failure in human history. As she takes a moment to reflect on just how bad the situation was, she becomes all too aware of the strange growth throughout the room. In seconds her mind comes to the realization for a plant to have taken root in the lab and grow that big would have taken years. Just the thought causes her heart to race stirring life in a nearly dead body. Upon checking on her recovered specimens, as she had expected, the plant’s large two story glass holding tank had completely shattered. She stumbles backwards into the desk behind her.

Her mind was no longer clouded and she made a few simple observations about her surroundings. For one the door that leads to the exit wasn’t already overgrown with vines. Even though she was in a dream like state she must been somewhat aware of her situation or else she would have died of dehydration or starvation. She hadn’t eaten in weeks at least and she felt weak. There was some kind of fruit growing on the vines that she had vague recollection of tasting like apricots. That it explain part of it. She sees the condition of her equipment and it causes her to laugh. She had been using broken equipment that had stop working months ago.

Hearing the floor creek causes her to quickly look down at her legs. She catches fleeting glimpses of vines crawling up around her legs, but too late to do anything about it. She already knew what was coming. The floor underneath her begins to quake as the tiles are pushed up. The entire floor erupts into mass of squirming vines. The vines constrict around her legs until they had firm grasp and drags her open, wrapping around what is left of her lab coat and tearing it away. She is staring upward trying to force herself not to forget knowing the drug will be pumping through her veins. Two larger vines with a head like a Venus fly trap open wide and clamp down on her breasts. There is a tingling numbing sensation that is steadily growing throughout her. She felt something crawling under her skin that made her blood run cold. Tiny vines were growing up inside her skin, she knew from the itching sensation as they went deeper inside her. She felt herself becoming numb as her entire body succumbs to the toxins until the only thing she could feel was the pulse of her vagina and incredible ache of how horny she was. She is lucky to barely feel the bulb try to insert itself inside her because, she could see it was too large to fit. It would have been painful but the numbing sensation made each thrust a tailspin of pleasure threatening to crash her into a euphoric lake and drown her sanity. Her pussy was soaking wet allowing the bulb to slip inside. There is a few slow thrust at first before pulling out and slipping back inside her. Each time is getting easier and she is on verge of ecstasy. Her fears and struggles had vanished as the vines kept working. Finally, it starts working its way up her cervix and eventually bursting open inside uterus causing her belly to bulge forward. The splattering of plant matter against her womb causes her to orgasm. She knew the seconds after the pod had burst that more chemical were flooding her brain, but she held on.

She collapses against her desk panting heavily. The vine had retracted leaving her unrestricted and she wasn’t sure why. She gazes at the exit making sure it is still clear. She made a break for it and found herself in a dark hallway. The ghastly sight and fetid smell of corpses broke the delusion. Reality becomes a flood and washes awake the chemicals inside her. She is more terrified in this hallway than in the lab, because out here, her failure is more clear. It was like a bad movie, everyone and everything was gone. There was nothing left of her old life but corpses, worse skeletons. The world had come to end without her even being aware. Her mind refocuses on the present with much worse things to worry about.

There is a few pregnancy tests in the lab in sealed tight jars, but for reason you wouldn’t be expecting. She found a relative sequestered bathroom, you know the next part, and got the results. The results were both alarming and not the least bit surprising. “I’m going to be a mom,” she said with a sigh “Not how I pictured it. I wonder if I have children out their somewhere.”

When she left the bathroom, she found a woman waiting for her. There is something definitely off about her, but strangely familiar. “Hello mom,” she says …

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