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Danny Barnes is the world's first cured werewolf. His life is about to get really ordinary really quick...right? Once the world's lycan population reached over 125,000, the legends and tales of old could no longer be dismissed as fantasy or nonsense. Something had to be done before the human race became little more than cattle for the packs of savage werewolves that grew every passing year. Danny Barnes was the first successful trial, and his case continues to swing the scales back and forth between the pros and cons of delycanization.

arrlen blackwolf
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Chapter 1: the awakening...or was it the opposite?

Danny Barnes opened his eyes ever so slowly. They burned a little, but he managed to keep them open long enough to figure out he was in a chilly, sterile-smelling hospital room with one too few blankets over his unmoving body. It seemed the more he tried to clear the cobwebs from his spinning consciousness, the more groggy he became from the effort. Finally, he just gave up, his heavy head dropping to the firm hospital pillow with a gentle thud. At bedside, an IV bag labeled Felnol dribbled a warm, pink-tinted liquid down a tube and into his veins. Danny, however, was oblivious to this and everything else being pumped into his body as he slipped back into a blissful, medicated slumber.

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