Terrorizing Tales

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A collection of short, spine-tingling, shivery stories. Now, this is a tale from my childhood, so the locations may be off, but then again, this place isn’t even on a map. There was a little town. There’s a handful of homes, one diner, one grocery store and a single gas station; though talk to anyone there, no one ever leaves.

Ruth Paradis
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Now, this is a tale from my childhood, so the locations may be off, but then again, this place isn’t even on a map. You just gotta hope you’ll stumble across it on your hike, or pray that you don’t, which ever you prefer. I loved hiking, even as a child (8-9 years old). And living in Utah, that was the most perfect hobby anyone could have. My favorite place to hike was in Dixie National Forest.

There was a little town. There’s a handful of homes, one diner, one grocery store and a single gas station; though talk to anyone there, no one ever leaves. I was on vacation, visiting my grandfather, who lived in Veyo. I was about 14 and I went for a hike by myself, you see, my dad had died a few months prior to this and my grandfather, my mom’s father, was comforting her the only way a dad could.

So, I was on my own! Which is a cool place to be when you’re a fourteen-year-old, ya know? My first stop here was the little general store. I needed a soda because in Utah, specially in the summer, it could get pretty hot, and a cold soda sounded pretty fucking good, ya know?

I went into the general store, and inside the little wooden store, it was as cold as ice; which was welcomed to my sweating skin on such a brutally hot day as that day, but I had never ventured into a store as cold as this one. The air inside smelled fresh and had that twinge of smoke smell, like BBQ being burnt outside the walls. It smelled good!

I grabbed a bottle of coke and brought it to the counter. “That sure smells good!” I chirped to the lady behind the counter. “What’s cooking?”

I didn’t want any of the BBQ, just curious what they were cooking. Figured it’d make good small talk. The woman’s eyes darted around before answering me, as if someone who shouldn’t be listening might have been listening. “Number 501.”

“What cut of meat is that?” I asked, I was honestly confused! I wasn’t trying to be a little shit!

“Get out! Get out of my store!” the woman screamed at me, I was scared and did as she said. I decided to run home. I told my grandfather about what had happened and he told me the story of the town. It’s a town that never had more than 500 people, if there is a deviation of 500, even if the population is 501, they kill that person. The reason the cops have never found out about this, is because the people eat them. And suddenly, I felt sick, as if I had kicked a puppy.

No body, no trace, no murder.

And the town gets to stay at their number, 500.

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